Saturday, January 31, 2009

~my back~

Okay, maybe i did look a little funny sliding down our driveway flat on my back......but really it was no fun. Thursday night after bill picked me up at work, and we could not make it up the icy driveway..... so i walked up to the house, got a bag of ashes (from the wood burner) to place strategically on the driveway....... he made it up .......and i made it down...... I slipped on the ice and fell really hard on my back. If i would have only "went with the fall", but of course my automatic reaction was to try and stop the fall, which caused a twisting pain in my lower back, between my shoulder blades, my wrist and knee. After talking to Johnny on friday morning......we both came to the conclusion that do nothing physical for 48 hours. and then start with light stretching and mild cardio........ and he will work with me on Tuesday. today i feel i tightness in my back but not so much bad pain. Yesterday on the other hand........ i couldn't even stand up right, and i sorta walked like what resembled an Ape or a Neanderthal!!! ....... i mean i am just sayin'.
So here i sit at work, and actually it isn't feeling too bad, we will see what will happen after i start moving again.

I am feeling pretty good, there is so much sickness at Kiski right now..... but i am really keeping up on my vitamins, Xtra C, resting and drinking tons of fluids.......nothing more i can do.....

i haven't been writing down my food selections as of late, i think i've missed 4 days..... which is a big NO NO. so today i am making sure i am writing down everything....... I've been making green tea /for my water, no sugar, no nothing...... and i've been drinking 48oz's daily...... i steep the tea bags about 4 minutes that is it.... sometimes i add a scoop of Raspberry Herbal loose tea just for a touch of flavor. well Bill is here i am going to chat with him

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I was just thinking~~~~~

so my husband was sitting with a group of his co-workers, not even remotely ashamed that His wife is over weight enough that she is considering the lap band surgery. He truly loves me for who i am. how cool is that :0). he doesn't see me as over weight.......... he just sees me as his wife. he is getting pretty excited for me, he is already figuring out this and that. like for instance if we do on the rare occasion, go out to eat.... we can split a meal i can take 1/3 or 1/4, and he will finish the rest. He has already stopped drinking liquids with his meals, since i stopped that some time ago. he is figuring that he can take a week off work to be with me after the surgery, i on the other hand will try and talk him into going to work after a few days..... really i'll be on liquids only. i'll be resting, and "walking" around the house. and Christina is right there if something happens. I plan on making a huge pot of Chicken broth...... and then freeze it in individual freezer bags......... so i can just pull one out when i need it. Someone asked me today, what happens if my Insurance for some reason says no? Well i look at it this way...... if God is pretty sure he'd like me to continue this journey........then i will. and the Insurance will be fine. HOWEVER, if there is a slight chance that they do not cover this........ well my goodness, i sure am learning a lot, and enjoying the journey........ i've developed some really good habits this past year. including things like "chewing my food" still am thrilled with that eye opening piece of information. I eat slower, don't drink with my meals, I exercise more, I monitor and keep track of my food. ............ do i have a back up plan? sure i do.......

I must admit that i am so tired today.......... i mean so tired. I don't feel sick, no fever, sore throat, earache, stomach , diarrhea, headache........... nope NOTHING! other that very tired. so i'll take extra fluids, extra vitamin C, and hopefully extra sleep tonight.... and continue with positive thinking and relaxation techniques to keep stress from recking havoc with my Immune system. I know that when I worked on Tuesday....... i was bombarded with sick boys..... so there were little evil germs floating everywhere... only time will tell

I am at work now, and i just want to crawl into bed......... hmmm, wondering if this is PRE menstrual related........

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


so while i wait for all of my paperwork to be processed, I've decided to not just sit and i am looking to talk with people who have had the lapband. (good and bad results). i know of a few from around here, and today while Bill was hanging at his office with his co workers (to icy to be out). don't ask me how they got on the subject, but Bill calls me and says hey "buggie"(nickname obviously) wants to talk to you........ so Bugman gets on the phone.....and starts telling me about his daughter in Jersey who had the lapband last September, within 1/2 an hour my phone rings....and it is his daughter....... she has had great success with her lapband, she said exercise routine is a MUST, and listen to the portions allowed with the lapband! She is down 190 lbs yes that is not a misprint. she went from a size 30 to a size 4. WOW is all that I can say. of course i know that this kind of result is not typical. I know a neighbor that lives just a couple of miles away from me had this surgery in early summer, i guess she is down 50lbs..... which is about 10 lbs a month..... I have also spoke to a childhood friend who had the lapband procedure, 5 years ago, lost 90 lbs, had a tummy tuck........ started to really enjoy the party life, drinking and eating bar foods and go figure........her weight is back !!! so far i've heard something from every spectrum ..... Nobody that reads my blog or knows me can truly say that I am going in this blind that is for sure. In the past year i've come to terms that I will ALWAYS need to monitor my weight. Lapband or Not!! my weight will ALWAYS be a problem for me, more like a chronic condition. Not much different that a Diabetic always having to watch, sure they can reverse diabetes problems, gee they can even work themselves off of diabetic medication But they will always be a diabetic. my brother who by the Grace of God was saved from the destruction of Alcohol, (who by the way is almost 10 years sober) will always be an Alcoholic. the second he "thinks " he's not, is when it could really return to haunt him. Therefore I may not always be Obese, but I will Always have the tendency to gain weight.
No Johnny again today..... it was way bad here weather wise, and I didn't do exercise at home either like what i planned...... oh I didn't lie around i've had this urge to really do some deep cleaning, like closets and shelves i haven't touched in years........ then Christina who can be really brilliant at times figured out why.... maybe i didn't realize it, but i could have this surgery from 2 weeks to 2 months from now...... so i am getting my home in "order" so to speak, so i can truly rest during my convalescent period.
.......sometimes she is just so smart :0).

