Wednesday, January 07, 2009

.....God's got my back!

As human beings, it really is hard not to worry about all the details in life, especially now. I think this economy has touched everyone, from the very poor to the very wealthy! sometimes when i get off track, and start to dwell on the bills, and the house payment, and the car payment, and groceries and insurance, and taxes....... i can see how easily and strongly fear can take over! I realize the fog of uncertainty is thick, but truly I only need to see one step in front of me. who really cares what is going on a mile ahead. I just know that God's got my back!!! and i know that I will be okay. Bill and I work well together as a team. And God continues to keep my eyes open to the many many blessings in my life. who would have ever thought 20 years ago when i went into the medical field, that meant job security for me now. I have the flexibility to work 20 hours a week or 60 hours a week depending on what bills are due. I have been feeling really really good in the sinus/lung/asthma department. My kids are home and healthy. The best thing for me is to NOT watch the News, 10 minutes of that is enough to depress the jolliest of souls.... :0).

well I had a phone meeting with my diet coach, we are down to just 2 more weeks, hard to believe that 6 months is up already. Nothing more left to do other than the Nutritional assessment and the Psychiatric assessment. I am going to start keeping track of not only my calories but my protein as i am told after the lapband procedure, Protein will be the most important nutrient that I'll need to take. so i want to figure out that amount now and not wait until the week before my surgery.

I am really learning about Essential Oils, and we relied on them during Bills infection (hi Kellie). He uses a mixture of tea tree, chamomile, and lavender on his face every night. and he has NOT had an infected ingrown hair since. I have been putting lemongrass oil on my chest at night as well as taking my Clairtin with Bromelin and i haven't been congestion yet. when my knee was acting up i would use the Lemongrass and olive oil and rub in on my knees. After the sonogram of my abdomen yesterday esp wear my liver is, it started to ache really bad. i mean the sonogram "wand" hurt the entire time i was getting the test done....... so last night Bill put on one of those icy hot patches for me....and it did help but this morning it ached all over again.. so i took some olive oil and a few drops of grapefruit oil and rubbed in all over my abdominal area, focusing on the liver left a warm sensation, but that was 5 hours ago and no pain right now. I think it is possible to work with doctors and what you would call traditional medications and treatments. as well as work with homeopathic, natural and wholistic treatments. I am fortunate that my personal doctor is willing to work with both with me, he is open minded and willing to try what i bring to him..... so right now i am on Diovon (traditional for blood pressure); Bromelin (herbal for sinus inflammation) Claritin (traditional for allergies, sinus inflammation) Protonix (traditional for stomach issues) Papaya Enzymes ( herbal for stomach issues and aiding in protein breakdown). so quite the mixture there :0). oh please know that you CAN take too many vitamins and herbs. and they filter through your liver just like all drugs... and cause toxicity to your liver and kidneys... and my doctor is aware of everything I take.... that is important too...... okay enough of that..............
I am here at Kiski, and I do have a lot to do since this is the beginning of the new year, lots of new students and lots of paper work.. so i best get my butt in gear..........

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