Friday, February 29, 2008

there is no place like home, there is no place like home

I am home, i got home yesterday afternoon after one more day of bolus doses of powerful antibiotics and steroids! i am feeling better and you know, i haven't snored in 2 days.......what is up with that.
Thank you my friends for all the prayers and well wishes........ i love you guys bunches, i truly do.
I do not believe in luck, I believe that God has his hand in everything.. and i am not sure if i should be happy or hurt....... that God doesn't want me yet!!!! let me explain.....
As everyone knows, I've been dealing with lung congestion/ asthmatic symptoms, fevers, for over a month I've been to the doctors and ER i would be placed on an antibiotic/ inhaler etc. and I'd feel better for a day....... sick again...... back to a doctor....... given different antibiotic, chest x ray............and more steroids........different inhaler... So on Monday i woke up feeling pretty good, and breathing okay. Bill had the day off, so he was home...... like a good girl mid day i decided to go take a nap........ slept for 3 hours, which i never do, woke up, and had this incredible urge to call my doctor, although i wasn't well, i definitely was much sicker before, no fever..... not even coughing a lot. So i call the office

Me: hi, this is Sandi, i was just wondering if it is normal to have so much rib and sternum pain right now?

receptionist: well yeah, from coughing so much, the ribs will hurt for a while

Me: i am not really coughing all that much

receptionist: yeah i think it is normal, but let me check with the doctor just to be sure

i am put on hold, and i am hoping maybe the doc will order me something for muscle pain. 1 minute later

Doctor: Sandi, what is going on?

Me: my ribs and sternum hurt so bad, what can i take for it?

Doctor: Sandi i know you aren't going to like this, but i want you directly admitted to the hospital, the nurses here will make arrangements. it will be in less than an hour

Me: okay, but am i sick enough to be in the hospital, i feel better than i did last week?

Doctor: your going in

Me: Okay

So within an hour i was on my way to the hospital....... even Bill was surprised by this move.....i was breathing fine, not really coughing, no fever, just the pain in my ribs..... I get to the hospital, and find out that the doctor ordered all these heavy doses of steroids and mega doses of antibiotics via Intravenous..... why was he doing this first........why not tests first........ He ordered me a consult with a Ear Nose and Throat i believe this stems from my sinus drainage all the time. BUT he wanted the meds given regardless .... 2 hours into the evening, i lost my voice, ( i had my voice the entire time during this months illness) and i started to get a fever, and began sweaty profusely. Bill couldn't believe that i got so sick so quickly........Antibiotics dripping into my veins. i had a long night. i can honestly say Tuesday was one of the sickest days I've ever had..... they had to keep changing my bed... it seemed like I'd spike a fever....and it would break as quickly as it came.... they'd check my temp it would be 99.7 or something like that.... i didn't want to talk, i didn't want to sleep, i didn't want to watch TV, i didn't want to sit, I didn't want to stand...........i tossed and turned.......and soaked the bed with my sweat!!! Finally in the Evening the Doctor from UPMC in Pittsburgh came in with this big "suitcase". he numbed my nose and throat.. and put this camera into my sinus cavity, actually he said my sinuses healed well, and look really good...... he kept saying, this isn't from your sinuses..... then he took the camera and put in down my throat.... and called the nurse over to look.......... BINGO they found my problem~ laryngotracheitis, it is usually found in children (Croup) and in only 5 percent of the cases it is bacterial. so it is very rare... my voice box was covered in pus, and my trachea was extremely inflamed with pus all through it.......... my general doctor had chosen the correct antibiotics, and fortunately began them upon my admission. and there was already some improvement to my trachea..... regardless, they immediately moved me to the room closest to the nurses station, and kept me on a breathing monitor. the nurse later told me he said it is like closing the barn door after the cows got out.... as he thought i was heading out of the woods...BUT just to be safe, he wanted me monitored close. i am not stupid, and it hit me what could have happened... and for a moment i got overwhelmed...... The nurse later told me.....which i already knew......... that if my family doctor didn't bring me in, and start me on the antibiotic at the moment he did....... there would have been a great chance that the bacteria would have taken over my trachea and closed it completely!!!! and it is no coincidence that i got sicker after i was admitted, it is no coincidence that i had the urge to call the doctor for what i thought was a minor situation, it is no coincidence that i was a direct admission and received a bed in moments when there were a waiting room full of people in the ER and no beds at the inn........... this just reminds me that God ain't done with me yet....... and i need to continually tune into Him and seek what he wants me to do.

