Thursday, October 30, 2008

It is finished........

Bill's IV antibiotic that is! Look at this face the scar is a thin line, after only a few weeks after surgery! I just unhooked Bill hopefully for the last time. we are going to keep the PICC line in (IV access site) until Tuesday or Wednesday because the doctor said if "rebound" infection is going to happen, then it will by then. So for those praying folks (hi Kim's mom) please keep Bill in prayer this weekend. The doctor is 99.9% sure that it will NOT return, but if it does, he'll go back on antibiotics for up to 6 months. he is feeling really good.

and come to think of it I am feeling really good too! lots of energy, and thank goodness about that, cause i am working ALOT!!! i just got called to see if i'd work a few hours on Sunday, it was/is going to be my one day off....... i didn't give an answer yet.........cause working ALL day 4:30 am until 8pm on Sat. I may not have the energy. we will see.

Chris and I go for our appointment with Our *personal trainer tomorrow. i have a feeling it isn't going to be easy..... but fun!! and hopefully Chris won't whine so much this time........ but don't worry I'll let you know if she does.......i love telling on her

well i think i am going to go to bed, 4 am comes really fast........


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well well well

by the scale at work, it looks like i lost another 3 pounds since last weds. So i better start eating a little more. Not sure how, other than maybe my metabolism is starting to rev up, or maybe it is a fluid fluke! Not sure. I feel relatively good today, no major aches or pains. I got up early this morning to move my living room furniture around, now why did i do that? Katie came out and said......"mom you are crazy, you are working tons of hours, why didn't you just chill this morning before work....... now you'll prob be crabby." I just felt like doing a good cleaning today. I am here at Kiski, and I must say i've been so busy, and tomorrow morning i go to the Methadone Clinic, Friday methadone clinic, Sat Methodone Clinic and Kiski........ Sunday i want to lie around and watch old movies and be waited on hand and foot!!!, hmmm maybe!!!
I have my appointment with Dr. Courcoulas in 4 weeks. I AM excited and not really getting cold feet yet. I have a sleep study scheduled for Nov 3rd, and I have a lung study scheduled for Nov 5th. My brother Johnny called me twice today.........mainly to check on how Christina was doing, maybe he was worried......... with all the whining and all ;0)!
I feel so good...... its like poof** DEMERAL, and No headache anymore. guess we will have to wait and see next month what is going to go on.
well i have tons of paperwork to do so that i can leave in the next 90 minutes so i shall get going.
Hi to my GG's hope all is going well for you

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Help! I DIDN'T fall, But i still can't get UP!!!

Let me just say that Christina and I had our first appointment with my brother John, He wants to see us every Tuesday and Friday! We didn't work out long, but we were able to use every muscle in the body! When we got there John told Us that today he just had to observe, do a "few" exercises just so he could evaluate our fitness level, our technique and body mechanics, and to see if we have any "danger" muscles that need watched.( like sore knees or shoulders) He had us do Core exercises so the abdomen is always being used. Christina was a hoot, need i say more, and when Johnny got out the exercise ball, Chris and I looked at each other and remembered the ball in Kim's apartment, lets just say that Christina isn't the most um, graceful on a ball.... i am just sayin'!!!
you know, my brother is so sweet, and I am proud to call him my brother. and he knows his stuff.......BIG time!!! There two days a week and two really good Cardio walks is all that is needed during the week. and then any leisure walks are hikes are a bonus!!
I am feeling good, i am on day I am on day 5 of 9 in working days........ by Sunday I will be exhausted. I think i am going to try and move, get a nice hot bath, and crawl into a cozy bed and read with a hot cup of tea

