Friday, October 03, 2008

Routine ~^~

Yes that is what i am in the process of doing, finding a comfortable routine for both of Us. I spent a couple of hours with the Visiting Nurse yesterday.... learning the pump and the procedure for the dressing change. Bill's wound is looking wonderful.
I want to thank Ms. Patti for her ability look up and pull out the "good" information that is out there dealing with Medical issues, Bill said he's just going to check with you right now Patti. if he has any questions :o). Yes Bill is on the "Drano" drug of all drugs right now..... he doesn't have a bacteria living in his body at this time. Vancomycin is a very very serious drug to mess with, so it has to be taken no less than 23 hours apart.... so to get the time from evening to will take several days. It is VERY hard on the kidneys , and it requires continuous blood work to monitor things.......... So anyhow, Checking with the doctor/nurse you are on the mark with what he should take......... Nothing more nothing less, cause even too many vitamins can over work the kidneys while he is on the Vanco.
I am making sure that he gets 60-100 g of Protein daily. (too much and it over works the kidneys) , he is drinking 8-10 glasses of frsh filtered water daily. he takes 1000mg of Vit C daily, he takes 1500 mg of Bromelain daily (is only a Pineapple enzyme that does wonders with inflammation) he takes Vit A and D three times a week. and he takes Probiotics daily as ALL his "good" bacteria was killed in his digestive tract.And he gets 8-10 hours of sleep in a day, including naps. AS Patients we have the right and obligation to be pro active in our treatment...
So with this and Prayer....... things are moving in the positive direction in record speed. actually I and the Visiting nurse was surprised that things have moved so quickly in the healing aspect.... the wound has healed 50% in 24 hours ( so instead of 2 feet of packing, we are down to 1 foot) minimal drainage.......
Well i am going to change his dressing now........ i'll let you know how it is going later.


Patti's Parlor said...

Good to hear. And I'm glad my "prescription" was helpful. Interstesting facts on wound healing.
Tell Bill to call me anytime he need advice!

Kellie said...

Bill is a very lucky guy to have you. I don't know how much you know about essential oils but they do help as well. The 6 months we were fighting Nate's incision that did not heal we used Pure Lavender Essential Oil to help keep it clean and ward off infections. He went that whole time doing his normal itching of it and being a boy with his dog and all with out a infection. Nate is not so lucky with meds. He is allergic to Vanco. So incisional and shunt infection is a serious thing. Love you guys! Keep positive and know that there are people around the world praying for you all.