well after writing this i think i am going to crawl back into my warm bed.. and watch some TV or read...... oh after i take all of my medications of course....and make a Almond butter and low sugar organic jelly toast. and make a warm cup of green apple honey tea........ yup...... that is what i am going to do.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sandi update #3

After talking to Sandi today, I am much relieved. She sounded way better today than she has in days. The good news is that she might get out of the hosp. as early as tomorrow. I know that the dr. said that she needed to be on the IV antiobiotics for 72 hours (that was the ear guy) What he didn't know is that her primary had already had her on that since she was admitted, so tomorrow may be the day. The only thing that she's concerned about is that she has been having 1 good day and then 1 bad. This has been going on for a while now. Hopefully, this is the end of that cycle. We'll just have to keep praying that she improves every day!

Oh, I almost forgot, the x-rays show that there doesn't seem to be any scarring in her lungs!!!!!
That's the best news of all!! YEA!!!

Alright, that's about it for now. Hopefully, Sandi can take over her blog duties soon. Maybe the next time you hear from me, it will be on my own blog...................

Love to all,

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sandi update #2

Hi everyone, I talked to Sandi a little bit ago and she's had lots of tests done. The one she had tonight was a scope on her sinuses. She had that done by an ear, nose and throat guy. He said that her sinuses actually looked pretty good. But, when he went down her throat, he said that her esophagus and larnyx was very inflamed and infected. Lots of greenish, yucky stuff. I guess the inflammation is what is causing the pain. He told her he wants her in on high doses of IV antibiotics for at least another 72 hours. She has also lost her voice, so it was a little hard to talk to her. Hopefully I got everything straight. She's going to call me again in the morning after she sees her primary guy, so I'll get a better update for you then.
Talk to you later.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Sandi Update

Hi everyone, Christina here again to let you know that our bestest friend Sandi is in the hospital.
As we all know, she's been fighting this pnemonia, asthma, sinus thingy for weeks now. Well, the treatments she's been on don't seem to be doing the job. She's been having some pain and pressure around her ribcage and chest like someone is squeezing her really tight. She called the doctor this afternoon and he said that she should have been feeling way better by now and he said the next step would be to admit and run some tests. I just talked to her a minute ago and she told me that they ran some blood work and did some x-rays so far. The doctor will probably be in to see her in the a.m. Let me tell you, she is NOT a very happy camper right now. The last place she wanted to be was in the hosp. But, it's the best place for her. They need to get a handle on all of this and get her back to normal. You know, the silly Sandi we all know and love!!! The squizzly, Kosher, etc. Sandi! On a positive note, she did say that you can order your food like you're at a restaurant. They give you a menu and you call them between certain hours for your meals and they bring it up. No more ordering the day before. And the beds are sooooo comfy and the nurses are very nice and caring.
Well, that's all I've got for now. I'll keep everyone posted when I get more info!

Saturday, February 23, 2008


waking up a few times through the night, i was aware that I was actually breathing okay.......... so i am not missing these breathing treatments.. this morning I felt pretty good........ did some house cleaning....... if you read Kims blog, you will already know that I Squizzled while i cleaned, even mopped the floor....... So i take my steroid inhaler at 10 am and again like clock work at 2ish, i experienced a really fast heart rate, jitteriness, muscle weakness....... instead of getting upset, or more anxious, i just knew this is how i will feel, and i dealt with it, tried to relax and sip some tea, concentrated on slow deep breathing.

I am wheezing tonight, and my muscles in my chest and around my ribs are so sore, even breathing hurts them......... So i am all "georged" down. right now, ready to take my final breathing treatment..... ready for bed!!

I KNOW that God knows what he is doing......... and even when i pout, he's there to listen, and hold me tight.............

