Thursday, January 08, 2009

Christina the exercise Nazi......

busy day today ........first had to get Drew to an appointment this morning, went grocery shopping, then got home around 10am, knew i had to get groceries put away, start supper, clean the house........ so I called Christina, not even contemplating going for the hike today, but to let her know that I would not be able to go for a hike, cause i needed to pick Corey up after 12 for his 1 o'clock appointment.

ME: hey Chris real busy here, but just wanted you to know that i won't make a hike today

(Chris continued to just listen to this and that and agree, and said she didn't feel like doing anything either, and then out of blue at the end of our conversation)

CHRIS: its 10:30 now, you don't have to pick Corey up for a while there is time to do something

ME: (thinking maybe she didn't hear me) well I've gotta put things away, and clean up a little bit, and put the chicken in the fridge (we all KNOW how long it takes to put chicken in the fridge)

CHRIS: come on there is time for you to do something

ME: Oh I'll call you back in 10 minutes

so, i get off the phone and grumble, sorta ticked that she didn't just say oh good I've got things to do too.

ME: (call Chris back) Hey Chris, we'll be up in few minutes (me and katie) and we'll go walk that tough hill at Conemaugh

CHRIS: ( a moment of silence)..... oh.........umm, do you know that it is 28 degrees outside???

ME: Katie has the warmest hat in the world, I'll bring for you.... bundle up.

CHRIS: ...... oh okay!!!!

so Katie, Me Izzy and Louie all headed to Christina's (Juneau already went with Katie earlier, and Sadie needs a few days off) well Christina didn't exactly look happy to see us...... but later on in the walk, after I thanked her for encouraging me her wonderful comment was......

"....well i was just talking the talk, i wasn't expecting to walk the walk" gotta love the girl, she just assumed that I'd say No, honestly though it was cold and beautiful, Chris can obviously go up B*tch hill much quicker than me, so i get to the top of the second hill and there she is lying on the icy ground staring at the sky......she did not want to be there but we did hike 3 miles...... Katie was so far ahead, couldn't find us and prob did 5 miles walking back and forth trying to find us......she isn't very good at tracking ....... but that is another blog.....

bottom line is.......I am so glad i went...... breathing the cold air, just made me seem to breath deeper, i am feeling pretty dang good right now........ also makes me want to stay on track with my eating....
so in all seriousness.......... how lucky am i to have a neighbor/relative/friend like you......... pretty dang blessed if you ask me.

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Kim said...

Great story! Friends like that are so important in this journey. And whether or not you guys know it, you all are an encouragement to me. Some days I have to push myself to workout...'tis human nature, I suppose....and then I think....well, they probably were OUTSIDE walking in this, at least you could go to a warm gym and do SOMETHING!

Thanks for sharing! You're all beautiful......and I mean you, too, Princess Katie!