Monday, January 26, 2009

Emotionally Stable with Incredible Coping skills. (no smart a** remarks from the peanut gallary (hi Cliff)

Wow what a big title......... but well i can't believe i am finished with all of the preparation and processes needed to get the lap band surgery. Today went extremely well. The nutritional consult was cut really short. I guess my diet coach did well about informing me these past 6 months. a 1 hour session ended up taking 15 minutes.
The Psychiatric appointment went well. and i know those who really know me aren't going to believe this. but She thought I really had my "stuff " together. She thought i was realistic, and my coping skills and ability to see the whole picture were right on the money. She dug into my past, my divorce, all kinds of things...... and she kept going back to the "so your Xhusband works with your present husband who helped him get the job in the first place , and they both take your kids to games and out for pizza kind of thing"........ i think she was almost shocked. And she also said because my Family Doctor put on my diagnosis once, 10 years ago, "anxiety" issues because i went through a tough time when my husband left...... was a symptom of what was going on, not a diagnosis.
There where no black dot pictures to figure out or no profound questions to answer(if you could invite any person living or dead to have dinner with you, what would you make?~Rose Niland GG)
So now I wait for all the information to be processed and sent to the Insurance company... next will be approval by the Insurance Company and then finally a Surgery Date.
However i am still in the Prep study for 2 more years after the my surgery date so i will be watched very closely for a long time
well i am going to get going, Bill and I are going to Drew's basketball game this evening.......... work in the Am.


Kim said...

I believe that you are emotionally stable. Really. I do!

Patti's Parlor said...

I like that this program really puts you under a microscope and will keep you there 2 years post op. I think that's the flaw for a lot of WLS recipients.
I could have told them you have incredible coping skills.

Cliff said... you even know what emotionally stable looks like?

Seriously, though, Sandi...I was reading some of the comments on Kim's blog and the reason that I have no advice for you is because I simply don't have a clue. I am trying to figure out how to motivate myself in the area of better health and haven't been able to do it well up to this point. So as I read youns's blogs, I am more encouraged to do something myself.

The only thing I can do is pray. That, and try to make people laugh even when they are going through some deep weeds.

Now, if you need an opinion on the impact of the holiness movement on the church in succeeding generations or the perceived vs. actual outcomes of arminianism, I can help. If you want to discuss the ramifications of socialism and why true freedom is a better choice, I'm your man.

But in the situations that you have described on your blog, the best thing I can do is pray. God loves you more than anyone on this earth could ever fathom. So I just give you to our Dad in heaven. He's really good at taking care of his little girls.

Sandi said...

Lol yeah Kim, emotionally stable..... sure she is :0).

and you are right God's got me covered.. every single thing i do I go through my father first. my jobs, my husband, my foster son, my health...... So thank you for praying....... that's all that i need :o)

Kim said...

I wasn't kidding when I said that I believe you are emotionally stable. You've done amazingly well with this program and I am really proud of you. This is such a difficult thing to get a grip on and I really believe that you're on your way.