Saturday, October 25, 2008

All i got to say is~~~~~~>

I love Demerol/Visteral shots!! I am just sayin'. Today is the first day that I did not have a headache. I have never in my life had a headache like i had for as long as i had it. because i had two"light" shows, they feel i had a migraine on top of a migraine, and I had made this vicious circle just wasn't breaking. I continued to work but it was almost impossible, On weds when my boss came out to my office and found me in the bathroom hugging the toilet....... i new that it was time to head to the doctors. besides Christina made me call first thing in the morning to make an appointment. we are pretty positive that it is hormonal, I've been keeping track of the these new headaches for the past few months, and it is right on the money every month when it comes. My doctor promised me that she would STOP the pain cycle immediately........... whoa who.....she was so right, and she in my new best friend. I will be giving blood periodically throughout the month so we can pin point what my hormone levels are doing. and i have medicine that i take immediately as soon as the "light" show occurs, she said i am lucky i have such a distinct warning as only 30% of migraine sufferers experience this. because this should stop the Migraine from occurring. it was 5 long days ....... and i seriously do not remember much after the shot........i just remember it felt so darn good, and i kept thinking...... wow, what have i missed out on in high school ??? *joking.
I am working everyday until next Sunday....... Christina and I start with my brother Johnny at his gym on Tuesday. Football is over for the boys! so that is a few evenings off for me. Oh i did have my meeting with Aimie my diet coach on weds. I lost 3 pounds this past week. but with the Migraine i didn't eat as much, and i threw up several times... i still drank though so i wasn't dehydrated. so pound for pound it is coming off....... every week..... a pound or two, and I am happy my brother Johnny said tonight," Sandi don't get hooked on numbers, i like when my clients loose like that........... enjoy the Journey!!" and i told him I am......

Oh the photo is of my newest tea pot, right now it has Chi Spice with a little Chi Spice creamer in it. and I am having a mini choc/lava cake that is only 150 calories. and i am heading to my bedroom to watch a movie and drink my tea........
Love and Blessings to all

oh yeah, i got to hold baby Paige, she is absolutely beautiful..... I love her as much as i love her mama and dad already.

oh and PSS I really miss Chris' daughter Jeanine........don't ask me why but i do.

okay that's it

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Saturday morning i am sitting at my desk at work, talking to one of the professors, and visiting her son i babysit for sometimes, And as i am talking, feeling fine, all of the sudden the "light" show hits, and i see this beautiful white light with a zigzag pattern dance around everything i try to focus on. as soon as they leave, and i take care of a few students, i take Ibuprofen (800 mg) and muddle through the rest of the day as the headache begins... at home in the evening i do my best to take a nap, get dinner, and just do some catch up, Head ache doesn't leave, but it didn't get debilitating yet either. Sunday morning back to work, the fluorescent lights just kill me right behind the eyes.... the charting, the reading really starts to give me a headache, by the time i come home my head is hurting sooooooooo bad that i can't stand it, ibuprofen doesn't touch it, i cry as i take not one but 2 ultracets....... i don't care, i know i don't tolerate medicine well, but i take it ...... and lie down, no reading, no watching TV, no lights....... just darkness, I manage to get up and muddle through the evening, making dinner, smiling for the visiting nurse that was here at 5 pm and left at 8:30 pm. ....... now i couldn't say if it was a headache or just feeling blah from the Ultracet..... i went to bed, and stayed there until noon the next day.... i was so nauseous, bummed that i couldn't even read, or really watch TV. When i was up and moving, i got sicker and threw up twice...... so i just went back to bed, I remember doing Bill's IV, i remember making french toast and bacon and sausage for the family, i remember going back to bed........ Bill brought in Nyquil, he insisted i may be sick because of a cold/sinus problem.... what the heck, i took it!!!........ I am not a head ache kind of girl, and i just started with these light moving, head pounding, nausea making headaches just a few months ago...... and I've been keeping track........ 8 to 10 days before my cycle i get one, and then i get one 2-3 days into my cycle...... THIS is exactly what has happened, so i am going to go with hormonal!!! although i did tell Bill that if i feel that bad today i should go to the doctor. if i do, it will have to be before noon today or between 2 and 4 tomorrow, or after 12 on Friday...... i work every day between now and next Tuesday. Patti i got your message this morning, and you know what is scary........that i am 'normal'!!! Your life is a Lifetime Movie right now..... unbelievable.
well i am going to go see what my head is going to do today, even the computer screen seems to bother me.

love and blessings to all


well I am here at work, and I must say getting ready, my head hurt so bad and I got so nauseous that i threw up once. the sunlight killed me, and i was just squinting, ..... I ended up taking about an hour ago, Excedrin Migraine, and let me tell you....... magic, oh there is still a dull ache in my head, but the lights aren't bothering me, and i am even able to get on the computer. I think i am coming to the end of the 4 day MIGRAINE Fest 2008, Thank God...... i was about ready to go to the ER after work. P.S. when i was in the hospital in Feb they did a cat scan with contrast to my head, looking at my sinus cavities actually. and i Never have headaches except during the time of the month........ but Remembering Karin (sp) from CK, I never want to "laugh" off a headache, right Patti???? Gee NOW i am hungry, i am sipping tea right now, love tea weather!!! Oh and Doctors Chris and Kellie............. a scary thing, i am just sayin'

-----------update II--------------------------

WOW!!!! spoke too soon, my head is killing me, right behind the eyes. I want to puke!

