Saturday, October 04, 2008

one word---->WOW!!!

That is all that I can say about Bill's wound, it is healing at record speed. Yeah, it could be the "drano" antibiotic, yeah it could be the pro active role he is taking , by eating plenty of protein and the supplements, and Yeah it can be from the many prayers and well wishes he's receiving... I'll go with D, all of the above.

He wakes up a little miserable, i think it is from lying down, but after an hour of waking up, the pain and discomfort are gone :0), The wound looks awesome the hole is there, but it is so red and beefy and so clean.... just what we want to see.

I have him hooked up to his IV now, and as soon as he is done Katie and I are going to visit Baby Paige and her sweet mama..... can't wait to see them..... I just took my clothes out of the dryer, going to shower at the very last minute....... and not go near Bill... Oh i am safe, but i just want to make sure i take every precaution available, I must say that i am safer right now than the nurses that walk in....... The baby is absolutely beautiful..... can't wait until i see her in person. And Christina is going to be an awesome Grandma....... and i am not just saying that..... she really is. well i am going to get things moving....... it has been a busy morning... i am forever disinfecting things, and then i worked on Bill's wound care, and did some laundry, ......and .......and

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Patti's Parlor said...

I think it’s the supplement therapy that Dr. Patti suggested. Oh, the doctor’s expertise, mega drugs, nurse Sandi taking care of him and all the prayers probably have a little something/something to do with it to.
Hugs and kisses all around. Pinch the baby for me.