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Didn't even take my bra off.....

Gee don't worry this isn't a rated X post. it is no surprise, i hate confining clothing..... for as long as i can remember....... the second i walk in the door, off comes the shoes, socks, and bra (hey i just noticed still wearing my socks too).... so what does this mean?? it means i've been too dam busy. Work was very hectic. i admitted 10 boys to the Health Center today in less than an hour..... my day didn't stop from there..... came home and thought the neighbor had a problem, she kept calling me but we would get disconnected.... so when i'd call back the same thing would happen...... i got worried so i headed to her house (she was fine, and just wanted to chat about something) stayed and visited for an hour. and since ive been working so much, i tried to play catch up on house work,... and it just snow balled from there....
So i guess i was too busy to notice my bra and socks have remained on all evening......
I am tired, waiting for Bill to come home from his second job , i'll have a hot meal waiting for him when he walks in the door....... after i visit with him for a while i think i'll head to the tub.........and crawl in too my very chilly bed........ and wait until my body heats the covers so i can drift off to sleep... i actually do Not work tomorrow, but i have a dentist appointment, an appointment with Johnny, and then Drew has a basketball game........ still feeling pretty dang good....... actually i am feeling really good... well i think Bill is home so i gotta split........

Monday, January 26, 2009

Emotionally Stable with Incredible Coping skills. (no smart a** remarks from the peanut gallary (hi Cliff)

Wow what a big title......... but well i can't believe i am finished with all of the preparation and processes needed to get the lap band surgery. Today went extremely well. The nutritional consult was cut really short. I guess my diet coach did well about informing me these past 6 months. a 1 hour session ended up taking 15 minutes.
The Psychiatric appointment went well. and i know those who really know me aren't going to believe this. but She thought I really had my "stuff " together. She thought i was realistic, and my coping skills and ability to see the whole picture were right on the money. She dug into my past, my divorce, all kinds of things...... and she kept going back to the "so your Xhusband works with your present husband who helped him get the job in the first place , and they both take your kids to games and out for pizza kind of thing"........ i think she was almost shocked. And she also said because my Family Doctor put on my diagnosis once, 10 years ago, "anxiety" issues because i went through a tough time when my husband left...... was a symptom of what was going on, not a diagnosis.
There where no black dot pictures to figure out or no profound questions to answer(if you could invite any person living or dead to have dinner with you, what would you make?~Rose Niland GG)
So now I wait for all the information to be processed and sent to the Insurance company... next will be approval by the Insurance Company and then finally a Surgery Date.
However i am still in the Prep study for 2 more years after the my surgery date so i will be watched very closely for a long time
well i am going to get going, Bill and I are going to Drew's basketball game this evening.......... work in the Am.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Kellie my Hero of the week

I have this beautiful friend Kellie, whom i've only met in person once... who i've known for 5 years, I've talked to her on the phone, we keep up with each other on blogs. and e-mails.... but there is NO doubt that she is one of my dearest friends in the world.
I don't think Kellie had the easiest childhood growing up.... actually I am pretty sure it sucked really really bad. She married this wonderful man who has given unconditional acceptance and security. She gave birth to 3 beautiful children......
..... in the past few years this family found out that the youngest son has a debilitating life threatening disease, Kellie had to deal with and endure countless doctor appointments, surgeries, plane trips , Ronald McDonald houses, medical complications, fighting with the Insurance company. all of this while watching her "baby boy" writhe in pain, ....during ALL of this they lost their house........ medical bills and medications sucked every ounce of money they had. it became a daily question..... do we buy "our son " his medication, or do we buy bread and milk....... oh lets throw into this equation, her oldest son was serving in Iraq on and off during this..
Okay now lets find out that our middle Daughter has the same hereditary complication that the youngest son has....... Okay ...... Now the husband lost his job, another victim of todays economy.....oh and he will be losing his Health insurance too........... Sure Kellie has really bad days, but I watch her continue to PERSEVERE, she is amazing how she can switch gears and be able to work out a medical plan for her son. she continues to find that very fine silver lining around every dark cloud. She is the glue that through all of this keeps her world stable so her children can stand strong. You know while her life has been like this, while she hears more bad news about her son........she's trying to figure out how to help my husband with his MRSA face infection....... she managed to order and send him essential oils that i believe played an incredible role in his face healing so perfectly. How in the world does she even have time to think about anyone else? Kellie I know you are not perfect, and I know that you have days you prob don't even want to get out of bed........ BUT girlfriend you AMAZE me to no end.......... sometimes if Christina and I even want to complain about something silly going don't know how often we say to each other " we have no right to complain, think about what Kellie is going through...... YOU inspire me to be a better person on a daily basis. thank you.
and Kellie I promise you that God knows and sees everything.... and I promise you that He is holding you every step of the way.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

