Saturday, October 18, 2008

I am sooooooooo in love with~~~~>

my new Crocs!!!, I've heard about them! I've seen many of Doctors and Nurses wear them........ i think they are u.g.l.y. But but but....... i must admit, Bill talked me into getting them a few weeks ago, and I do NOT want to take them off of my feet!!! they are nothing but light weight plastic........ and i am not sure how they even work, i just know, yesterday at the Methadone clinic was the big test, because there i stand on my feet for 5 or 6 straight hours on concrete.. . by the end of my shift my feet and knees always ache, and it doesn't matter if I am wearing my 100 dollar Nikes, or my top of the line hiking shoes. All that i know is , that these 30 dollar pieces of plastic did wonders for my feet and my knees. No pain, and honestly it feels like my feet are being massaged while i am standing........ what can i say, i am in love with my shoes!!!

Bill goes to work on Monday. He is doing so well, There is nothing to his wound anymore, and if you see it, it looks like maybe a very bad nick of the razor while shaving, that's it!!! We have adjusted well to the routine of giving him his antibiotic IV. I even took the stuff and was able to do it at the boys football game yesterday.

I am looking at my October Calender, and honestly, it just shouldn't look like that! my days are completely filled. it seems working 1 or 2 days a week at Kiski, and 1 or 2 days a week at the Methadone clinic was the original intent........... has not happened in October, as it seems i am working 3 or 4 days a week at Kiski, and 2or 3 days a week at Methadone. the one good thing is that i only do both on 1 day. I do love both of these jobs, so at least that is a good thing.

I am so happy with this cold weather, I think after work Bill and I will take the dogs out for a nice long walk, the pups love being out on the trails almost as much as we do.

well i think i am going to get going for a while, have a great weekend! and GG's your all in my thoughts this weekend!!!

Okay, I had to update, for those that read my friend Chris' blog. Her daughter left her pup at Camp Bow Wow.... don't ask. but you can keep an eye on the doggie, and even take a picture, i am addicted. I won't say which one is Chris' grandpup to protect the name of the innocent...... but let's just say, He is in this shot, so cute.......... okay I truly think i need to get a grip and step away from the bow wow camera's , oh and I did catch the pup whom shall remain anonymous, pooping in Collieaut lake area, which IS an outdoor area.......such a good doggie


Kellie said...

Bow Wow cam is so cute. I have heard that they have these also at day care centers. A dog or a child it does not matter they are your family and it is great that you can see them from time to time. Speaking of dogs I am gonna have to blog about our little Buddy. Ummm lets just say he is gonna need a snip job soon!Geesh! I am glad Bill is doing so well. Enjoy your weekend and tell Chris I said hello. I can't wait till she posts about the babies first birthday..ummm...that should be coming up soon right? It seems that long already. Just sayin is all :)
Love yans all

Patti's Parlor said...

I love my crocs! What next? Uggs? LOL
I wish they had the bow wow cam where I take Josie and Romeo to daycare. They have they internally so the owner can watch from her grooming cubical or from home but still, I'd like to lurk too.

Anonymous said...

awwwww he who remains nameless, loooks so cute, and so innocent. haha. christina,when is he who remains nameless coming over again? :)

Jeanine said...

Thanks for checking up on the little guy! Glad you saw him do "big business" at Collieaut Lake - now I know they feed him there! :)

PS - Bill's chin looks awesome. Seriously.