Wednesday, February 28, 2007

exercise devil vs. exercise angel

okay first off, I just brought Katie home from the hospital today. she is still weak, nauseated, tummy upset, and mildly irritable..... but she is home, and we will go from here on getting her strength back.

Now i have these voices in my really i do. Don't we all? here is the conversation they are having with each other:

DEVIL: you are so tired, haven't slept much in a few days, stay home, sleep on the couch all day.

ANGEL: take a nap and at 3:00pm go to Curves and exercise, come home get a relaxing bath and rest all evening.

DEVIL: don't waste your energy.......... you're going to get sick, just stay home, and catch up on all the food you didn't eat the past three days.

ANGEL: come on we are talking Curves here, not the New York Marathon. it's thirty minutes out of the day, thirty minutes!!!

DEVIL: you've been so stressed and worried about Katie, you deserve a day off, start tomorrow.

ANGEL: you've been so stressed and worried about Katie, you deserve to be good to your body, start today.

DEVIL: stay home for Katie

ANGEL: go to Curves for Katie.... get back into your routine, you love your kids so much be healthy for a long healthy life for them, for yourself

so you get the picture right............... well Christina will be picking me up at 3pm today, i will do Curves.....prob do a tape tomorrow, Curves Friday, Sat prob tape, or one more session of Curves. Devil, I've got too many angels in heaven (Melody) and too many angels on Earth (Christina) and others....... you ain't gotta chance this time.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

katie update

Katie was hospitalized yesterday morning,'s easier to be admitted and get the test and specialist you need.... she's been so ill for so long

I spent the night with her, just ran home to get a shower and change of clothes.....and her favorite pillow :)
Good news though, all the major illnesses ruled out.... no tumors or anything like that, her anemia is looking better, and actually her H&H has now reached very low Normal.... yeah...... it's just a slow process........ her upper scope, showed some mild ulcers, a hernia, and gastroenteritis.... Protonix will help that. She has been nauseated and vomiting while in the hospital, but hey so would I if i had to drink that "contrast" milk shake.
No Curves today.........maybe tomorrow, and Friday and walking tape Thurs and Sat ...... hardly eating at I'll pack some nuts and cheese to snack on......... drinking plenty of water....while i hang out in Room 719

I am still focusing on me.........but right daughter and her health comes first, just for a moment.

talk to you all later

Monday, February 26, 2007

I can't think of a title for this post ..(up and down)

first off, I did get to Curves 3 days last week, and got walking in 2 days. Spent a wonderful Friday night at our first annual "girls night sleep over". at a very old bed and breakfast. it is supposed to be haunted by a young child the website is if you want to check out it's charm. I actually didn' t eat too much bad food........ BUT i did eat too much of even healthy foods......and honestly i felt miserable Sat evening. I tried to snack on Shrimp and Fruit. didn't even have the delicious brownies everyone was talking about. I didn't drink Soda, i drank water, and one tiny glass of Martini and Rossi Ausi with OJ, and i did have Pizza, but kept control of my portions. This is how the retreat went... arrived at 5:30 pm , set out snack at 6pm. greeted and met the other woman. at 7pm we had a relaxation hour, had someone come in, and give us facial cleanses, and foot soaks and hand soaks......... everything we needed to get ready for our bed time. we ordered Pizza after that, and sat around a big stone fireplace, talking and playing question and answer games. went upstairs to pick out our bedrooms ( i shared the Bird room with a friend) went back down stairs to play board games and cards until 1:00 am. Up at 7:30 am to get ready for breakfast, fresh fruit, hot tea, vanilla french toast and bacon. A few more woman who didn't sleep over, did come to spend the day with us. We had craft time ..........making homemade cards and jewelry... and then at Noon we had Tea.. we had raspberry and peach tea, bacon Keish(sp), Chicken salad with grapes on some kind of bread, tomatoes stuffed with crab meat and for dessert was a banana split pudding thing........ it was delicious and wonderful. spent the next few hours playing games in front of the fire winning little prizes and games. There really is nothing i would change. I love my friends!!!

Thursday i received my Charm watch in the mail, and after the sleep over, there are several woman asking about getting a "melody's mile" charm. they asked if there was a way that we could do a walk in her honor, and earn money for the Leukemia Society. So i would love to do that, some of these women had met melody, as they go to the same church as her in laws, and they said, she was exactly as her journal portrayed. if not better. She lifted everyone around her up....even during her lowest times. . . what a special angel.

