Sunday, January 18, 2009

when am i getting my "G String"

Okay i must say that the title and my picture have absolutely Nothing to do with each other... what do you think Christina.... a good 8-12 inches so far??? i know that Andrew and Bill shoveled the sidewalk at 11:30a and by 1:30p we added 2 more inches. at least it isn't cold, and i must say it is oh so beautiful.....Invigorating to the soul. the second picture is on Kiski Campus

So Christina and Larry (her great hubby) were talking yesterday and I guess Chris was thinking about adding a tool to her journey. so i guess being that we both work out with Johnny and we both walk a couple days a week, Larry wanted to know if "I was going to go with her?" and Chris was like No Larry but i can go by myself,. i guess he questioned this or that........and then he said oh that's right, when does Sandi get her G String???? needless to say, when i heard this i broke up in laughter, as well as Bill did when i told him the story. Now I must say that Larry did redeem himself and said......" oh i meant the Lap band" who knows maybe the G string will be needed after the Lap band has been in place a while.... i mean I am just sayin', but i am pretty surely positive that right now that a G string would not be a really good "tool" for me to use.

Well I am at Kiski today, Bill brought me in using the Tracker, and good thing too. the roads are really not great, and we saw a few cars that could not make it and were along the road. Sundays are quiet here so it should be a good afternoon. I must say that my Butt muscles are really hurting me today, and i can't think what exercise i did at Johnny's that would kill a butt muscle.

well i should get going......... have a good rest of the afternoon


Kim said...

I'm sorry, but the G String question is just the best! Larry is so freakin cute!!

jacker said...

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