Kim thanks for talking to me so much this weekend....... I've been praying really hard for Ronnie, one look in those Angel eyes (baby picture at your house) and you just gotta love the guy!!! Kim's mom and dad, stay healthy and take care of yourself

Patti stay away from this illness, Kellie thanks for the info via Email, and hang tight to that little one of yours,.... You'll do what is right, follow your gut, ........ Christina, hope you are feeling better..... and Anonymous...... just thanks for being you

Friday, February 22, 2008


I am scared and frustrated at this point...... i wanted to get on and type, How great God is, how trusting I am of God........and how everything is wonderful, and nothing to worry about........ makes me sound oh so Spiritual.......... So i am assuming God is allowing me to pout a little bit. My lungs aren't getting any better..... i went to the Doctor today again.. so lets see, Sat i was in the ER, Tuesday i felt really really good, Weds, started feeling a little pressure when i breath, Thursday, felt irritable and just not right............ Doctor today. She said my lungs have so much wheezing in all lobes......... I've added steroids that I will breath directly into my lungs twice a day until my appointment Next Friday. this is in addition to my other breathing treatments............ These treatments have my heart beating so fast, and i am so jittery, and my arms are so weak, i am finding it difficult to concentrate. i am so tired, so tired of using all my energy to breath...... We are finally going to get to the bottom of this, I had NO lung problems my entire life, until 3 years ago! My sinuses are draining so much right now......... tons and tons of mucus , she said some of this is going directly into the lungs......and my Asthma that i have yet to officially be diagnosed with...... could be because the sinus drainage is irritating my lungs. I will be seeing a Pulmonologist, and as soon as my lungs are stable they will begin testing........ all kinds of testing, and then I will prob go see an Allergist also....... and ENT doctor. Bottom line........... If we don't fix this my lungs will start to build up scar tissue, and that can't be fixed! I am tired, I am so tired, and frustrated, and there are times that I just don't feel like God is around...........thankfully he is so patient........ and he stays positioned, it is me moving around...........

I will say this................... I have the absolutely greatest Kids in the world. I love them, and love being around them........ the next snow storm coming will be all of their faults, as they decided each on their own accord to clean their bedrooms............ and i mean clean them like I would.........

I spoke to Christina and Kimmie on and off today.......... Well i am going to slather some George on me, maybe I'll see if benadryl will help with the wheezing.........and i have to take the dreaded breathing treatments....... yuk,

Have a great weekend

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Christina got hit.......

yup, she's down for the count..... this virus/flu is every where, they were saying even the flu shots this year missed the mark by almost 100% Sammy is really sick......... he's keeping his fever up at 104, Ibuprofen brings it down to 101. His sinuses are infected, and it sounds like he's beginning with some lung congestion. The pediatrician say's young children usually respond well to Zithromax. And he must drink plenty of fluids........ and we will keep an eye on him for the next 24 hours. Sammy still wants me when he is ill, he doesn't like me going any where, and i stayed up with him all last night, we watched Night at the museum, i am tired, i can't seem to catch my breath when I move, I go to the doctors tomorrow morning, i think my lungs are clear, and maybe this is a result from the heavy steroids.
Back to Christina, she sounds terrible....... she was ill yesterday, spending most of yesterday and today chilling.......
Well i am going to get going, we are supposed to get a storm this evening, and i want to be with grocieries for these kiddies....
talk to you all later

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life is hard (God is good)

Beautiful winter sunrise the other morning..... I am listening to my Contempary Christian Music station on my comcast TV. and this song sung by Pam Thum, Life is hard (God is good) came on, and what a beautiful song it is. in a nutshell it say's that Jesus never promised and easy life, he just promised we are never alone. And in our faith, i guess that has to be enough. My nephew Alex has been on my mind a lot lately. Friday it will be 3 months that he left this earth..... in the scheme and length of life, that has to be just minutes ago for the family..... And prob a lifetime ago for people not connected to his death. Katie is having such a hard time, she is mad at people at school because everyone seems to forget that Alex died. A young man was killed from Saltsburg High School on January 22, and people are still hurting.. he was racing another student on icy roads...... and lost control of his car and died. I have to explain to Katie that Alex wasn't from around here, and he left when he was 5 years old......... these kids don't remember him...... she is still upset though.... In all honesty, Alex wasn't apart of my life, so his absence doesn't affect me like it would for those that saw him all the time. But i am haunted with the memories of when i did know him..... as an infant, toddler and preschooler...... oh i loved this little man!!! His mom and I were close once..... and i must say, we were different......which would have been fine with his mom,.... but i truly must say ...... i was NOT a good friend, not at all........ I was so insecure back then. I did things that i will take to my grave in regret.... oh i beleive that Alex's mom forgave me, she say's she did, but truly i don't think i've ever forgiven myself...... young stupid kid, that's what i was....... I learned though.......... and now i would fight to the death for my friends! and i've learned to be happy with who i am and what I have, who cares what the world thinks....... I am me, and this is what you get. This poor family in Oregon, losing Alex, how do they go on? i keep them in my prayers.......and i don't pray for the pain to go away, i just pray that God helps them tolerate it, and i pray that God keeps his hand on the brother and sister left behind. The one thing i will always say about my X sister in law Gail........ even when we had our major problems, which we did on and off since we started dating the "brothers". She was and always will be an Awesome mom! She is a great mom........ and she loves her 3 children so completely........ you can see in her face, in all the pictures that i've seen over the years.......her children are her greatest joy!!!