Please keep my Katie in prayer, she isn't doing well, and after this morning, she may need to go to the hospital... she is getting weaker, and began vomiting yesterday, and didn't stop way after it was just dry heaves!!! she is still anemic via the blood test results, the good news is it looks like kidney and liver are functioning fine, and other than her H&H (shows that she in anemic) her blood counts are showing normal levels. Her belly gets really crampy, even after she eats crackers or toast, she gets alot of pain, she is burping all the time, and yesterday she tried to eat a piece of chicken, and that triggered her throwing up, all day, all evening, all night... I'll let you know after i talk to her doctor this morning....

have a good Monday....and smile once

Thursday, February 22, 2007

remain grounded at work, last day for a few. I am going to do my walking tape here if i am able. tomorrow morning I'll go to curves. Sat exercise day, and Sunday only if i don't get my work out it today. It seems like when things go so right............ "wrong" tries so hard to slip into my life.... is it just life? or does Satan try harder to screw up your well meaning plans? and I just can't let Satan win now can I? I dealt with the issue of my mother in law, and not letting her move in with us, because she is too much work, and i do need to concentrate on getting me healthy.... but out of the 7 children, Bill and i are the ONLY ones that seem to be helping her, visiting her, making appointments for her, calling her. I am working many days in a row here at Kiski Prep, which i love, and it is actually a stress free job...and they are so good to me, and i have the greatest boss in the world. here as my foot improves, i will be able to walk campus until my shoes wear out. ... ... ... ...

the thing now is that Katie, my 17 year old daughter has been ill for several weeks now, at first it was a "female" problem. with a lot of blood loss, but her stomach has been upset, she's not able to eat anything without throwing up.... she had a Urinary Tract Infection, and some other type of infection....... her blood counts are dropping below normal. ( means she is now anemic) So this Morning she had her doctors appointment, with much discussion it is decided that she will be home bound for a couple of weeks or longer, to build her blood up. None of her blood work is showing anything major, However, they did a complete blood work up this morning. . i just want to make sure her kidneys and liver are functioning. I am leaning more towards digestive, as she gets nauseated, can't eat anything with fat in it or she throws up, she is always burping, has stomach cramps, is either constipated, or has diarrhea. she gets head aches on and off. Maybe and of course i am just guessing...... maybe all of the Motrin, and aleve, and pain medication she was taking for her "female" problem, has caused an inflammation or a very slow bleed in her stomach .... I guess no matter what the age......... my kids are still my "babies"!!! and always will be...

So i schedule her appointments for mid that i can go to Curves/ Walk early in the morning. No reason why i can't still keep me a priority too. I look at it this way, i have no problem sleeping... by 9;30 10:00pm i am so ready to close my eyes....and i get up around 5:30 or 6:00 am whether or not i want to sleep in :) who has time to sleep in anymore?

Although my world seems to be getting crazy....... i need to focus, remain grounded, and Trust not just say that God is in control.

for those that pray.......please keep Katie in your prayers....


Wednesday, February 21, 2007

ON my own........for a few days

... oh gee!! how am i going to survive without Christina?? I guess I will manage.......I'll keep busy! that's what I'll do, and i will workout..... yeah that's what i will do. Chris and I have been friends for 2 decades now........yup 20 years!!! Can't believe she has put up with me for that long. She has seen me through thick and thin, good and bad times... the death's of my mom and dad, She held me together when my first husband left me....and let me tell you, that was a job in of itself. She is one of those friends, that just IS , Summers are busy for her, so we may hardly be in contact.......but she is ALWAYS there when she is needed! it's not a high maintenance friendship.... doesn't have to be worked on. just IS. I've had my lectures before, She certainly doesn't hesitate in telling me , when i do stupid things. ... And now she is 100% with me on my Healthy Quest... what are neighbors for:) So for a few days, While Christina is visiting her son, I WILL manage to get to Curves, and i will manage 2 walking aerobic sessions...

... it is warming up again, and i do have a small urge to begin my walking outside, but patience is a virtue, right? it feels like Winter is losing its fight...... sure we will prob see more freezing days and more snow........ but i think it will lose some of it's growl Soon I'll be out in those woods ..... working toward that 10 mile hike for Melody.

oh, forgot to mention..........Curves was a work out......... you really can up the level of difficulty using the Curves gym.... my body is feeling it now......... and i could hardly talk to Chris during my peak workout.....

talk to you all later

love and blessings

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Are you a Chameleon??

