Sunday, October 24, 2010

Never noticed it before....

Now before you think i am judging, i am NOT, because i was a mom that packed my kids lunch exactly how i witnessed the other day..... I went with the local school as a nurse on a field trip with the 5th graders, everyone had packed lunches. for the first time i really observed what was in the lunches. 90% of the lunches were lunchables, cake, candy, cookies, potato chips, fruit punch, fruit roll ups,.............. you get the picture. I am not sure why i am so aware of this now....... maybe it is my journey...... maybe it is being ingrained in me from where i work.
I didn't go "big" grocery shopping this week because we really needed tires on the Jeep. so I ended up getting, apples, banana's, clementine oranges, grapes, skinless and boneless chicken breast, extra lean ground beef. 1% and skim milk (Katie and Sam and Bill drink one percent, Drew and I do skim) Organic lowfat vanilla Greek yogurt, whole grain bread and wraps. tomato's and lettuce. I did buy ingredients to make the family chocolate "dirt" BUT not for me as i am still not doing sweets. again i found myself looking in some of the carts.......... and i thought wow... that WAS my cart not so long ago.... it is really nice having everyone in the house on the same page.
I have so much energy.... and actually my "cycle" snuck up on me as i didn't feel overly tired, or crave chocolate like i normally do. oh and the same pants I wore a couple weeks ago...... mind you a couple weeks ago the fit fine, but they never got that "loose" feeling after wearing them all day. I wore them on Friday and with in an hour. they got that "loose" feeling, to the point i kept pulling them up.
I am half tempted to prove my Bestest friend in the World wrong....... and just not do sweets, candy, cake or any type of that food until after the holidays. Honestly i don't think i can. esp when the holidays get here. but i am still tempted to try. i mean right now Grandma sent Sam out an Apple pie........ I love Apple pie, but i haven't even had a taste.... I need to just wait and see how I do when Bill and I go away for a few days....
Well I am going to get going, I love my weekends, and it is coming to a relaxing end... good night folks

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peaceful and Content

it has been a wonderful several days :0). I guess i don't get that seasonal affective disorder, because as the days shorten, its like i start nesting and getting ready to get all cozy for the winter. I've also noticed real conversations with my almost adult, and adult children and i am savoring it like a great piece of chocolate candy. Monday night. i watched the Beauty and the Beast Movie that KATIE bought for me. she knew it is my all time favorite Disney movie, and she wanted to make sure i got a copy. So last night, Everyone went to bed after the Penguin game (yes i think the movie itself scared everyone away.) my house was cleaned, a warm fire in the fire place a pot of tea beside me, all lights off......... AND BEAUTY AND THE BEAST IN HD. oh and i can't forget having it rain and make that mesmerizing sound on the skylights above me........ my family home, the animals in.... it was just wonderful !!!!

I babysit monday and tuesdays, work at the office on weds, thurs, fri. and then i take one day over the weekend to clean...... so i am busy to say the least. but i haven't been getting tired, and i feel pretty Damn good right now. lots of energy........

Well Chris and I went up to check out Johnny's new/remodeled gym. it IS very nice. not sure when i will be ready to head back up there... i know i did get my Wii Fit back out from it's Summer Vacation. and there is no reason why i can't get physical outdoors just because the weather is starting to get cooler........ it didn't stop me before.......

now with my eating, i remain focused. still not doing the sugar thing. and keeping the 90/10 rule with the white flour.........for instance Monday i made meatball hoagies for everyone...... Crusty rolls, Lean meatballs, and Provolone cheese..... baked in the oven on my Pizza stone. they looked so good........... HOWEVER, i took my organic whole wheat Pasta from Trader Joe's, put two meatballs on top of it with sauce, put some reduced fat provolone cheese.... and broiled it. (Meatball Parmigiana) It was super delicious.......... no white flour meal. Katie made Rice Crispy treats........... didn't have one or even a taste. I asked Christina if she thinks i could do this through out the holidays........ she said No. and she is prob right... i don't want to set myself up for failure........ or i don't want it to back fire........ where i eat so much other foods cause i want the sweets. Bill and I are going away for a few days at the end of this month.... so maybe i'll share a dessert with him....... and then on Thanksgiving i'll eat a slice of pie... Maybe if i plan and schedule......... it will work. . . . . i am not sure yet though honestly. . i might realize that i don't need the dessert. ps i am not using artificial sweeteners either... so a sugar free dessert is still off limits for me
Well think it's time to hit the bed............. good night

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Best of Friends!!!