Oh Anonymous, it is so good to hear from you...... i don't know who you are, but you've been in my prayers none the less, i worried when i haven't heard from you..... i just have always sensed that you are a Prayer warrior, and Angel on EArth, just like i sense in Kim's mom....... a prayer warrior on Earth.....

Well my house is clean, i am feeling "okay" have a little more lung congestion today than yesterday...... who know's maybe it's breaking up now........and this is to be expected...... taking my medicine perfect, drinking lots and lots of fluids....... and i am starting to crave foods again.

Kim, i hope that you are feeling better. Kellie, i am so happy to hear that Nathan is hanging on.....obviously you can tell that the "golden girls" love this little boy....... Patti, you have the biggest heart... and Christina reminds me of you........ ain't she a good girl...... but this is what Chris does, if she hears of a problem situation.......she trys to figure out what she could do to make it a little better,

love my Golden Girls

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

bed buddy George

okay let me begin with, My lungs are starting to feel better.... I am dealing with the side affects of the other medications, but nothing i can't handle..... Augmentin is causing some stomach discomfort, Steroids are causing extreme muscle weakness, and some irritability..... and my continuous use of proventil is causing gitteryness and tachycardia. it's a great idea to take high doses of steroids with high doses of Augmentin..... because in the appetite department they cancel out each other.... usually steroids increase appetite, but it's not working that way for me.... right now i am sipping trader joe organic/yoga ginger tea.....hope it helps the nausea.

Okay, my new best friend and sleeping parter is no longer Bill, it is George!!! Bill participates in mine and George's sleeping ritual every evening....... "George's" is this awesome Herbal Aloe rubdown, that is the most awesome lotion i've ever used. And my chest hurt so bad, from the infamation within as well as the muscle strain surrounding my coughing. Bill rubs this lotion on my back, chest, and along the ribs...... it is a warming lotion........made with Aloa, Menthol, Pepperment oil, Spearmint oil, Clove oil...... at first it is a burning sensation....that last about 10-15 minutes....... and then it gives such relief for several hours.... it is non greasy, and seeps deep into the muscles in minutes..... Christina's mother in law orders can't buy it in stores, the website on the bottle is if you want to check it out...... the smell is pretty good, and actually relaxes me and helps me fall asleep.

I can tell when i am getting i tell the family i don't feel like being nice right now.........leave me alone!! I go to my bedroom, fill up my whirlpool bathtub with warm water....... and the knocking begins.... it's Katie, and then Sammy..... and then Bill had the nerve to think he wasn't included in the "leave me alone" message!! well he quickly figured out he too was included!!! .. So i have this nice long bath, door locked, i put on my comfy jammies.......and walk out into my bedroom....... there everyone is ........ sitting on my bed, and chaise..........and grinning at me...... ahhhh, you gotta love them, and how could i stay mad too long....... i gently and lovingly shoo'd them away....... bill slathers me in George, i am sipping relaxing tea with honey... watching tv........ and fall asleep.............ahhhhhhh the life!!!

i truly am feeling fire in the fireplace yet, the ER doc said to stay away from triggers until my inflamation in my lungs is completely gone.. I go to my doctors on Friday, and i am going to discuss seeing a lung specialist, and getting to the bottom of this.

well i am going to get going for a while, i have to make my Stash TEA order as i am almost out.......

love you guys

PS i have a new respect for Steroids, and I guess i don't hate them anymore....... what an amazing medication, and how lucky i am that i have access to them, they have become a medication to respect and not fear