6 months done......... new phase started

Well for the past 6 months i have either seen my diet coach or talked to her every single week. today was my official last visit. I've done very well. lost a couple more pounds. actually i am 35 lbs to the negative since i started my Lapband quest. however i will continue to see Aimee ( until my surgery date). Now it will be every other week.
this PREP program is the best thing that I have ever done in regards to trying to get healthy. This program has worked on every possible direction and avenue I can think of. from all the weekly visits, learning how to eat and why i eat. getting down to the nitty gritty as to why i am over 100lbs over weight. Not only did i see Aimee today, I also did Evaluation # 2 of many. had to answer a 20 page questionnaire about how~ where ~why ~when ~what ~volume that I eat. I have the little "arm computer band" to wear to document my movement...... I wore this in May or early June...... i bet it has changed data already..... and i have a little ( or i should say quite lengthy ) questionnaire to fill out and return (it has 40 pages to it). I've read a few blogs and stories (mainly on the lapband talk website) where people trying to get the lapband are upset because they have to wait....... well i'd just like to tell them take the "wait" and make it an opportunity!! also there is one client that actually gained weight during the process, and the Doctor will not do her surgery.... she said that if you can't loose a few pounds without the lapband you will NOT lose pounds after the lapband!!! so she has to try again. also now many insurances are requiring you lose some weight between the initial visit and the day surgery is approved....oh well enough of that.
I left my house at a little after 9am and will return a little after 7pm, and then i come directly back here at 7am until 1pm........ I am tired, oh not mentally tired, just tired would love a day off. even if it is Kiski. Hey Chris when i get off tomorrow at 1pm you want to go directly for a hike?? I know if i go home first...don't think i'll leave....... let me know
well i think while i have the time i'll sort through all the papers and such i got today.
Oh and Cliff i commented on your comment that commented on my comment about your comment...... on the post without a title or words ;0)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

NO MERCY~~~~~>

okay i am putting this in writing.......let it be on the record........ Johnny gave me the absolute hardest workout I have ever had bar none. Chris and I did some of the same exercises, as well as a few different ones. I was able to get in 20 minutes of cardio too. Johnny said he's going to start to "up" our workouts.......... gee i thought they've been "up" all along!!! my arms are still rubbery..... Christina walked out of the gym like too old ladies..... i wasn't sure how i was going to use my arms to drive and Christina had a tough time using her legs to walk. we figured if i used the gas and brake peddles, and she would steer......... we could probably get home!!!!

i think i am going to get a whirlpool tub bath.......and drink a hot cup of tea (Chris gave me a different flavor to try)
and tomorrow i have a day of meetings in Pittsburgh then i go directly to work........ so it will be an all day affair...... hate days like that, and then i think i work day shift on Thursday........ yoi......

well i just can't seem to type anymore.... make it a good night
Hey Chris how are you surviving????

Monday, January 19, 2009

Sunday, January 18, 2009

when am i getting my "G String"

Okay i must say that the title and my picture have absolutely Nothing to do with each other... what do you think Christina.... a good 8-12 inches so far??? i know that Andrew and Bill shoveled the sidewalk at 11:30a and by 1:30p we added 2 more inches. at least it isn't cold, and i must say it is oh so beautiful.....Invigorating to the soul. the second picture is on Kiski Campus

So Christina and Larry (her great hubby) were talking yesterday and I guess Chris was thinking about adding a tool to her journey. so i guess being that we both work out with Johnny and we both walk a couple days a week, Larry wanted to know if "I was going to go with her?" and Chris was like No Larry but i can go by myself,. i guess he questioned this or that........and then he said oh that's right, when does Sandi get her G String???? needless to say, when i heard this i broke up in laughter, as well as Bill did when i told him the story. Now I must say that Larry did redeem himself and said......" oh i meant the Lap band" who knows maybe the G string will be needed after the Lap band has been in place a while.... i mean I am just sayin', but i am pretty surely positive that right now that a G string would not be a really good "tool" for me to use.

