Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Saturday morning i am sitting at my desk at work, talking to one of the professors, and visiting her son i babysit for sometimes, And as i am talking, feeling fine, all of the sudden the "light" show hits, and i see this beautiful white light with a zigzag pattern dance around everything i try to focus on. as soon as they leave, and i take care of a few students, i take Ibuprofen (800 mg) and muddle through the rest of the day as the headache begins... at home in the evening i do my best to take a nap, get dinner, and just do some catch up, Head ache doesn't leave, but it didn't get debilitating yet either. Sunday morning back to work, the fluorescent lights just kill me right behind the eyes.... the charting, the reading really starts to give me a headache, by the time i come home my head is hurting sooooooooo bad that i can't stand it, ibuprofen doesn't touch it, i cry as i take not one but 2 ultracets....... i don't care, i know i don't tolerate medicine well, but i take it ...... and lie down, no reading, no watching TV, no lights....... just darkness, I manage to get up and muddle through the evening, making dinner, smiling for the visiting nurse that was here at 5 pm and left at 8:30 pm. ....... now i couldn't say if it was a headache or just feeling blah from the Ultracet..... i went to bed, and stayed there until noon the next day.... i was so nauseous, bummed that i couldn't even read, or really watch TV. When i was up and moving, i got sicker and threw up twice...... so i just went back to bed, I remember doing Bill's IV, i remember making french toast and bacon and sausage for the family, i remember going back to bed........ Bill brought in Nyquil, he insisted i may be sick because of a cold/sinus problem.... what the heck, i took it!!!........ I am not a head ache kind of girl, and i just started with these light moving, head pounding, nausea making headaches just a few months ago...... and I've been keeping track........ 8 to 10 days before my cycle i get one, and then i get one 2-3 days into my cycle...... THIS is exactly what has happened, so i am going to go with hormonal!!! although i did tell Bill that if i feel that bad today i should go to the doctor. if i do, it will have to be before noon today or between 2 and 4 tomorrow, or after 12 on Friday...... i work every day between now and next Tuesday. Patti i got your message this morning, and you know what is scary........that i am 'normal'!!! Your life is a Lifetime Movie right now..... unbelievable.
well i am going to go see what my head is going to do today, even the computer screen seems to bother me.

love and blessings to all


well I am here at work, and I must say getting ready, my head hurt so bad and I got so nauseous that i threw up once. the sunlight killed me, and i was just squinting, ..... I ended up taking about an hour ago, Excedrin Migraine, and let me tell you....... magic, oh there is still a dull ache in my head, but the lights aren't bothering me, and i am even able to get on the computer. I think i am coming to the end of the 4 day MIGRAINE Fest 2008, Thank God...... i was about ready to go to the ER after work. P.S. when i was in the hospital in Feb they did a cat scan with contrast to my head, looking at my sinus cavities actually. and i Never have headaches except during the time of the month........ but Remembering Karin (sp) from CK, I never want to "laugh" off a headache, right Patti???? Gee NOW i am hungry, i am sipping tea right now, love tea weather!!! Oh and Doctors Chris and Kellie............. a scary thing, i am just sayin'

-----------update II--------------------------

WOW!!!! spoke too soon, my head is killing me, right behind the eyes. I want to puke!

----------update III---------------------------

excuse me for the swear word Kims mom...... but who in the hell asked for an encore to MIGRAINE Fest 2008?? i thought i was done


Kellie said...

It does sound like hormonal. I had those for years till I had my hysterectomy. But... dear you really need to get it checked out to rule out anything else. If it is hormonal they can tell you what is causing it and you could take supplements. Peri-menapausal symptoms can cause this as well.
Feel better soon,
Love ya

Chris said...

Hey Kellie, we have somthing in common. I used to get migrains before I had my plumbing out too! I was just telling Sandi about that. She did mention that she had scans done when she was so sick with her lung problem and everything was ok. So I think it's hormonal too.
Take care!

Kellie said...

Hey there it's me again. There is a test that you actually spit in a cup or dip stick every hour of the day sort of thing and then they send it in to check hormone levels. I will try to find the information later on tonight. I am waiting to go meet Aaron and Dani at the base. I hate waiting.

Kellie said...

Oh yeah! Sandi don't you just love your medical team? Dr's Chris and Kellie at your service!

Patti's Parlor said...

No, you can't ignore headaches.
This coming from Bill's favorite doctor, Dr. Patti.

Kellie said...

Ya know...I think I am gonna have to make a house call. Take care of yourself and get some rest.