Katie's dog Izzy, and the family Cat Jesse enjoy sharing Katie's bedroom window. believe it or not, the cat is the boss of ALL the animals including the 130 lb Malamute.
Things are going quite well for me, I think the weight is really dropping, because although i don't use the scale, i am pulling out more and more clothes from the bottom of my closet.
I think i am on day 28 of no added sugar........ i just don't want to start, and it isn't a need. I was so proud of myself at work on Thursday....... somebody had made these wonderful brownies..... i was the only one that did not have one. and i am not being really crazy either..... it would be nice if i can keep this up throughout the holidays.
NOW about the no white flour......... i slipped on Friday, wasn't paying attention. had my grilled fish and veggies for lunch, went to Sammy's football game..... didn't eat.... watching game.... not thinking Bill brought back a yummy Stromboli.......... i had two bites, I think i am going to keep focusing on no sugar. and 90% whole grains, whole wheat, etc. And when i am ready i will do the no white flour thing :0).
I am loving this time of year, loving the weather, loving my family..... there is just such a peace and calmness about my house.... and i am loving it.
I was scheduled to go for a lap band fill in November....... but i notice that it seems to be working fine......... and the no sugar thing has really helped me too. I guess if i keep losing at this rate....... keep feeling full after a cup of food...... all is well......... i'll wait a couple more weeks before i call and change that.
Had a wonderful afternoon with Christina, Megan, Paige and Katie..... we went to the coolest little Pumpkin patch.... Paige rode a pony, and played games with hay and corn. we all enjoyed a beautiful hayride to the pumpkin patch up on the hill, Megan got beautiful scenery pictures. And two year old Paige knew exactly what do ........... she kept going from pumpkin to pumpkin... no like, too heavy, too dirty, too slimey, a bug on this one, ugly. She had so much fun. they were making homemade Apple butter on the site, outside on an open pit, 100% of the proceeds went to the four footed friends..... FUN DAY!
Well i am going to get going now.......... maybe read a little, Have a great weekend.....

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The 21 days of No white flour... more difficult

well lets see, this is DAY 4 of no white flour.... it seems more difficult for me in different way. I am not craving like i did with the sugar. but i am surprised what has the "white flour" in it. even "innocent" food have me stumped like a flour tortilla. I am ONLY eating 100% whole wheat or whole grains. I found at Trader Joe's yesterday wild brown rice wraps, curious to try those. Speaking of Trader Joe's Christina and I went to Visit her Daughter and new grandson... i had a wonderful day. Jeanine is so full of information regarding foods, herbs, grains..... and i actually tried a recipe at her house for lunch it was Toasted Quinoa Pilaf, my first time to try this grain. the recipe called for garlic and shallots and thyme, bay leaf, chicken broth, and roasted red pepper. It was delicious and SOOOOOOOOO filling and it kept me full for several hours. I am still not eating sweets either.... just not ready to start again. I must say this is the fastest that i am losing "inches" as i am not using the scale. but my clothes are starting to get loose, and i am able to wear some pants that i haven't worn in seven years....
I've managed to get a small hike in here and there with Bill in the evenings. But after my foot doctor appointment on Tuesday.... he wants me to only use my bike. there may be a stress fracture that is not healing near the joint. i have to go for a MRI so they can look at the foot better. So I think i'll get a good bike ride in this weekend for sure :0) i have this huge Camie boot that i should wear at ALL times to immobilize the foot. I do not like it. So IF and When i have Surgery i plan on being closer to my goal weight. therefore that is why i am being so strict with my diet and keeping away from Sugar, and now learning to live without white flour.
Well i should get my butt in gear, work this evening........ lots of laundry to do........ house to clean.
Have a great day today

Monday, October 11, 2010

I tortured myself.....BUT i did IT :0)