Well I am at Kiski today, Bill brought me in using the Tracker, and good thing too. the roads are really not great, and we saw a few cars that could not make it and were along the road. Sundays are quiet here so it should be a good afternoon. I must say that my Butt muscles are really hurting me today, and i can't think what exercise i did at Johnny's that would kill a butt muscle.

well i should get going......... have a good rest of the afternoon

Friday, January 16, 2009


Okay i must now tell Kim that she will just have to scroll down, cause i don't think i can look at my brothers picture a third day........ scroll kim, scroll!!! I am taking time on my blog this week to talk about some key words/thoughts that will help me to succeed. On my phone I have this picture (katie took of a roller coaster) and the word printed above -->Persevere !!!
You hear so often, (hi Patti) of someone falling off the wagon, and needing to climb back on in their diet journey. well I , like my dear friend Patti, don't like that statement. Okay it is like this,I think life, diets, exercise routines, work, relationships........... have periods of ups and downs. Just before the roller coast starts to climb a steep hill, i don't get off of it and wait until it reaches the top, than somehow climb back on for the decent. When my husband and I go on a road trip and for some reason or other we reach a Road Block. I don't get out of the car and wait for my husband to find/take a detour. ......... No i stay in, I use my tools (map, Magellan, road signs) to figure a way around the Blocked Road. There are obstacles in life, some bigger than others, that will try to defeat even the greatest of plans. But we all have the ability to Persevere beyond them. I am reminded of Melody and her road block called Cancer......her body was being beat to a pulp from the Cancer Chemo battle...... but she fought with a smile. she pushed, she walked miles in the halls, she had a stationary bike in her sterile room. For every bad thing happening, she counteracted it with a positive thought. a positive action. I want to learn from Melody, I am learning from Melody!!!
There isn't one of us here that at one time or another we reach a Road block in our journey to better health. but the difference's between success and failure are how we react to that block. we can choose to whine, make a million excuses, jump off/ fall of the wagon. Or we can take responsibility, dig deep , use our individual tools to push beyond the obstacle we CAN Persevere beyond and above........ I must mention my dear friend Patti again.... one day for her everything just "clicked" as i tell her.. for years she worked, lost some weight..... plateaued a while, ........BUT she never "fell of the wagon"....... she Persevered, and worked, and persevered some more....... she's lost tons of weight, she looks awesome, it didn't happen over night. and even know she has succeeded in the weight loss journey. I am sure she still faces road blocks, and if you read her blog she is aware, if she's ate too much, or didn't exercise enough...... she doesn't wait until she gains 50lbs back...... she, regroups, and does what she has too to maintain her health. You inspire me Patti :0)
Well I got called in to work today, I don't mind though, I love the stress free environment of Kiski School. so i should go get some paperwork done, It is so cold, but i do not mind, actually I love this weather... and then Katie and I are going for groceries, and then Chris and I are going to Johnny's to work out...... tomorrow i'd like to just stay home and chill.......
I am feeling so good........

Thursday, January 15, 2009


okay, I promised Kim that i would put Johnny's picture up for another posting, Oh my, our "Blanch" of Golden Girls is living up to her name, I am just sayin'
Yesterday i spoke about responsibility, so today the key word is Commitment. you know it is so easy for me to commit to my children, my husband, my job, ,....... when i took my foster son in 5 years ago... me being his 9th home. I wrote him a note and i spoke with his case worker letting him know, that I would not send him away, and i gave him my word.... well let me tell you, it isn't easy with either of my now 17 year old sons. And when Corey does get into trouble he tends to Push further instead of helping with the problem. almost like he keeps testing me, wanting to see if I am a girl of my word... and without going into detail it has been VERY difficult with him for the past month...... (we are now on the up swing) BUT My Word is MY heart and soul, it is all i have to offer...... so Corey Boy............ it AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. I made a commitment to you when you were a little boy, ........ " sending you away is NOT an option." ..............
So why can't i make a Commitment to myself? Why can't i give word of honor that i plan on making my body better??? Oh in the past years..... I "committed" to weight watchers, and calorie king, and curves, and lowfat diets, low calorie diets, low carb diets. I "committed" to the Thigh Master, Yoga, YMCA, gym memberships, the Exercise Ball, the treadmill, the elliptical trainer........
definition of :
1. dedication to a cause or principle
2. an obligation, responsibility, or promise that restricts freedom of action
3. the act of committing or state of being committed
in none of these definitions does it say......... "until, unless, sometimes, occasionally,....
my commitment is a dedication, obligation, responsibility, and promise to ME by ME to continue on this really awesome journey to better health in body, mind, and soul!!! and as an old friend used to say .........." failure is NOT an option".
p.s. the second day after the work out......... my arms are killen me.......the triceps are the worse....... i am just sayin'

