Monday, October 06, 2008

very quick update..

Bill's wound on his face looks wonderful! BUT and this is a big one. the site where his IV line is, looks terrible!! We couldn't start his Vancomycin, we ended up in the Emergency Room for 5 hours!!! We are scheduled to go to the Hospital again at 10 AM to have a new line inserted, this is also a serious thing going on. I am really tired, not complaining but stating a fact. it was funny i got my third Migraine in my life time(funky light and designs moving in my line of vision, I didn't panic this time, and actually knew what was going on and what to do, immediate 800 mg of Motrin, and for a nap with cold wash cloth........I told Bill, that if a headache wasn't going to follow with extreme nausea.....this part could be fun! However it was at this point that The Visiting nurse came, and in a nut shell, i got Pissed called the doctors office, talked with the other people dealing with Bill's case, .... then headed up to the ER to get this straight..... My head was k.i.l.l.i.n.g me, the bright fluorescent lights were pure torture, and by the time we came home, Bill had to drive, as my vision was so poor i couldn't see, this time the light surrounded my field of vision....... Home now, foggy, and going to bed....... talk more later