----------update III---------------------------

excuse me for the swear word Kims mom...... but who in the hell asked for an encore to MIGRAINE Fest 2008?? i thought i was done

Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am sooooooooo in love with~~~~>

my new Crocs!!!, I've heard about them! I've seen many of Doctors and Nurses wear them........ i think they are u.g.l.y. But but but....... i must admit, Bill talked me into getting them a few weeks ago, and I do NOT want to take them off of my feet!!! they are nothing but light weight plastic........ and i am not sure how they even work, i just know, yesterday at the Methadone clinic was the big test, because there i stand on my feet for 5 or 6 straight hours on concrete.. . by the end of my shift my feet and knees always ache, and it doesn't matter if I am wearing my 100 dollar Nikes, or my top of the line hiking shoes. All that i know is , that these 30 dollar pieces of plastic did wonders for my feet and my knees. No pain, and honestly it feels like my feet are being massaged while i am standing........ what can i say, i am in love with my shoes!!!

Bill goes to work on Monday. He is doing so well, There is nothing to his wound anymore, and if you see it, it looks like maybe a very bad nick of the razor while shaving, that's it!!! We have adjusted well to the routine of giving him his antibiotic IV. I even took the stuff and was able to do it at the boys football game yesterday.

I am looking at my October Calender, and honestly, it just shouldn't look like that! my days are completely filled. it seems working 1 or 2 days a week at Kiski, and 1 or 2 days a week at the Methadone clinic was the original intent........... has not happened in October, as it seems i am working 3 or 4 days a week at Kiski, and 2or 3 days a week at Methadone. the one good thing is that i only do both on 1 day. I do love both of these jobs, so at least that is a good thing.

I am so happy with this cold weather, I think after work Bill and I will take the dogs out for a nice long walk, the pups love being out on the trails almost as much as we do.

well i think i am going to get going for a while, have a great weekend! and GG's your all in my thoughts this weekend!!!

Okay, I had to update, for those that read my friend Chris' blog. Her daughter left her pup at Camp Bow Wow.... don't ask. but you can keep an eye on the doggie, and even take a picture, i am addicted. I won't say which one is Chris' grandpup to protect the name of the innocent...... but let's just say, He is in this shot, so cute.......... okay I truly think i need to get a grip and step away from the bow wow camera's , oh and I did catch the pup whom shall remain anonymous, pooping in Collieaut lake area, which IS an outdoor area.......such a good doggie

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


well, what a beautiful day today. the colors are amazing, wow God is such an artist. Bill and I went for a hike today and it felt so good to be out doors, i could choose hanging with Christina in a smoky stale club house, or I could be out in the great out doors with Bill, sorry Chris, i picked Bill and the great outdoors. He took me and Katie out to Lunch at the Olive Garden, went over to hang at Barnes and Noble, and it has just been a nice afternoon.
Well I am maintaining my eating, and it will be nice to really focus again. although i must say, i can NOT eat like I used too, even at olive garden i didn't finish my plate, ate only 1/2 cup of pasta with marinara sauce, and 1 slice of eggplant. i had no desire for dessert either. Now Katie on the other hand, ordered dessert first, she told the waitress, "i always wait until the end to get dessert, and then i don't want it, so now bring it first" gotta love that girl she knows what she wants.
Wow, i am sitting here listening to these dogs......... we wore them out on the hike, they are panting so fast........all three, oh yeah i forgot to mention, John borrowed his dog Louie last sat, and said he'd bring him back on Sunday......... well how dare he take his own dog back, i had to call him on weds to see where the dog was, he brought him back on Thursday.......... something about Louie that you gotta love.
well i am going to work on my diet plan

Monday, October 13, 2008

Working it out

Bill and I have worked out a pretty good schedule with how we do things. he is doing absolutely wonderful, i think the wound will be closed after this week......... it looks soooooooo good. i give him the IV antibiotic in the evenings, so when he does go back to work we won't have to change the schedule yet again. I am not sure if i even blogged about how things went after the day of hell, but LONG story short, it worked out perfectly, and i am happy with everything... He went back the next day and got the Picc line placed, like i and several doctors wanted in the first place!!!