Sunday, February 17, 2008

grease fire = asthma attack= trip to ER

i don't feel like writing a journal today, so i'll make it brief, early yesterday morning, bill was heating up some bacon grease to give to the dogs, forgot about it, and caused the pan on the stove to go up in "big" flames... tons of smoke in the house, I went to work, started coughing, but 2 pm and during a nap after work, in my sleep it felt like heavy weight on my chest with tons and tons of pain..... we were supposed to go out with the kids that evening, so i figured i should just get up and move and i would feel better...... the more i moved, the more i struggled to breath....... so to the ER i went! Xray was okay, i have patches of fluid/congestion but i was so tight, that i needed a breathing treatment stat....... for the first time in days, i felt some relief, i didn't realize that i wasn't getting the air i needed. i have accute Bronchitis, lots of congestion and tons of wheezing. I am on Heavy Heavy doses of steroids, taking breathing treatments every 4 -6 hours whether i feel i need it or not. and I am on major antibiotics because i am running a fever therefore i have a secondary bacterial infection some where......... so
there you have it

P.S Sammy is running a high fever too....... but out of all of my kids, he's the best sick boy........ never complaining or whining, he just chills and goes with it.....oh i am supposed to say via Sammy, .......that he is the Cutest!!! well the boys want on line to play Xbox 360 so i am going to get going for now........

talk to you soon

Friday, February 15, 2008

Melody's Mile

yesterday was my first real day of moving all day for over a week. Bill and I had CPR adult, infant and child , AED machine, and basic first aid. Then we went grocery shopping......and then home... i was so tired, had a major asthma attack, even popped benedryl during the day, and used my inhalor 4 times!!! last night i was so Pissed at how i was feeling... i know the flu is a real kicker, especially when it lands in the lungs like this, but gee Sandi, get a grip. i also know that i do have to get moving again, slowly..... and i know that i am not eating right at all, actually i hardly eat, yuck, food has NO appeal to me, nothing...... how in the heck is my body suppposed to get better if i am not eating the right foods..........

........ so in the early hours this guardian angel Melody popped in, and told me to get moving and persevere. I woke this morning with the incredible urge to re-read her journal...... which i did...... i also set my phone to go off every 3 hours with the message "eat protein/drink water. so at 11 am i am scheduled to eat again. (1oz of cheese/ bistro mulitigrain crackers and 16 oz of H20). and this message will alert me again at 2pm and 5pm and 8pm. at 2pm i plan on having a meatloaf(made with turkey) on flax and fiber bread, yellow mustard, and a clementine orange. at 5pm fish and veggies, and 8pm sugar free/fat free vanilla yogert with 1/2 cup of mixed berries...... yuk...... food!!!
for obvious reasons i can't exercise much, maybe i'll get back to some deep breathing/yoga exercises.

Well i hope all my Golden/Silver/Bronze/Platinum Girls and "Stan" have a good weekend. I work all weekend, and i go and babysit a little boy on campus tonight.......... i'll be in touch

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The younger version Golden girls (cyber style)

That's what I call my little cyber group of women! Patti, Kellie, Kim, Chris and Myself, oh and Stan Sbornak has to be Cliff! We are all women, that are in different stages of our lives..... that support each other emensely!!! yeah we aren't as Old as the girls on the famous TV show... but the same never the less, I guess my friends would say i am most like Rose, I picture Patti more like "Dorothy", Kim has got to be "Blanche" and i can see Christina and Kellie being like Sophia! quick witted, a comment waiting to happen!!

I love this show, Before Albert left me, i had an abnormal fear of being alone at night. Even if Albert went out of town, my sister or dad or mom stayed with me, even after I had kids, i was afraid at night without another adult around. When Albert left, i became Passively suicidal, meaning, i wouldn't do anything to harm myself, but if a Mack truck was in my lane, I wouldn't swerve to miss it. therefore at this time, my fear of being alone at night dissolved! Because there was nothing "out" there that could make me hurt worse than i did anyhow............. Every night at 11pm the Golden Girls came on for 1 hour........ it was a bright, light hearted show, and i could relax, and fall asleep smiling...... No matter what darkness followed me through out the day, I knew when I crawled into bed at night......... i'd laugh for a while!!! I love my Golden Girls!!!

