Thursday, January 15, 2009


okay, I promised Kim that i would put Johnny's picture up for another posting, Oh my, our "Blanch" of Golden Girls is living up to her name, I am just sayin'
Yesterday i spoke about responsibility, so today the key word is Commitment. you know it is so easy for me to commit to my children, my husband, my job, ,....... when i took my foster son in 5 years ago... me being his 9th home. I wrote him a note and i spoke with his case worker letting him know, that I would not send him away, and i gave him my word.... well let me tell you, it isn't easy with either of my now 17 year old sons. And when Corey does get into trouble he tends to Push further instead of helping with the problem. almost like he keeps testing me, wanting to see if I am a girl of my word... and without going into detail it has been VERY difficult with him for the past month...... (we are now on the up swing) BUT My Word is MY heart and soul, it is all i have to offer...... so Corey Boy............ it AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN. I made a commitment to you when you were a little boy, ........ " sending you away is NOT an option." ..............
So why can't i make a Commitment to myself? Why can't i give word of honor that i plan on making my body better??? Oh in the past years..... I "committed" to weight watchers, and calorie king, and curves, and lowfat diets, low calorie diets, low carb diets. I "committed" to the Thigh Master, Yoga, YMCA, gym memberships, the Exercise Ball, the treadmill, the elliptical trainer........
definition of :
1. dedication to a cause or principle
2. an obligation, responsibility, or promise that restricts freedom of action
3. the act of committing or state of being committed
in none of these definitions does it say......... "until, unless, sometimes, occasionally,....
my commitment is a dedication, obligation, responsibility, and promise to ME by ME to continue on this really awesome journey to better health in body, mind, and soul!!! and as an old friend used to say .........." failure is NOT an option".
p.s. the second day after the work out......... my arms are killen me.......the triceps are the worse....... i am just sayin'


Jay said...

OMG I want his body (and not in the Biblical sense). Of course at 47 I'm not sure getting to that point is even possible but hey, it's a goal and it's the trip that counts.

I took a class at work a couple of years back, parts of which still resonate with me. One is commitment to ourselves. The instructor asked: if we don't honor our commitments to ourselves then how can we honor our commitment to others? You can hem and haw about it but he's right. If you don't honor your commitments to "you" how do you expect to be around to help Corey learn that lesson?

Sandi said...

Jay that is so true...... and I am finally just figuring that out... Committing isn't easy...actually its dang hard. . . but i think i AM learning the importance of self commitance (and i am not talking about a psych unit either).
yeah my brother has the trainers body doesn't he... :0)

Kim said...

And he has eyes, too, according to Sandi. I'm taking her word for that.

Seriously, good post and comment you guys. Unfortunately life gets going ful speed ahead and we lose track of our self-commitments and take care of everyone else in our lives. Which is why I think that one key to getting healthy and losing weight is to just accept the fact that this is WORK and we have to do the work to get the job done. It's like wanting a degree and refusing to got to class, take the exams etc. You'd never expect a degree without the commitment.

Jay said...

Yes he does have a trainers body and here's what strikes me most about it. Looking at him you know he walks the talk before he ever says a word. I'd have no qualms having him put me through the ringer because it's obvious he knows what he's doing. He's not posting b.s. photos of himself to CK and pretending to be what he's not while giving bogus advice.

The trainers at my gym say that they don't look like trainers. They may have read and studied everything there is to know about exercise and physiology but it's apparent that they're not practicing it. Could be why I ignore them for the most part.

There's something about perseverance, commitment and responsibility in there. I just haven't fully divined what yet. I feel an epiphany brewing.

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