Sunday, January 11, 2009

two funks don't make a right....

Oh i have "funky" times and of course Christina has funky times....... we all have funky times!!! but i can't remember when both Christina and I had our "funky" times at the same time. for over 20 years if i was having a down time, Chris could usually get me out of it and visa versa..... but these past few weeks , i think it hit us both.... and like i've blogged before, I really can't pinpoint mine.. it's not that i haven't been happy, but i really haven't been sad either..... i'm not really tired, but i don't have any energy......... get the picture. So it has been real work for BOTH of us to keep each other in gear. So we 'talk' each other into going on a hike, of course i b*tch about the trail that I picked..... she gives me dirty looks cause it really is quite cold outside, and the hills are actually very steep. but by the time we are done...........we both feel pretty darn good. and i must say that Christina surprises me... i mean she owns a camalbak for hydration, she owns the right clothing for winter hiking, the right hats for hiking..... she's becoming a regular outdoorsy type of girl. ............ so anyhow,

we ended up walking over an hour yesterday- managed to do approx 4 miles, and i must say it wasn't an easy hike, but i must admit we really are getting to be pretty good trackers.....and at least i can pretend that in my mind....... what was odd........ is we are walking on a trail and it seems all of the sudden we see big boot tracks, like were did they come from, how could they just start? and why in the heck do these two sets of big boot tracks have little itty bitty cat tracks with them??? ahhh a mystery. so we hike around the peninsula of conemaugh damn, the water had receded enough that most of the trail was hikeable......there were parts that had lots of logs and debris that we "climbed over".......... an overall body workout :0).

Here are a couple of pictures that i found on the Internet. to shows the peninsula and an aerial view of my absolute favorite place to hike and has been for several years. actually i missed the past year when for whatever stupid reason i didn't go there..... hopefully this year will be different......... I usually walk to the right of the dam if you are looking at the picture, there is a very long drawn-out hill that you have to walk before you can get on the many trails up there. I am not going to lie to you.......i hate this hill, it is actually painful for me, and maybe that is why i've avoided this place lately...... but once i make it up this hill, the trails are beautiful. i've seen bear, dear, bald eagles, osprey, fox, hawks, snakes, box turtles, snapper turtles, chipmunks, and squirrels, because of this area being so "hilly" and having uneven trails, the general population doesn't use it too much..... maybe that is why i like it. Well enough for Conemaugh dam..
think i am going to read a little, it is quiet here at Kiski, and i have 3 more hours to put in. Sundays are usually quiet around here so i brought alot to do........


Anonymous said...

Conemaugh damn....dammit! :)

Sandi said...

ummm MR Cliff sir......... it really is a dam pain to hike, but i do love it..... lol

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