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


"this is my brother.......... he is much sweeter than he looks lol....
life is such a learning process, and yesterday was another light bulb moment in this journey of mine. It all started with me working all day. I was busy, but the time i did have free, i was trying to figure out facebook on line. what is really cool is that it isn't strangers that are finding me, but my old school chums. lately my mind has been flooded with memories of growing up with all my classmates......... well anyhow i digress, ....... so when i did get home, i seemed to have such a major head ache, not a migraine, but a headache behind the eyes, maybe sinus related. Chris and I still planned on going to the gym...... 3pm and it started to snow really bad here, i had to go to Indiana for Sam's appt. no matter what, but i was wishing i could get out of the gym...... 3:15 Chris called, she couldn't go. (lets just say tummy issues are way more unpredictable than sinus issues). So immediately the wheels started turning in my mind........ "hmm, maybe I'll just take Sam to his appt. and i'd stay with him instead of Albert staying with him, oh look at this snow, i'll come right back home John will understand.........." i think Christina felt guilty, cause she feels she let me down......... OH on contra er........

Bottom line is, Christina can help and support me, Bill and my kids can support me, Johnny can help and support me, My diet coach can support me....... and heck yeah, the Lapband can help and support me....... BUT I am ultimately responsible for my decisions, actions, successes and failures.

i have the absolute greatest network of support, and they are wonderful tools, yet I am responsible and must answer to myself. i guess it is the same concept when i do get the lapband. sure it will be there with me, but it ain't gonna work unless i make the decision to work with it.

i feel really good about yesterday! oh and i can't forget, so last night I was so tempted to pull out the Oreos..... i was craving them so bad, and if i can be honest, i knew that the crave was so strong that i would have eaten way more than 2. .... i can't even explain how close i came to scarfing up the Oreos,........... okay get a grip, i said to myself.... maybe it is sweet i am craving...... so i got a sugar free rice pudding, put it in a dessert dish, and a dollop of light cool whip (comes in a can now).... sat down and slowly ate that.......... well it did the trick....... and later in the evening i had 1/2 grapefruit and 1 sm clementine...... I went to bed without feeling any cravings.... and the Oreos haven't called me since.....

IT is so cold here, so i think i am going to get a nice hot bath to warm me up. oh and i bought this eye mask actually made for sinus issues, it applies cold (goes in the freezer) pressure to the area around my eyes and it feels wonderful....... i used it for 1/2 hour last night....... and my headache went away...... if i were to grade myself for yesterday......i'd have to give it an A

and the work out with Johnny was tough..... he said my Cardio level did not diminish, but he took it easy on the joints..... my strength was still there too..... when i got home my arms felt like rubber, but nothing that shouldn't of hurt .......hurt. even my knees are fine... we'll see what happens of Friday :0)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well i am NOT going to lie to you here, but i must say that there is a part of me that is dreading the workout with Johnny today! It has been a couple of weeks since we've been there. and it really isn't easy. Oh when i am done working out, i am always glad that i did. and after the fact it feels so good........but It just isn't easy.
So i am getting these emails that so and so has wrote on my Wall, now what does that mean??? didn't even know that I had a wall! It had something to do with facebook, which i must say that I am clueless to the fact, thanks to Katie she is training me well...... (gee more to learn).
I have my last two parts of the process in 13 days.........and then everything will be submitted to my Insurance for approval and then the date will be set for my surgery. My diet coach said actually it should move pretty quickly. So how am I feeling about it? well Kim and I spoke about this last night......... and I am feeling really good about it. I just know that this is right for me. You know if God wanted I could wake up a size 10, and i wouldn't complain. But for some reason God is all about the journey, the growth, the learning!!! I really feel in the long run this is a good tool for me. is it for everyone? absolutely NOT, different things work for different people. Kim is happy with her tool, Patti is happy with her tool, there are people at Weight Watchers that are happy with their tool, as well as Jenny Craig, Atkins, Curves, Calorie King,...... and we can work with more than one tool. I just know that last year at this time, I was sick, I went back and re read my blog...... and i spent most of January and All of February very sick. ... So it was back then, after getting out of the hospital, spending 12 weeks ill, .....that I had to take control of my health.... So I just prayed for direction, i prayed for answers, and I prayed for peace. ...... so it has been almost a year since the Lapband entered my mind... and it sure has been a process. but still no regrets............ even at this point, i am still trusting God , so if i get this far and for some reason or another, i am told, surgery can't be done......... then i got to realize that God is a part of that decision too...... and he doesn't take His children on unnecessary Journeys just for shits and giggles!!!!...... I am just sayin'
Well have a good bit of work to do here at Kiski.........but time seems to fly by when i am busy.
I'll let you know how i survived the workout tomorrow.....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

two funks don't make a right....