Curves yesterday, walking in front of a TV with Chris today. it's warming up outside, and i am getting the urge to get outside, in the great outdoors. but i must be patient.... don't want to screw up my foot....
My bouts of tachycardia are getting further and far in between. funny i will have to discuss this with my doctor. my heart recovers fairly quickly after i work out, but once i am relaxing, and usually before i fall asleep heart rate will jump to 120-150 beats a minute...... I have a fairly high resting heart rate as a rule. 90's , it's funny Curves is so cautious about what my heart is doing, and we have to check our rate frequently (every 8 minutes) I've finally had to resort to lying to them and shave off a couple of beats..... i mean gee, they were getting out the Paddles.....and i was still breathing :) . funny, just in 3 weeks, my heart rate has naturally come down.... okay in a 10 second count, my first work out session, my heart rate went to 32 (192) beats a minute. Yesterday at my peak workout heart rate count it was 24 (144). So i can already feel the change. (****please understand, I've had a problems with Tachycardia in the past, i recently had an entire heart work up, including a stress test, So i am doing this under doctors supervision!!!.... if you are having funky heart symptoms.. NEVER work out without a complete and thorough check up**** ) This is why i am doing this quest in the first place. i am too young too have heart, and lung, and digestive problems........ an extra 100 lbs is too much stress on my body.

Now to explain my title " are you a Chameleon". do you find yourself, in the same frame of mind as the people around you ? I mean if you are around people who constantly complain and see the negative in everything.... do you end up feeling out of sorts? Can you protect yourself from changing into your surroundings? I think if you are around negative force enough, you can't help but feeling some negativity. I have chosen to surround myself as much as possible by Positive People, People who believe in me, People who believe in my quest for health ...
Thank you Christina, Judy, Joanie, Bill Patti, Kim.............and the many others. I choose to be around positive people, i believe my cup is half full and never half empty. I believe that God wants this for me......can't get a more positive force than Him. I believe that Melody is a positive Angel force...... she was awesome on Earth, so i can't imagine the power the Lord has given her in Heaven!!!

February is coming on the down swing......... days are just passing by

talk to you later, have work today........... and want to shower, and pack my healthy dinner.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Make a charm braclet.........

Good weekend, Sunday was my day off, On Saturday I went to Chris' house for a very "good" walk aerobics tape. my body felt it. so again, i got six days of exercise in for the week. This week after thursday I am on my own........ i am scheduling Curves for mon @ 3pm, Weds @ 9am Fri @9am. Tues and Thursday I will do the two mile walk aerobic tapes, and Sat i am planning on doing my yoga tape. I am still not dwelling on my eating, but find that i've drasticly reduced my calories..... it just blows my mind, not sure how it's working........... Yesterday Bill and i went out to eat, i ordered a roast beef sandwich, and cup of fresh fruit, ate 3/4th of the sandwich, and the fruit....... Before i would have ordered an appetizer, the roastbeef, with mashed potatos or french fries loaded with gravy. and then a dessert. and i would have eaten it all.... after dinner i ate 1 mini dove dark chocolate square and drank lots of water. this was lunch, i was fine and almost had to remind myself to eat dinner I am not counting calories, or carbs or fats. I am not depriving myself of any food......... it's just i seem to want to use food as fuel for my Health Quest.. so i automatly eat lean protein, complex carbs whole grains, low fat dairy. i am eating healthy fats......(which we need) i am putting sliced avacodo on my turkey breast sandwich, i cook with olive oil, I eat a small handful of nuts though out the day when i am hungry..... oh well, i am not going to knock a good thing.

Okay, now as the title say's ......."make a charm bracelet" as i stated in an early post about the bracelet my husband bought me that says dream, believe, achieve. as reminder for my quest.
........ i decided to make that 1 step more personal. I ordered a Charm bracelet with charms that i've choosen for myself, my quest, my plan.
The Charms are

Custom worded charm that has
Melody's Mile written on it-- > for obvious reasons, and in honor of Melody
Bald Eagle Charm ---> remind me that i soar with the Eagles now
Hiking Charm ----> my passion and to remind me of my goal of a 10 mile hike
"i love my kids" Charm ----> they are my life, and i want to live heathy to enjoy them
Emerald Heart Charm ----> my birthstone
"focus on me" Charm -----> to remind me i am no value to others if i am so unhealthy.

