Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Well well well

by the scale at work, it looks like i lost another 3 pounds since last weds. So i better start eating a little more. Not sure how, other than maybe my metabolism is starting to rev up, or maybe it is a fluid fluke! Not sure. I feel relatively good today, no major aches or pains. I got up early this morning to move my living room furniture around, now why did i do that? Katie came out and said......"mom you are crazy, you are working tons of hours, why didn't you just chill this morning before work....... now you'll prob be crabby." I just felt like doing a good cleaning today. I am here at Kiski, and I must say i've been so busy, and tomorrow morning i go to the Methadone Clinic, Friday methadone clinic, Sat Methodone Clinic and Kiski........ Sunday i want to lie around and watch old movies and be waited on hand and foot!!!, hmmm maybe!!!
I have my appointment with Dr. Courcoulas in 4 weeks. I AM excited and not really getting cold feet yet. I have a sleep study scheduled for Nov 3rd, and I have a lung study scheduled for Nov 5th. My brother Johnny called me twice today.........mainly to check on how Christina was doing, maybe he was worried......... with all the whining and all ;0)!
I feel so good...... its like poof** DEMERAL, and No headache anymore. guess we will have to wait and see next month what is going to go on.
well i have tons of paperwork to do so that i can leave in the next 90 minutes so i shall get going.
Hi to my GG's hope all is going well for you

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Patti's Parlor said...

I think I may have found those 3 pounds you lost. I'll gladly give them back ;~)
So did Johnny move back to PA?