Wednesday, November 17, 2010


doing well, managing to get back in the groove of hiking again... I think Christina likes it too. I am finding that my foot/toe is definitely being cooperative with me hiking again.... I did find out from the MRI, the joint in that toe does have large amt of arthritic tissue involvement, so when the bunion and bone spurs do get fixed, we may need a new joint. it also showed the sesamoid bones in my joint are totally displaced. I have started taking Bromelain, a natural enzyme that reduces inflammation in the body. it is found mainly in Pineapples. Also i feel that sugar and simple carbs can cause an inflammation process in the body. I continue taking my Krill oil too. well what ever i am doing, i seem to be able to tolerate up to 5 miles hiking without major pain at this point... so we shall see :0). The Doctor did remind me, if i wanted to give up hiking, it may help. well that is NOT an option. hiking is in my blood. Also, i think i've found the ideal shoe for me. I have tried alot of shoes..... all brand names, various prices. and for the first time i found a shoe that i can put on in the morning, walk on pavement all day long.... come home and not even notice that i've had foot problems. it truly blows my mind. they are Reebok's and are as ugly as hell... however i do not wear shoes for looks ( sorry Patti, Love you :0) ) her is a photo of them.
told you they were ugly :0). Don't know how they work, my foot doctor tried to explain that the way the soles are, it equally disperses the weight, so that not one area is getting pounded.
Today i did my Wii fit Active.... I did a really difficult workout, i was literally pouring with sweat. i was wearing my heart rate monitor and it was showing that i was definitely in the cardio level.

I am again going to repeat, i am feeling so good. and so far i've managed to keep the yucky viruses away from me, and i am surrounded by it. Not sure why my body is not grabbing these illnesses..... but i will accept it, and not get too cocky either, cause i know it can hit me at any time. so i continue to eat right, exercise, rest, drink my tea, drink lots of water, take my vitamins, take my oils, pray and meditate..... and not do any added sugar, including not doing any artificial sweeteners like nutrisweet, splenda, truvia, stevia, or honey.
well i should go get ready for work... have a great day everyone.

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