this is a start, .........there are hundreds of "Italian charms" that i can purchase, but this is what i am starting with......... my next order of charms will be in honor of my wonderful husband, and in honor of my wonderful friends, a skiing goal, and a goal to hike down and back in the Arizona Grand Canyon. ahhhhhhhh, one step at a time.

well I've got a lot to do today, so i should get off of my butt.......and begin.

talk to you soon.
God Bless You guys

Friday, February 16, 2007

Dream....... Believe........Achieve

My dream is to be healthy, my dream is to ride roller coasters with the kids, without panicking that i may not be able to fit in the seat with the seat belt. My dream is to go Kayaking without worrying about not fitting properly in the boat, or not being able to put on the issued life jackets. My dream is to be able to go splashing in the rain and mud puddles without looking ridiculously fat. My dream is being able to jump on the trampoline with my kids, or by myself in the light of a full moon...without worrying that i am going to have a heart attack, or worrying that my butt will touch the ground as I jump. hey just being honest here.

I believe that this will happen, not by itself, not by fate, BUT by hard work and determination. I am working hard, loving Curves, got my allotted 3 days in, as well as Walking to tapes in front of the TV. My foot is improving daily......... and although it will ache after a while on it, the pain is different, doesn't seem to be nerve involvement... I think pretty soon, I'll be able to start small walks on flat surfaces..... I love hiking in the snow and the rain, actually i like hiking in the fall and winter better than the dead of summer........ Next Fall Melody, i am hoping to give you that 10 mile hike i promised you!!! you have inspired me more than anyone I've ever known, and actually I didn't know you! Not sure where the hike is going to be, haven't decided yet.......i just KNOW it's gonna happen.

The stress of the past weekend with Bills mom and family, has caused me to get overly stressed which has back fired into some Tachycardia........ wow, stress can be brutal for your body.... so i am trying to focus and relax........ and understand what i can and can not control. It's easier said than done.....but i gotta remember that God is in Control, in every aspect of my life... including this Quest to better health. So i think i am ready to incorporate Yoga into my routine, even 1 day a week....... Curves 3 days, walking 3 days and yoga 1. ... this is a body, soul and spirit journey......... need all three to work together.

talk to you soon

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

it's snowing's snowing.......... it's snowing

BUT i did manage to get to Christina's house to exercise....... it was actually a tough work out, and my body felt it. It is truly a winter wonder land outside........and my work called to tell me not to venture out, so how nice would it be just to hang out in my nice and tidy home ( thanks to my 4 great kids) drinking hot tea, and reading a good book.

So i get the call early this morning.........yes it's Christina saying she can't do our 9am workout ,..... yes!!!! and then she says............ " I'll call you when I get home" gee, and i almost got away with it :) True to her word, she called after lunch............ and so i went.... all joking aside, it is nice to have people keep you accountable......and on track. So now i can spend sometime drinking warm tea, and maybe watching a good movie!!!

My husband got me a really nice bracelet,....... that have the words: dream, believe, achieve to help me remember about my quest. I don't wear jewelry, but i do love wearing this.... and when i reach for something that i shouldn't.........i.e. Oreo cookies, my bracelet with the charms on it, reminds me......... about my dreams, and goal. so it works for me.

My Goal is to workout 5-6 times a week this week. I got 2 in already

talk to you later

Monday, February 12, 2007

Can Stress make you fat?

