Monday, October 13, 2008

Working it out

Bill and I have worked out a pretty good schedule with how we do things. he is doing absolutely wonderful, i think the wound will be closed after this week......... it looks soooooooo good. i give him the IV antibiotic in the evenings, so when he does go back to work we won't have to change the schedule yet again. I am not sure if i even blogged about how things went after the day of hell, but LONG story short, it worked out perfectly, and i am happy with everything... He went back the next day and got the Picc line placed, like i and several doctors wanted in the first place!!!

I am so abnormally tired today and then it it hit me.......... I am like clockwork, and today is my most fatigue day of the month.........
I went for the initial consult for my Sleep Study test.... very interesting, I found out that a lot of times, the way the throat is anatomically made is genetic, and not necessarily due to obesity, I have 6 siblings only 4 have been checked for sleep apnea, ALL four including the skinny brother have Sleep Apnea....... the Doctor told me today, since I've put on most of my weight in the past 10 years, that, having sleep apnea can cause havoc with your metabolism, which could of caused the weight gain. She said it is hard to say, and a lot more study is needed, but do Obese people have night time breathing problems because of their weight, or do they have Night time breathing problems that cause excessive weight gain???? Hmm, interesting. BUT she did say 4 out of 4 siblings having sleep apnea regardless of weight, sounds genetic to her.

Well the Visiting Nurse is here, so i am going to help her with Bill. Sorry for the long break in Blogging........ i'll try to do better :0)

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Kellie said...

Thanks for the update Dahlingk. BTW only you would apologize about not blogging enough when your life is one of the busiest ones I know. Love ya!