Friday, February 08, 2008

Will the real INFLUENZA please stand up!!

Back from the Doctors...... it seems i truly had the "flu", not like how we all say we "got the flu" but the actual Influenza virus! not much we can do at this point, let it take its course, and pray that my lungs don't get more involved than they are. I have fluid building up in both my lower lobes, and wheezing through out ALL lung fields. for the "secondary Pneumonia"and upper respiratory infection, i am on Zithromax and we will see if this will help.... in the mean time i am to get as much rest as i can tolerate, and drink lots of fluids....... I am doing that...... drinking lots of tea, and fruit juices,and gatorade, i am normally just a water drinker, but for now i need the glucose and sodium, my appetite is NON excistant. The staff out at the nurses station, were figuring that i would be going to the hospital~~ i still have a couple days to improve :) I am so happy with my doctors office, they are so accomidating, and i am just comfortable with everyone.. I really don't mind going, i just sometimes wait a little too long........ Actually if i would have went during the high fever phase, they could have put me on Tamiflu, but that would help with symptoms, not cure the flu.

Andrew is pushing a little too much and has regressed! not a suprise, his doctors said this could happen. He actually came home early from school, and has been sleeping since....... he is doing things the doctor told him not to do, he just doesn't want to get behind. at first i was upset after his appointment, hating to see a part of his brain go (shown by the testing) 87% to 6% this month. And I wonder if he is ever going to get better...........then i step back, look at the entire picture Andrew in 5 weeks........caught up with all of his classes, almost completed two semesters, with all A's and 1 B........ he did 18 weeks of work in 5 weeks!!!! he has only AP History to complete......... He lifts weights 3 days a week, and can run as much as 7 miles at one time....... So in reality, he is doing GREAT!!! just needs to slow down and rest that brain of his!!

Well i am going to lie down a while, and see if i can stop coughing enough to doze off......... have a great weekend everyone

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Kellie said...

Hey Sandi listen to your Doc's. Take care of yourself. Hope you are better real soon.Love ya