What a busy emotional weekend, and I did great. To begin with, on Saturday, even amongst the stress and busy schedule........i did manage to go to Chris' house and exercise. Yeah i got 6 days of exercise in :) and it already is starting to feel good. The drama has to do with my husbands dysfunctional.........and i mean dysfunctional family. last year at this time, his parents became homeless, and had been abused by the youngest of their sons. My mother in law was very ill at the time. And the abuse was terrible.... too extensive to write about. So lets see, how can i make a very long and detailed story short?? Out of 7 Children, my husband was the only sibling to take a stand, and try to help his parents. They came here, and i nursed my mother in law back to health, and was in the process of helping them find housing.. Sadly though my father in law died at our home.
Father in law, made restitution and apologies to God, To His Wife, and to his husband. After his death, my mother in law decided to visit with family down south, and had been there for a few months, she was waiting until i had and recuperated from my foot surgery. this weekend it was decided she had to come back up to Pennsylvania......and now. Not one single sibling offered to help with this transfer.... Finally my husband and I decided we would have to go down and pick her up..... so yesterday, we left at 4:30am to head down to the end of W.V. to meet his mother half way. The second i saw her, i new something was wrong,........ she looked like she gained 50/60lbs. she couldn't walk without totally losing her breath........ to me she looked like she was going into Congestive Heart Failure. so we drove straight back to Pa. and headed to the hospital. it was there that i lost it, just started to cry......... i spoke honestly with my mother in law. that she was too difficult to take care of right now, and i wasn't even sure if I could get her home and in my house. At this point, she has difficulty dressing, walking, eating, using her arms and properly doing activities of daily living. I did this last year with her, and put my life on hold. I am only 39 years old, and i shouldn't be this unhealthy. ................ This time, though i told her i am on a quest........ for myself, and that has to take priority, so that i can truly be of more use to God, my husband, my children and society

God provides the right people at the right time.........there is no such thing as accidental meeting Well it just so happens that i ran into a nurse friend whom I've always adored, from when i worked at Indiana Hospital. * p.s. her name happens to be Melody. that must be the magic name for me right now. :) i told her everything. Well it ends up that Mom does have active CHF right now, so she was admitted, and the doctor in the ER spoke with me and explained that the hospital will help us place her in the kind of home that she needs at this time....... Mom is okay with that and kind of happy. and they will help when she gets better, getting her into some type of assisted living...... That my husband and I don't have to do it on our own. I am thankful that his sister down south gave us a break, while i was dealing with my foot. But his family up here is terrible, They wouldn't help........but if we make a decision, they'll come out like angry hornets stinging and fighting, as to why Bill and I did this, and that. I pray that God gives me strength, and that Love shows thru......which at this point, ain't gonna happen!!! sorry!!! I have to understand, that these children grew up in a house full of hate, and jealousy, anger, and worthlessness....and each child now as an adult has to find their way out ...... but they have to want it, you can only blame your past for so long, and then there is a time that you must become accountable for your own actions, regardless of your past.

regardless of all that is going quest DOES have to come first..... so Sunday was my body's day off. This afternoon, to Curves i go. I hope Christina realizes how much i appreciate what she is doing for me. it's so much better working with an exercise buddy..... that forces, well encourages me to make a plan to exercise, and stick with it. this could save my life, it's ridiculous for a 39 year old to have high high blood pressure, and lung problems....... i believe it's still early and these can be reversed....... sorry this passage is so long............but hey it's a lot that happened in such a short weekend.

blessing to you all

Thursday, February 08, 2007

If you do it often enough........will it become a habit?

Not sure, but i am sure going to try to get the "habit" thing going with exercise. Katie was sick all last night, and although she's 17, she still wants her mama. So she wake's me up at 2 am so that i too can enjoy the sounds of her puking her guts out. So i hung out in her bedroom with her until 6 am, which at this time her puking seemed to be under control, to get a few hours of sleep. I knew that i would prob be taking her to the doctors today, because the poor thing has been dealing with some nasty virus/illness for 3+ weeks, and i don't want to take any chances. And i also new that I had work at 2pm. So How easy it would have been to skip the appointment i made with Christina, to do a walking tape with her? I never even thought about it. I just scheduled Katie's appointment at 10:30am, plenty of time to go work out, get Katie to the doctors, go home shower and get ready for work....... I am so motivated, that Angel has me so motivated, it's almost like she comes around.......and kicks my behind, if i even think about quiting. Chris doesn't help matters much either :). so i heard once if you do something long enough, that it becomes a habit, and you just automatically do it. So if i exercise regularly without missing, will it become easier to follow the program.? Most people start out with such a strong motivation..... and it dies rather quickly....... so I've gotta stay motivated, as I am forming good habits... I've been super motivated for almost two months now, since i read Melody's Journal. Accountability is a good thing too, and i am accountable just by starting this journal. Reading Melody's Journal weekly reminds me of my promise. And it's funny I've been on "diets" on and off all of my life........but i always focused on my weight. This is the first time that i don't give that a thought. I haven't jumped on the scale, hey i just realized that now, i haven't jumped on the scale in two months. Curves will weigh me every month or so i think. It's just that my goal is No longer my weight.......... it's my health, it's healing my body.. it's strengthening my Spirit.... it's learning about no longer taking my body, or my life for granted, that i am responsible for myself, and laying the blame on genetics, or medical set backs, or busy schedules, or slow metabolism... that's all a crock!!!