After the completion of yesterday, i survived 21 days without added Sugar!!! the torture part is I made an apple pie yesterday.......... normally i would have picked at the pie all day..... it looked so good, and Bill said it was the best pie I ever made.... i really wanted a slice. So then i think i can have a small slice tomorrow...... WRONG.. i am now starting a 21 day of no white flour, plus i am going to try and keep the no added sugar thing going.
Just when i thought i can tolerate my foot issues........ Saturday night it would shoot out sharp pains so strong that it would wake me up from a dead sleep.......... all night long! and the same shooting pain continued all day Sunday... i didn't have to be walking on it...... just sitting there it would throb and shoot pain. I go to the doctor tomorrow, so i shall see what my next step is.
It was a beautiful weekend and i loved just being home.......... quite honestly i am finding i am enjoying being home so much i'd rather be here than anywhere else. All the kids were home also.... they came and went, but spend the majority at home......
I work today, and am off on Wednesday. I don't mind. my co worker has a young son, and when the school doesn't have Monday class she likes to switch me. I am going to go in early and come home at 2'ish
Well i am going to get going here........ make my protein shake, and pack my lunch do i want turkey, fish, or chicken........ hmmm what to make :0). another "warm" day today and then back to the cooler crisp weather....... whatever God gives me I will take

Friday, October 08, 2010

18th day and Energized

I've attempted to blog several times, and just can't find the time... so maybe i'll make this brief. I am still on the NO Sugar/junk foods kick. Today is the 18th day. and believe me, i have been around the stuff. BUT I have not faltered. i feel so good, and the inches have been melting off, haven't felt bloated or yucky... i am very busy, not usually tired.... BUT when it is time for me to go to bed, i've been sleeping like a baby!!! I don't see a problem now with going 21 days with no sugar and on Monday i am going to start 21 days no white flour.... and i might as well keep NOT doing the sugar along with it. Didn't realized that i could be so stubborn when i put my mind to it. that first week was so hard...... it was the worst both mentally and physically....but getting past that, and it really isn't an issue. Well i gotta get my butt back to work, leave early for my son's game plan on a hike and a bike ride this weekend.....
have a great weekend

Monday, October 04, 2010

The Perimeter

Well i Did survive Paige's Party without even tasting the yummy icing on her cake, or without tasting one little ginger snap cookie with Pumpkin pie dip. I didn't even have Pizza as i wasn't sure my Lap band could handle the crust. I did however enjoy the warm buffalo chicken, chili cheese, and taco dip with tortilla chips. What i did wrong was ........ i did not measure or put my food on a plate, i just sorta picked........ not good, but nothing to beat myself up over.
Well for the first time in almost forever, pretty much the entire family is "........ on the same page" Bill is not eating sweets he is on his first week, as today is my 15th DAY of NO SUGAR!!Both Katie and Andrew are really into health as they are both going into that field. and Sammy well he is 15 has a bottomless pit, and eats anything. I looked in the Pantry and i see the "Zingers" haven't been touched in over a week. however i can't keep the Apples, plums, banana's, Almond butter, and yogurt in the house. Saturday morning was the first time that when i got groceries i shopped the PERIMETER of the store. first and only went to the center for a few things after wards....... I got eggs, 1% and skim milk, low fat, sugar free, yogurt, light sour cream, lean turkey breast, and chicken breast for sandwiches, low fat cheese, chicken breast, fish whole grain 100 calorie rounds, apples, plums, grapes, banana's, lettuce, tomato's, and in the center of the store i picked up some nuts, frozen veggies, whole wheat tortilla's, whole wheat pasta, some spices.... and a few other odds and ends........... I must confess though... it is way more expensive this way, than the other way i shopped. the Wal-mart cashier told me that they are pushing healthy life styles with the employee's however the store discount they get does not cover the perimeter foods, just the boxed processed foods, etc.
I think Christina and i are going to an Apple orchard today so i can pick up a bushel of apples, as i can't keep them in the house right now.... it is cold and rainy outside, so i plan on making a beef stew and homemade biscuits for dinner...... it is a beautiful day today...... and i plan on keeping it that way. :)