I am so abnormally tired today and then it it hit me.......... I am like clockwork, and today is my most fatigue day of the month.........
I went for the initial consult for my Sleep Study test.... very interesting, I found out that a lot of times, the way the throat is anatomically made is genetic, and not necessarily due to obesity, I have 6 siblings only 4 have been checked for sleep apnea, ALL four including the skinny brother have Sleep Apnea....... the Doctor told me today, since I've put on most of my weight in the past 10 years, that, having sleep apnea can cause havoc with your metabolism, which could of caused the weight gain. She said it is hard to say, and a lot more study is needed, but do Obese people have night time breathing problems because of their weight, or do they have Night time breathing problems that cause excessive weight gain???? Hmm, interesting. BUT she did say 4 out of 4 siblings having sleep apnea regardless of weight, sounds genetic to her.

Well the Visiting Nurse is here, so i am going to help her with Bill. Sorry for the long break in Blogging........ i'll try to do better :0)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


wow i do not want a repeat of yesterday..... it started at 9am and ended at 9 pm. We are getting ready to go to the Surgeons Office now, and then we should see more clearly the plan of attack needed. obviously the pripheral IV (short term, usually placed in hand or lower arm) is not going to work even for another IV this evening.. so we will see!

I am in much need of an evening home dealing with Nothing, not sure that is going to happen, but one can only hope. :0).

had a Phone meeting with Aime today....... and it went well, I am dealing with this situation without losing my vision ,
I'll talk more later,

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I am so frustrated right now...

I want to scream........ this system is an absolute mess....... and I don't even know if I can explain it . First off Bill's wound looks really good.... what is causing such complications is getting the "gold" infused in his veins. We are getting so much run around and pass the buck..... that i want to pull someones lips up and over their heads until they suffocate. We have 3 doctors giving 3 orders to 2 different companies... , it's all because "someone" doesn't want to put a pic line (long term IV in) okay so lets just NOT give the Vanco anymore..... oh wait okay, lets give 7 days more, no lets give 3 days........ oh heck don't put the pik line in......... put a local IV in.......... You can give the same medicine through this line.... call the Pharmacy.......WAIT you can NOT put the Infusion we sent you into his new IV site...... We are 1 hour shipping to your house right now with the New Vancomycin infusion ability......... Visiting Nurses............. wait we CAN'T infuse this medicine in any short term site.......... so YES YOU REALLY NEEDED THE VANCO TO SAVE YOUR FACE.......BUT SINCE THIS IV THINGS IS SUCH A HASSLE, ........WELL MAYBE YOU DON'T NEED IT........ People, you even attempt to not do the right thing for someone I love, and you'd wish you were placed in a den with Hungry lions, because gentle easy going Me will be far more difficult to deal with!!! Sadly if they would have JUST put the pik line in last night like the ER doctor wanted them to do........ then NONE of this would have happened, there is so much more to this story........ But long story short, I cannot have 3 doctors working on this case, when none know what the other is doing, and one of the Docs didn't even see Bill . So The Good Lord lead me back to the surgeon, i just called to beg him to help send me in the right direction, he is off today so i left this message with his receptionist, well she felt that things were really messed up so she just checked his chart to see what was going on........ and in the Chart the Surgeon had written that if MRSA was positive, that he wanted to take over the case and see Bill long term........she called me back, and scheduled Bill to see the Doctor at 1:30 tomorrow. I will have this Surgeon call the shots from now on.
I am here at Kiski waiting for phone calls back......... Bill can't miss a dose of Vanco.. so in all reality we will be going back up to the ER for a few he can get the medicine that he needs........ You know there are things here that could have disastrous complications (some that i didn't even write about) that could have killed or caused severe damage to my husband had i not been in the medical field. is scary to think about it.

I am so tired, so tired..............

Monday, October 06, 2008

very quick update..

