Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well i am NOT going to lie to you here, but i must say that there is a part of me that is dreading the workout with Johnny today! It has been a couple of weeks since we've been there. and it really isn't easy. Oh when i am done working out, i am always glad that i did. and after the fact it feels so good........but It just isn't easy.
So i am getting these emails that so and so has wrote on my Wall, now what does that mean??? didn't even know that I had a wall! It had something to do with facebook, which i must say that I am clueless to the fact, thanks to Katie she is training me well...... (gee more to learn).
I have my last two parts of the process in 13 days.........and then everything will be submitted to my Insurance for approval and then the date will be set for my surgery. My diet coach said actually it should move pretty quickly. So how am I feeling about it? well Kim and I spoke about this last night......... and I am feeling really good about it. I just know that this is right for me. You know if God wanted I could wake up a size 10, and i wouldn't complain. But for some reason God is all about the journey, the growth, the learning!!! I really feel in the long run this is a good tool for me. is it for everyone? absolutely NOT, different things work for different people. Kim is happy with her tool, Patti is happy with her tool, there are people at Weight Watchers that are happy with their tool, as well as Jenny Craig, Atkins, Curves, Calorie King,...... and we can work with more than one tool. I just know that last year at this time, I was sick, I went back and re read my blog...... and i spent most of January and All of February very sick. ... So it was back then, after getting out of the hospital, spending 12 weeks ill, .....that I had to take control of my health.... So I just prayed for direction, i prayed for answers, and I prayed for peace. ...... so it has been almost a year since the Lapband entered my mind... and it sure has been a process. but still no regrets............ even at this point, i am still trusting God , so if i get this far and for some reason or another, i am told, surgery can't be done......... then i got to realize that God is a part of that decision too...... and he doesn't take His children on unnecessary Journeys just for shits and giggles!!!!...... I am just sayin'
Well have a good bit of work to do here at Kiski.........but time seems to fly by when i am busy.
I'll let you know how i survived the workout tomorrow.....