Although my focus isn't food yet, i am finding because i am putting so much effort into working out, don't seem to want to over do it........ trying to treat food as fuel
for lunch today i packed 100% whole grain bread with sliced chicken breast/lettuce 1tsp. of mayo..... (the real thing, the fat free is too high in sugar and such) , 1/2 cup of cherry tomato's, celery with 2 tsp of peanut butter o natural, 1/2 c sugar free/fat free van fla yogurt with 1/2c of frozen mixed berries on top. oh and 1 string cheese (low fat) And for my chocolate craving. i have 1 small square of dark chocolate singles by Dove. Now i won't eat all of this at once, I'll eat it through out the evening .... so that i eat every couple of hours. I think that is pretty healthy. and a good mixture of lean protein, good complex carbs, veggies and fruits. And with it i drink lots of tea, and plain water, love my water right now. Gee when i am ready to focus on food, i just might be ready

May God Bless you on this beautiful day.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Hey i am on my own

Yes today was the third and final day to work out with a trainer at the infamous "Curves". I No longer need to make an appointment.....just show up, however, i am going to schedule it as an appointment, and treat it as such. Yesterday, i went to Chris' house to walk to a video, i originally was going to do 1 mile, but i was able to do the two mile walk, much sweating involved. And i am already scheduled to walk with Chris again tomorrow morning. Wow how blessed am I to have these type of people surround me. Ran into my hiking partner Judy at Curves, she's another inspiration for me..... she'll try any hike, anywhere with me.... looking forward to starting that come spring. Foot is much improved. Curves doens't bother it at all, when i am on it any length of time, it does ache, but i think it's more lack of movement, because the ache is in a different area then where the surgery was. And there definately is no more "nerve" involvement, that type of pain has decreased by 80% since having the surgery.

okay it's true, i miss my kids....... first off Katie has been ill and missed school for a while, and they had a scheduled day off on Friday........and then snow days monday and tuesday, and a 2 hour delay today.... My house is so quiet right now. :( I enjoy every moment (or at least i try to) with my children, tomorrows come too fast, and before you know it, they are on their own. So it's been like 3 weeks since i've had the house to myself. Katie and i got into the habit of watching the Ellen show every morning.......and now i must watch Ellen on my own.

Well i do work today, so i should get something accomplished around the house. you know what? it feels good to exercise, it truly does. I am hoping a few of my friends join with me on the "melodys mile" a couple have spoke with me about it....

Everyone have a great day. take a moment to tell someone, anyone, how you feel about them! ( nothing but positive ) and give a loved one a hug today

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

pull covers over my head, and get comfy in bed

Now how is staying in a warm comfy bed all morning going to help me with my quest? it's not! It's so cold out, no school for my i could just lie in bed all morning..... BUT, i am not. Went to Curves yesterday, it felt good, and actually is quite a workout esp for the shape that I am in. my Friend Christina, who goes to Curves, has this idea that on the day's that i do not go to Curves, why not come to her house (she's also my neighbor) and do a walking tape!!! what a great idea. Chris is faithful to her workouts......... and she's going to make sure i give it my best shot. Maybe i'll get outside sooner if i keep working inside, as my foot continues to heal. At any rate I have so many friends who are with me on this journey, how can i fail. And obviously, that Angel in heaven is going to be pushing me, i just know it.

I re- read Melodys journal for the 7th time, and it still just amazes me how she Persevered over every hurdle. and how keeping her body healthy thru all the medications, and radiation, and chemo and side effects.... her goals where still consistent with body health. Girl, don't know how you did it. you are my newest hero!

It's really really cold out, and it would have been easy to use that as an excuse. What helps is that Chris and I usually travel to Curves together.... so she wasn't going to hear that cold is an excuse, and even this am.......i could have have passed on the walking tape I mean gee, Chris lives 1/2 mile away...i'd have to walk to my car, and it IS cold. Chad is right, i just have to get into a routine, and It will get easier......

