Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I am in love..........

......with this beautiful old tree. she lives in Gettysburg PA at Devil's Den. i have gone in the Spring, Fall and Winter to get pictures of her. I don't know why i am drawn to this tree, but I am. obviously this is the winter shot of her.
I have been so busy, but Bill and I managed to get a long weekend in for Valentines Day. we have such a good time together. just hanging out. or whatever. I am not into flowers, and jewelry and gifts especially for Valentine's day. I enjoyed walking the streets of Gettysburg, and driving through the battle field. splurging on some gourmet ice cream and a dark chocolate covered strawberry. a nice dinner at the Historic Dobbin House............. it was a great weekend.
i am very tired tonight, and had a very long day at work and not really in focus, so i will make this short and sweet. Good night and God Bless