You know, i was telling Christina the other day....... no matter how well i do, or how well Albert and I get along........which is super!!! No matter how much i've forgiven, and no matter how much 95% of the time I don't even think about those dark months following when Albert left....... there will ALWAYS be that 5% time when i remember.... the most painful scary beautiful time in my life!!! Sunday i drove along with Bill to pick Corey up at a friends house, his friend lives in the same area that the woman Albert originally left me for lived, and just driving past those back roads, my mind went back to wondering if he and this women met there..... still painful after all these years. I want to make it clear, that the "Death" of our marriage, took both of Us! And i don't want to blame or hate Albert. because i certainly had my part in letting the marriage get like it did!, HOWEVER, i will never take blame for the Infidelity....that was all him. Would i change the darkest part of my life? absolutely NOT. i grew so much that year. i learned to stand on my own feet, i learned to sleep alone at night without having an anxiety attack, i learned to truly lean on and trust my God, I learned who my friends were, I learned that Jesus was my best friend, I learned how to not gossip, and worry about what everyone else had........ i learned to love me for me. I learned to forgive, I learned how to say "i am sorry" and mean it. I learned how to find the rainbow in the rain.. I found a man who loves me so much, and adores me no matter what size i am. i have these awesome kids,...
I have a photo of me, taken at my first wedding, it is me and albert, with my mom and dad........ i am so happy in this photo, with the three people i adored the most, who would have ever thought before i was 32 i'd loose them all.........and more importantly, who would have ever thought i'd survive loosing them all, ...... i've lost, and didn't become bitter....... i owe that one to God!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Morning!!!

pretty quiet weekend. Bill and I spent a lot of time watching movies. I rested all the time, never actually fell asleep during the day. BUT did do a lot of resting. and a lot of drinking.......... tea, water with fresh lemons/limes squeezed in it, juices etc. I feel that i am getting better, and i KNOW that I am not getting worse. Bill has been sleeping out in the living room, on the comfiest air mattress, (no, really we fight over it) I just cough so much, he can't sleep, i can't sleep, so why must we both suffer. I'd go to bed at 11pm, and start coughing, so i'd make tea and sit up and watch TV, i usually fell asleep about 4, 4:30am and I would start my morning at 9:30am. Last night I slept pretty well for the first time in a week......... I am now having a very productive cough.........the crap in my lungs is breaking up, and now i am coughing it out.... I don't work until wednessday so i still have a couple more days to rest.

It is freezing here in Pa right now......and i mean freezing, the kids have a 2 hour delay cause it's so cold.... we can't build a fire in the fire place yet, i am fine with it, but right now with my lungs so inflamed, it would irritate it so bad.......

well Katie is awake now, and she wants pancakes and bacon for i should get going
maybe i'll talk more later

I am so worried about my friends son Nathan...... i have been praying so hard, please please keep this sweet boy in your prayers.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Will the real INFLUENZA please stand up!!

Back from the Doctors...... it seems i truly had the "flu", not like how we all say we "got the flu" but the actual Influenza virus! not much we can do at this point, let it take its course, and pray that my lungs don't get more involved than they are. I have fluid building up in both my lower lobes, and wheezing through out ALL lung fields. for the "secondary Pneumonia"and upper respiratory infection, i am on Zithromax and we will see if this will help.... in the mean time i am to get as much rest as i can tolerate, and drink lots of fluids....... I am doing that...... drinking lots of tea, and fruit juices,and gatorade, i am normally just a water drinker, but for now i need the glucose and sodium, my appetite is NON excistant. The staff out at the nurses station, were figuring that i would be going to the hospital~~ i still have a couple days to improve :) I am so happy with my doctors office, they are so accomidating, and i am just comfortable with everyone.. I really don't mind going, i just sometimes wait a little too long........ Actually if i would have went during the high fever phase, they could have put me on Tamiflu, but that would help with symptoms, not cure the flu.

Andrew is pushing a little too much and has regressed! not a suprise, his doctors said this could happen. He actually came home early from school, and has been sleeping since....... he is doing things the doctor told him not to do, he just doesn't want to get behind. at first i was upset after his appointment, hating to see a part of his brain go (shown by the testing) 87% to 6% this month. And I wonder if he is ever going to get better...........then i step back, look at the entire picture Andrew in 5 weeks........caught up with all of his classes, almost completed two semesters, with all A's and 1 B........ he did 18 weeks of work in 5 weeks!!!! he has only AP History to complete......... He lifts weights 3 days a week, and can run as much as 7 miles at one time....... So in reality, he is doing GREAT!!! just needs to slow down and rest that brain of his!!