Well enough right now........... heading to the car to do a little walk with my pal. maybe i'll stop in later. work at Kiski prep all evening......... so i may have time.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

it's coooold outside

........oh the weather outside is frightful, and it's so delightful......... i love this weather, i wish it would have started earlier, but hey who's complaining? Well, alot of people i guess. Yesterday was the first day that i spent most of the day on my foot, does major shopping count? We went with friends, they drove, he has a new truck, so of course we had to park farthest away from any store, i mean don't want to park close to the "other" vehicles and have that chance of someone dinging the side of his truck with another car door!!! who cares that Sandi had major foot surgery and was just okayed to resume physical activity on Feb 1st. My foot did just fine, towards the end of the night it started to ache. But this morning it's feeling pretty good. we went out to eat, and i only ate 1/2 of my meal, boxed the rest to bring home for the kids, they enjoyed it. I am focusing on portions right now, and trying to make lower carb, lean proteins, veggies, low carb fruits , and whole grains. and i am trying to eat this way 60-75% of the time. not eating nearly as much and that is a good thing.
day 2 of Curves start tomorrow, and i gotta get 3 days a week in. I am looking at Mon, Weds, and Friday this week. I work tues, weds, and thursday but all in the afternoon. so there is no reason why i can't go to Curves in the morning after Sammy gets on the bus.
we are football fanatics in this house, and although the steelers didn't make it, still enjoy the game called football. I am hoping the colts win, sorry Patti's Paul.

blessing to all


yeah, the colts why didn't i bet :)

Friday, February 02, 2007

Every single muscle is talking

and i mean every single muscle, it's been so long since i've been doing any physical exercise... and although my instructor informed me to take it easy,.......which i did, My muscles are still screaming.........."what did you do that for?" Maybe a few stretches today will help. I remember during my healthy days i used this great yoga tape that i loved......... and after several weeks, my flexibility was noticably improved..... Not going to throw that in yet....... don't want to over do it, and burn out.

I was pleasantly surprised that my foot didn't hurt during my Curves Circuit Training, between each resistance machine they have bouncing platforms that you march in place or jog, or whatever. and i thought maybe i would have problems in that department. nope. And actually the only thing not in pain this morning are my feet :) go figure

I work this afternoon, and have the weekend off, I have already scheduled my next workout, still have to go with a trainer two more times......... so Monday morning it is... I have to schedule these appt. like i would schedule doctor appointments, and i have to treat it such.

Well i got to get moving , and get things done before i head to work

Blessings to everyone on this beautiful day
do something for yourself today..........

Thursday, February 01, 2007

On your mark......get set............GO

I changed blog/blog names. And as i wrote in my previous blog. A stranger, battling cancer, changed my life. Not sure how this happened. I mean I am a nurse, I've heard/ seen many wonderful people dealing with cancer, life and death. I have had the honor of being with someone during their final moments on this earth..... But there was something different about this Melody person, I only knew her through her journal, But the attitude, perseverance and hope was amazing... she was No ordinary woman, and i bet she is no ordinary angel. When i read her journey in the beginning of January, i was quite touched. As sick as she was,on chemo and radiation and such, she set goals...... she kept healthy, during a time after a bone marrow transplant, i think she had a stationary bike in her little bubble of a room. And she walked the halls until she wore the tiles out. She had a vision, (a marathon), and a plan. Never once in her journal did she say woo is me, feel sorry for me.... .... .....

well, here i am so out of shape and over weight, using every little excuse imaginable to not work out, get healthy... So On January 3, 2007 i made a promise to myself, and a goal to accomplish. in honor of this woman. (I asked Jesus to relay the message, so i am sure she knows.) I would like to accomplish a 10 mile hike, in honor of Melody. i cannot imagine the loss that her family and friends are feeling. i mean if she had this impact on a stranger.......

because of recent foot surgery done in December, i am not allowed to walk/hike outdoors yet. so instead of just sitting around using this as an excuse..... i am not going to accomplish my goal sitting on my butt....... so i had my first day at "Curves", an all woman's gym.... it feels good to do something again... i am calling this quest "Melody's mile", that is why i named my blog that too.

i have 100 lbs to lose, that seems like a lot, but hey i only want to lose it one pound at a time. and actually i won't even focus on the weight, i focus on eating right and exercising, the weight thing will take care of itself....

Before i read Melody's journal, i used to say i want to loose weight so i could soar with the eagles. after reading Melody's journal , seeing how she lived every day, every moment to the fullest. and knowing that our Spirits our weightless......... i now Soar with the Eagles...... my body will follow

I will post a picture soon (100+ lbs overweight) so i can compare it as my body changes.

Please join me in this journey