Oh i have "funky" times and of course Christina has funky times....... we all have funky times!!! but i can't remember when both Christina and I had our "funky" times at the same time. for over 20 years if i was having a down time, Chris could usually get me out of it and visa versa..... but these past few weeks , i think it hit us both.... and like i've blogged before, I really can't pinpoint mine.. it's not that i haven't been happy, but i really haven't been sad either..... i'm not really tired, but i don't have any energy......... get the picture. So it has been real work for BOTH of us to keep each other in gear. So we 'talk' each other into going on a hike, of course i b*tch about the trail that I picked..... she gives me dirty looks cause it really is quite cold outside, and the hills are actually very steep. but by the time we are done...........we both feel pretty darn good. and i must say that Christina surprises me... i mean she owns a camalbak for hydration, she owns the right clothing for winter hiking, the right hats for hiking..... she's becoming a regular outdoorsy type of girl. ............ so anyhow,

we ended up walking over an hour yesterday- managed to do approx 4 miles, and i must say it wasn't an easy hike, but i must admit we really are getting to be pretty good trackers.....and at least i can pretend that in my mind....... what was odd........ is we are walking on a trail and it seems all of the sudden we see big boot tracks, like were did they come from, how could they just start? and why in the heck do these two sets of big boot tracks have little itty bitty cat tracks with them??? ahhh a mystery. so we hike around the peninsula of conemaugh damn, the water had receded enough that most of the trail was hikeable......there were parts that had lots of logs and debris that we "climbed over".......... an overall body workout :0).

Here are a couple of pictures that i found on the Internet. to shows the peninsula and an aerial view of my absolute favorite place to hike and has been for several years. actually i missed the past year when for whatever stupid reason i didn't go there..... hopefully this year will be different......... I usually walk to the right of the dam if you are looking at the picture, there is a very long drawn-out hill that you have to walk before you can get on the many trails up there. I am not going to lie to you.......i hate this hill, it is actually painful for me, and maybe that is why i've avoided this place lately...... but once i make it up this hill, the trails are beautiful. i've seen bear, dear, bald eagles, osprey, fox, hawks, snakes, box turtles, snapper turtles, chipmunks, and squirrels, because of this area being so "hilly" and having uneven trails, the general population doesn't use it too much..... maybe that is why i like it. Well enough for Conemaugh dam..
think i am going to read a little, it is quiet here at Kiski, and i have 3 more hours to put in. Sundays are usually quiet around here so i brought alot to do........

Friday, January 09, 2009

Only kim would............

.........only kim would look at a blog at two disgusting pictures of a deer being gutted and where it was shot at and not comment about how "gross" it is........ yup she isn't only from Howard Pa she IS Cliffs sister, sorry Cliff no adoption there..... she really is your sister.

Hey girl, gotta love ya :o).

Way to keep up the exercise routine........

Thursday, January 08, 2009

please read the post below this,its new. and sandi is grumpy. and everyone has to read hers.... even though i am the princess! (:
ps. those our pictures of what a TRUE princess does in her spare time. <3

Christina the exercise Nazi......

busy day today ........first had to get Drew to an appointment this morning, went grocery shopping, then got home around 10am, knew i had to get groceries put away, start supper, clean the house........ so I called Christina, not even contemplating going for the hike today, but to let her know that I would not be able to go for a hike, cause i needed to pick Corey up after 12 for his 1 o'clock appointment.

ME: hey Chris real busy here, but just wanted you to know that i won't make a hike today

(Chris continued to just listen to this and that and agree, and said she didn't feel like doing anything either, and then out of blue at the end of our conversation)

CHRIS: its 10:30 now, you don't have to pick Corey up for a while there is time to do something

ME: (thinking maybe she didn't hear me) well I've gotta put things away, and clean up a little bit, and put the chicken in the fridge (we all KNOW how long it takes to put chicken in the fridge)

CHRIS: come on there is time for you to do something

ME: Oh I'll call you back in 10 minutes

so, i get off the phone and grumble, sorta ticked that she didn't just say oh good I've got things to do too.

ME: (call Chris back) Hey Chris, we'll be up in few minutes (me and katie) and we'll go walk that tough hill at Conemaugh

CHRIS: ( a moment of silence)..... oh.........umm, do you know that it is 28 degrees outside???

ME: Katie has the warmest hat in the world, I'll bring for you.... bundle up.

CHRIS: ...... oh okay!!!!

so Katie, Me Izzy and Louie all headed to Christina's (Juneau already went with Katie earlier, and Sadie needs a few days off) well Christina didn't exactly look happy to see us...... but later on in the walk, after I thanked her for encouraging me her wonderful comment was......