Bill's wound on his face looks wonderful! BUT and this is a big one. the site where his IV line is, looks terrible!! We couldn't start his Vancomycin, we ended up in the Emergency Room for 5 hours!!! We are scheduled to go to the Hospital again at 10 AM to have a new line inserted, this is also a serious thing going on. I am really tired, not complaining but stating a fact. it was funny i got my third Migraine in my life time(funky light and designs moving in my line of vision, I didn't panic this time, and actually knew what was going on and what to do, immediate 800 mg of Motrin, and for a nap with cold wash cloth........I told Bill, that if a headache wasn't going to follow with extreme nausea.....this part could be fun! However it was at this point that The Visiting nurse came, and in a nut shell, i got Pissed called the doctors office, talked with the other people dealing with Bill's case, .... then headed up to the ER to get this straight..... My head was k.i.l.l.i.n.g me, the bright fluorescent lights were pure torture, and by the time we came home, Bill had to drive, as my vision was so poor i couldn't see, this time the light surrounded my field of vision....... Home now, foggy, and going to bed....... talk more later


Christina's neice had gotten a few Wicked the Musical tickets for last night, and i was so excited to be one of those ticket owners :0). There is a certain time of the day now that I have to be with Bill to do his IV and his dressing change...... the timing was right under the wire. I was done working with Bill at 3:30 and I was picked up at 3:35. We met Jeanine in Pittsburgh and had dinner at the Atria's or something like that. I had Chicken Maderia, made with Mushrooms and Asparagus, it was so yummy. We had a really nice time, and Bill and the boys did fine. i must say I sorta missed Bill, it's just that we have been connected at the hip for over a week now, and it was almost like a new mother leaving her child for the first time...... But I did fine.

I have so much catching up to do on all of my Dietary books and homework, i must say although i didn't go nuts, this past week, I did NOT think about my 'eating/diet/healthy habits........ again, it just didn't seem to be a priority in my mind.

oh we did do some walking in Pittsburgh, and I couldn't beleive it, the first little walk we did in order to get from the Benedum to the Atria's, we sorta went the L>O>N>G way, within 50 feet i started to wheeze, can you believe it??....... I didn't panic and i managed, walking back I had no problem, and even walking up the many many many many steps to the top row of the Theater didn't cause wheezing, oh i was tired, as we all were, But no wheezing..... I thought, oh no, here it goes again, bet I have a tough time sleeping tonight.....but Nada, nothing, no breathing problems or congestion, or stuffy nasal passages..... I just do not want a repeat of last year.
Today is another busy day. Visiting Nurses will be coming, the wound nurse has to see Bill, and I'd like them to check his IV line, it just isn't right to me. Judy and Beth want me to go for a walk this AM, and I may if Bill will stay and wait for the Nurse to call.
Well after almost a month of I'll call you........I finally made the time to Call Kellie, hey girl it was so good talking to you, I know it was a quick 15 minutes in between IV bottles......but hey, I know that you are now "There" lol. hint hint. I realize you are so busy so I am just teasing.
Baby Paige is home, and i must say that Christina's just beaming...... I just know she is going to have a tough time sharing..... i just know it.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

one word---->WOW!!!

That is all that I can say about Bill's wound, it is healing at record speed. Yeah, it could be the "drano" antibiotic, yeah it could be the pro active role he is taking , by eating plenty of protein and the supplements, and Yeah it can be from the many prayers and well wishes he's receiving... I'll go with D, all of the above.

He wakes up a little miserable, i think it is from lying down, but after an hour of waking up, the pain and discomfort are gone :0), The wound looks awesome the hole is there, but it is so red and beefy and so clean.... just what we want to see.

I have him hooked up to his IV now, and as soon as he is done Katie and I are going to visit Baby Paige and her sweet mama..... can't wait to see them..... I just took my clothes out of the dryer, going to shower at the very last minute....... and not go near Bill... Oh i am safe, but i just want to make sure i take every precaution available, I must say that i am safer right now than the nurses that walk in....... The baby is absolutely beautiful..... can't wait until i see her in person. And Christina is going to be an awesome Grandma....... and i am not just saying that..... she really is. well i am going to get things moving....... it has been a busy morning... i am forever disinfecting things, and then i worked on Bill's wound care, and did some laundry, ......and .......and

