Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Morning!!!

pretty quiet weekend. Bill and I spent a lot of time watching movies. I rested all the time, never actually fell asleep during the day. BUT did do a lot of resting. and a lot of drinking.......... tea, water with fresh lemons/limes squeezed in it, juices etc. I feel that i am getting better, and i KNOW that I am not getting worse. Bill has been sleeping out in the living room, on the comfiest air mattress, (no, really we fight over it) I just cough so much, he can't sleep, i can't sleep, so why must we both suffer. I'd go to bed at 11pm, and start coughing, so i'd make tea and sit up and watch TV, i usually fell asleep about 4, 4:30am and I would start my morning at 9:30am. Last night I slept pretty well for the first time in a week......... I am now having a very productive cough.........the crap in my lungs is breaking up, and now i am coughing it out.... I don't work until wednessday so i still have a couple more days to rest.

It is freezing here in Pa right now......and i mean freezing, the kids have a 2 hour delay cause it's so cold.... we can't build a fire in the fire place yet, i am fine with it, but right now with my lungs so inflamed, it would irritate it so bad.......

well Katie is awake now, and she wants pancakes and bacon for i should get going
maybe i'll talk more later

I am so worried about my friends son Nathan...... i have been praying so hard, please please keep this sweet boy in your prayers.

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