Wednesday, January 21, 2009

6 months done......... new phase started

Well for the past 6 months i have either seen my diet coach or talked to her every single week. today was my official last visit. I've done very well. lost a couple more pounds. actually i am 35 lbs to the negative since i started my Lapband quest. however i will continue to see Aimee ( until my surgery date). Now it will be every other week.
this PREP program is the best thing that I have ever done in regards to trying to get healthy. This program has worked on every possible direction and avenue I can think of. from all the weekly visits, learning how to eat and why i eat. getting down to the nitty gritty as to why i am over 100lbs over weight. Not only did i see Aimee today, I also did Evaluation # 2 of many. had to answer a 20 page questionnaire about how~ where ~why ~when ~what ~volume that I eat. I have the little "arm computer band" to wear to document my movement...... I wore this in May or early June...... i bet it has changed data already..... and i have a little ( or i should say quite lengthy ) questionnaire to fill out and return (it has 40 pages to it). I've read a few blogs and stories (mainly on the lapband talk website) where people trying to get the lapband are upset because they have to wait....... well i'd just like to tell them take the "wait" and make it an opportunity!! also there is one client that actually gained weight during the process, and the Doctor will not do her surgery.... she said that if you can't loose a few pounds without the lapband you will NOT lose pounds after the lapband!!! so she has to try again. also now many insurances are requiring you lose some weight between the initial visit and the day surgery is approved....oh well enough of that.
I left my house at a little after 9am and will return a little after 7pm, and then i come directly back here at 7am until 1pm........ I am tired, oh not mentally tired, just tired would love a day off. even if it is Kiski. Hey Chris when i get off tomorrow at 1pm you want to go directly for a hike?? I know if i go home first...don't think i'll leave....... let me know
well i think while i have the time i'll sort through all the papers and such i got today.
Oh and Cliff i commented on your comment that commented on my comment about your comment...... on the post without a title or words ;0)

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