Well i am going to lie down a while, and see if i can stop coughing enough to doze off......... have a great weekend everyone

Thursday, February 07, 2008

yada yada yada

Didn't feel like blogging yesterday, worked a few hours last night, it seems to be settling some at work. Jack Hanna was there yesterday, he visits the school quite often, since he graduated there in 1965, He didn't bring the Eagle....... i would have dropped everything to see the eagle.

Katie is on the sweater hop which is Saturday, she is not into school dances, so i am pleased she is going. what a good girl she's turned out to be. I think i'll keep her.

My lungs are NOT clearing up, and i fear I may need those yucky steroids to help with the inflamation, I spent most of the night, awake, coughing and wheezing. Suprisingly i thought i was feeling really good yesterday, but much movement was putting me in a cold sweat.... so i perservere, don't say much........and try and relax

Today, Christina takes me and Drew to Pittsburgh for his appointment, I think we are winding down as far as appointments go!! Christina drives like she lives in Pittsburgh, so I sure appriciate her taking us, I could do it, i've driven it........but i must say i am just slightly in Pittsburgh do NOT go together.... I am just saying. And then we go to Trader Joe's i am so looking forward to the Almond butter...... that taste so yummy, and the fresh salsa, and the flaxseed chips......and the harvati light cheese........ Katie wasn't thrilled with Trader Joes, she said all the food in there was healthy.
Andrew is ALL about healthy he is looking forward to checking it out.... I may see if my doctor has a late afternoon appointment, or i may just whether the storm......... we will see!

I'll let you know how the day went.

Nate, i am glad you are home...... we pray for you all the time.... so be tough!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I am fine...........

still hanging in there, have no desire to get on this computer, but thought i'd stop in to say Hello........ i'll catch up on blogs later. Christina has kept me updated on Nathan......... and since i am in bed "resting" most of the time, i've been thinking about him and praying for him...... Hang in there 'little man'!!
Thursday i ended up working from 6:30am until almost 8pm, as i've said before, work has been so busy, so many kids at the school sick, I kept it just in my sinuses for as long as i could. Thursday night it ended up in my lungs :(, Friday night my fever went up to 103, Saturday it peaked at 101.4, and I've pretty much not had a fever since. My muscles hurt so bad, it was a chore to walk, to sit, to lie down, and there was no way i'd get on the computer. ....... lying in bed all the time when you have lung congestion is a NO NO, so i spend sometime pacing in my house, sitting in my chair, napping a little, then getting back up and moving again. I am drinking ton's ton's ton's, i am eating too, trying to eat lean protein and complex carbs, just not hungry. something new, and i think it is from the "flu" i have right now, although i am not running a fever now........ i am waking up in literal, cold sweats, my jammies are soaked. I don't think I hit menopause over night, and at 40, and i've never had these night sweats before, maybe i'm getting a fever at night, and its breaking causing the sweat??? .
I think i am feeling better, i am coughing so much right now, and my throat is raw, and i have blood tinged mucus either from my sinuses or to where, i am really not sure. I may go to the doctor today, not sure what more she is going to tell me to do..... this just has to take its course. I go back to work tomorrow evening, and gosh i hope things have settled some there.......... my head feels foggy but that could be some residual effect from my favorite NyQuil Cold medicine that i took the night before. My lungs seem clearer now........ nah, maybe i won't go to the doctors, who know's.......

well this is more than long enough, and i am going to crawl back into bed.

oh P.s. remind me to tell you later about the Superbowl party my kids had, and sorta didn't tell me about until the last minute......... gotta love the kids, got to be happy they WANT to hang at home, gotta be happy that their friends want to hang here TOO

Friday, February 01, 2008

Message From Sandi

Hi everyone, Christina here on Sandi's behalf to let you know that she's not feeling very well right now and probably won't be posting for a few days. It looks like she's finally come down with whatever nasties she's been working around for the last few weeks. I just talked to her a few minutes ago and she sounds terrible! She has a horrible cough and her eyes are running so bad that she keeps having to tell the kids "No I'm not crying, it's just this cold". She told me that all of her muscles hurt and she can't even think about getting on the computer right now. So she is going to spend the rest of the day in bed. Hopefully a couple of days off from work and some good rest and lots of fluids will help her to get better!
Bye for now, we'll keep you posted.