"....well i was just talking the talk, i wasn't expecting to walk the walk" gotta love the girl, she just assumed that I'd say No, honestly though it was cold and beautiful, Chris can obviously go up B*tch hill much quicker than me, so i get to the top of the second hill and there she is lying on the icy ground staring at the sky......she did not want to be there but we did hike 3 miles...... Katie was so far ahead, couldn't find us and prob did 5 miles walking back and forth trying to find us......she isn't very good at tracking ....... but that is another blog.....

bottom line is.......I am so glad i went...... breathing the cold air, just made me seem to breath deeper, i am feeling pretty dang good right now........ also makes me want to stay on track with my eating....
so in all seriousness.......... how lucky am i to have a neighbor/relative/friend like you......... pretty dang blessed if you ask me.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

.....God's got my back!

As human beings, it really is hard not to worry about all the details in life, especially now. I think this economy has touched everyone, from the very poor to the very wealthy! sometimes when i get off track, and start to dwell on the bills, and the house payment, and the car payment, and groceries and insurance, and taxes....... i can see how easily and strongly fear can take over! I realize the fog of uncertainty is thick, but truly I only need to see one step in front of me. who really cares what is going on a mile ahead. I just know that God's got my back!!! and i know that I will be okay. Bill and I work well together as a team. And God continues to keep my eyes open to the many many blessings in my life. who would have ever thought 20 years ago when i went into the medical field, that meant job security for me now. I have the flexibility to work 20 hours a week or 60 hours a week depending on what bills are due. I have been feeling really really good in the sinus/lung/asthma department. My kids are home and healthy. The best thing for me is to NOT watch the News, 10 minutes of that is enough to depress the jolliest of souls.... :0).

well I had a phone meeting with my diet coach, we are down to just 2 more weeks, hard to believe that 6 months is up already. Nothing more left to do other than the Nutritional assessment and the Psychiatric assessment. I am going to start keeping track of not only my calories but my protein as i am told after the lapband procedure, Protein will be the most important nutrient that I'll need to take. so i want to figure out that amount now and not wait until the week before my surgery.

I am really learning about Essential Oils, and we relied on them during Bills infection (hi Kellie). He uses a mixture of tea tree, chamomile, and lavender on his face every night. and he has NOT had an infected ingrown hair since. I have been putting lemongrass oil on my chest at night as well as taking my Clairtin with Bromelin and i haven't been congestion yet. when my knee was acting up i would use the Lemongrass and olive oil and rub in on my knees. After the sonogram of my abdomen yesterday esp wear my liver is, it started to ache really bad. i mean the sonogram "wand" hurt the entire time i was getting the test done....... so last night Bill put on one of those icy hot patches for me....and it did help but this morning it ached all over again.. so i took some olive oil and a few drops of grapefruit oil and rubbed in all over my abdominal area, focusing on the liver left a warm sensation, but that was 5 hours ago and no pain right now. I think it is possible to work with doctors and what you would call traditional medications and treatments. as well as work with homeopathic, natural and wholistic treatments. I am fortunate that my personal doctor is willing to work with both with me, he is open minded and willing to try what i bring to him..... so right now i am on Diovon (traditional for blood pressure); Bromelin (herbal for sinus inflammation) Claritin (traditional for allergies, sinus inflammation) Protonix (traditional for stomach issues) Papaya Enzymes ( herbal for stomach issues and aiding in protein breakdown). so quite the mixture there :0). oh please know that you CAN take too many vitamins and herbs. and they filter through your liver just like all drugs... and cause toxicity to your liver and kidneys... and my doctor is aware of everything I take.... that is important too...... okay enough of that..............
I am here at Kiski, and I do have a lot to do since this is the beginning of the new year, lots of new students and lots of paper work.. so i best get my butt in gear..........

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

~apology to Jeanine~

Dear Jeanine,
I realized you really worked hard on that beautiful green yellow dip with the moss growing in circles around it. I mean the layered mold (mold not meaning the stuff that grows in my refrigerator, but mold meaning shaped bowl) was so beautiful and well presented....... the flavors were ummm........interesting...... what was it Parsley, and Lemon, and Stuff....... I can't help that my tongue did not enjoy what the eyes did. HOWEVER, i should NOT have made such a disgusting face, choke, spin my head around 2 times and was all reflexes i swear. If i hurt you in any way.... i beg for your forgiveness....... I am sorry!!!!

Now for those who do not know Jeanine.... she is Christina's daughter and she is one hell of a cook and baker. Jeanine loves different foods and she is willing to try different recipes, She makes 4 star Christmas cookies, you know the difficult types, that few of us venture to try and bake. well this umm, not sure what you'd call it was a new recipe she tried....... i accidentally did not like it...... but hey i guess i am not going to like everything ..... right.

Well okay enough about Jeanine, I just got back from the hospital , had my Upper GI and Abdominal Ultrasound. other than my fatty liver, everything else looked good. and the Upper GI showed a insignificant hiatal hernia with minimal regurgitation in the esophagus. as usual my blood work from last month showed "borderline" high triglycerides, good and bad cholesterol. My A1C is 5.2 what will next year show in my blood work........cause when it is all said and done, it isn't about looking good, although that would be nice, it isn't about wearing a size 8 jean, although that would be nice. it is about my health and how i feel.....