Friday, October 03, 2008

Routine ~^~

Yes that is what i am in the process of doing, finding a comfortable routine for both of Us. I spent a couple of hours with the Visiting Nurse yesterday.... learning the pump and the procedure for the dressing change. Bill's wound is looking wonderful.
I want to thank Ms. Patti for her ability look up and pull out the "good" information that is out there dealing with Medical issues, Bill said he's just going to check with you right now Patti. if he has any questions :o). Yes Bill is on the "Drano" drug of all drugs right now..... he doesn't have a bacteria living in his body at this time. Vancomycin is a very very serious drug to mess with, so it has to be taken no less than 23 hours apart.... so to get the time from evening to will take several days. It is VERY hard on the kidneys , and it requires continuous blood work to monitor things.......... So anyhow, Checking with the doctor/nurse you are on the mark with what he should take......... Nothing more nothing less, cause even too many vitamins can over work the kidneys while he is on the Vanco.
I am making sure that he gets 60-100 g of Protein daily. (too much and it over works the kidneys) , he is drinking 8-10 glasses of frsh filtered water daily. he takes 1000mg of Vit C daily, he takes 1500 mg of Bromelain daily (is only a Pineapple enzyme that does wonders with inflammation) he takes Vit A and D three times a week. and he takes Probiotics daily as ALL his "good" bacteria was killed in his digestive tract.And he gets 8-10 hours of sleep in a day, including naps. AS Patients we have the right and obligation to be pro active in our treatment...
So with this and Prayer....... things are moving in the positive direction in record speed. actually I and the Visiting nurse was surprised that things have moved so quickly in the healing aspect.... the wound has healed 50% in 24 hours ( so instead of 2 feet of packing, we are down to 1 foot) minimal drainage.......
Well i am going to change his dressing now........ i'll let you know how it is going later.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

My glass is half full........ :0)

I am not going to sit here and say...whoa is me, because there is nothing whoa about me..... Nothing but Grace has occurred since this all began. I found out this morning that they DID remove some bone. Bill was overwhelmed with the knowledge that he has this massive hole in his face, he was overwhelmed that it is going to be such a long journey before healing takes place. okay, so i let him have his moment, and i gave him time to mourn and deal. he was so grumpy, and whinny..... deservedly so, he's like a little boy, ......I don't want this packed, can't they stitch this? I know that it is going to hurt to repack it........ i don't want this packed, I am going to be bored........why do i need to go home with this IV, where did I get this? how did i get this? I don't want this packed, can't they stitch this......... um, you get the picture!!! i was oh so sweet and kind........ and then i let out my frustrations for Christina to hear, oh ,she laughed the whole time. i will baby and love every waking minute, i spent every moment with Bill during the rough time, i fed him, hugged him, cried for and with him....... But enough of that.......... it is time to DEAL with it. it is time to realize how freaken blessed you are (freaken and blessed prob shouldn't go in the same sentence huh?) He was in all likely less than 24 hours from losing his entire lower right jaw, he could have / would have died, IT'S GOING TO GET PACKED, IT IS NOT GOING TO BE SUTURED SHUT. YOU WILL BE ON ANTIBIOTICS, now stop whining. and thank our Awesome God that you are breathing, thank our Awesome God that when healed the scar will be minimal and on the chin, Thank our awesome God that you have enough sick time for a few months, Thank our awesome God that we live in a Country that has Vancomycin to give/get at a snap of the physicians fingers, Thanks our Awesome God that we have Insurance that will pay 100%........ So STOP WHINING. .................. He is much better this evening, he is a little grumpy, and I will sympathize with his pain, and his fear, but i am going to kick his butt all the away from feeling sorry for himself, and getting depressed!!! I love this guy, and he knows it and we can even joke about this., so please don't send me any shame on you mail...... it's just, and it always has been....... Bill and I have the same glass, but his is usually half empty, and mine is usually half full ;0) So God must have put us together to sorta help each other out...... he is getting better, and this man is the best husband and step father in the world........ it is so good to have him home...... now to keep the germs away.......gee he isn't even allowed to have visitors until his next doctor visit. it isn't because he is dangerous to You, it is that You are dangerous to him. He absolutely can't get a secondary infection in that wound.......because he could lose his face!!! This house is filled with kids, but i guess for the next couple of weeks, my kids can go to their friends homes, cause i ain't taking chances
^Look how great it's looking with 48 hours of Vancomycin!!!
^look at the redness how it is gone,
^the wound has almost 4 feet of packing in it.
^ Thank You God,