I have another doctor appointment this afternoon, and then workout with Johnny...... hopefully the ice/sleet/rain will not make driving treacherous cause if that is the case, i ain't goin' although Chris and I are ready to get in the grove again
Make it a good one folks

Monday, January 05, 2009

do i always need a title???

well i am still "out of sorts". must be a hormonal thing, cause my son Sammy lost it when i started crying over a McDonald's commercial this morning..... hey it was a really sweet commercial, really it was.
Katie and I took the dogs for a nice walk yesterday, nobody was around, and I think the hunting season is official over. (muzzle loader ended on Sat) Chris and I go to Johnny's tomorrow to workout. It will be good getting back into that routine.
I am here at Kiski today, I'll be getting between 3 and 4 days a week. yes i get busy here, but there are times that there is a big Lull in activity. you just never know what is coming through my door...... it could be someone asking for a tums for an upset stomach. Or it could be someone with an acute allergic reaction to the peanut butter they were NOT supposed to eat.....causing anaphylactic shock......
I must admit i didn't keep as good of track on my eating as i did at Christmas time. Not that i over ate by any means, but I find the key for me has been to monitor my food intake.
Oh Kimmie, I didn't think to look at my answering machine when i got back from my walk with Katie, why would i, after all i left the house full of boys! I only knew you called when Bill told me at 9 o'clock last night......... and i have so much to tell you too.........
I somehow have managed to keep my annual cold/lung infection/bronchial asthma at bay so far this season. i have a couple more months to go to get through "peak season"
well my eyes don't really want me on this computer, so i think i'll make this short too....... remember to count you blessings today.........we have many!!!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

`~`~`~`~>out of sorts!!!!

I can't quite put my finger on it, but I just feel sorta not myself today. I am not sick, but not feeling well. I am not happy, but i am not sad. I don't have a lot of energy, but i am not really tired either....... This morning i experienced another "light" show, thankfully I have yet to get another Migraine headache, not sure why I've had it twice this month.........who knows.......
Bill has another day off tomorrow, i am happy for him......he deserves to have some time off........ we will prob take Izzibella (Izzy) and Juneau for a nice hike...... it will be the first time we put Juneau and Izzy together. We'll take Sadie and Louie on a separate walk.......shorter esp for old girl Sadie......... and tell me again........why do we have 4 dogs???? Louie is Johns, Izzy is Katie's, Sadie is really getting old so we kinda just have a dog and 1/2 right.??? (well i tried.)
well i've been writing this blog for 2 hours now, and seem to keep getting interrupted, i think i am going to hit the sack early.......
make it a good weekend

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Not this year, maybe first time ever....

this is the first year in prob 20 that i did not make a "new years resolution" to lose weight....... this is the first time in years that i didn't just let it all go until "after" the holidays. I just as a rule maintained what i have been learning this past year in life style changes. I had my meeting with Aimie (my diet coach) on Tuesday, by the home scale i lost 2 more pounds........ that means i lost 8 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years!!!! What wasn't I allowed to have on my eating plan???? .......... nothing. there wasn't one thing off limits. and i guess because i knew that, i didn't crave anything or have the last meal syndrome. where i pig out in prep for a diet in the near future.
2009 is getting in prep for my impending surgery, continue my journey to better health, and hopefully ending 2009 with my 10 mile hike in honor of Melody. sounds good to me :0)

Dr. Klain has me on a new blood pressure medication because the one i've been on can't be taken during my they wanted me to switch......well I don't like it, i've given it 2 weeks......... decided to write down the symptoms i am having....and then look up the symptoms to see if i was experiencing them..... fatigue, check! bloating, check!, nausea, check!. I think i am going to go back on my other medicine and just stop it a few days before surgery. cause i am doing too good to have any set backs.

Bill and I had a nice day today........ just He and I. after some "issues " with his work and the transmission on my van....... we were able to leave bright and early.......went out for breakfast, and then took a road trip to McConnells Mills....... one of my favorite places. it was a little too icy to walk the rock trail along the river..... , stopped by Morraine State Park, what a cold beautiful day. Bill knows me well........ this is me, this is my day...... i'll take a day like this over a fancy dance or party, or a day of shopping, or a movie....... I love my outdoors, and i am loving Katie's gifts too me........ it DOES pay to get name brand gear like ear bands, gloves, hiking socks.....windbreakers...... and trust me I am not a "name brand" type of girl.. but i did stay warm and toasty
well i came home to a crock pot full of Pork, Kielbasi, Sauerkraut..... and i made hot apple turnovers for evening snack.......... a good start to a New Year.........

oh Patti, I am supposed to tell you........Bill is starting his "diet" on Monday........