Sunday, October 24, 2010

Never noticed it before....

Now before you think i am judging, i am NOT, because i was a mom that packed my kids lunch exactly how i witnessed the other day..... I went with the local school as a nurse on a field trip with the 5th graders, everyone had packed lunches. for the first time i really observed what was in the lunches. 90% of the lunches were lunchables, cake, candy, cookies, potato chips, fruit punch, fruit roll ups,.............. you get the picture. I am not sure why i am so aware of this now....... maybe it is my journey...... maybe it is being ingrained in me from where i work.
I didn't go "big" grocery shopping this week because we really needed tires on the Jeep. so I ended up getting, apples, banana's, clementine oranges, grapes, skinless and boneless chicken breast, extra lean ground beef. 1% and skim milk (Katie and Sam and Bill drink one percent, Drew and I do skim) Organic lowfat vanilla Greek yogurt, whole grain bread and wraps. tomato's and lettuce. I did buy ingredients to make the family chocolate "dirt" BUT not for me as i am still not doing sweets. again i found myself looking in some of the carts.......... and i thought wow... that WAS my cart not so long ago.... it is really nice having everyone in the house on the same page.
I have so much energy.... and actually my "cycle" snuck up on me as i didn't feel overly tired, or crave chocolate like i normally do. oh and the same pants I wore a couple weeks ago...... mind you a couple weeks ago the fit fine, but they never got that "loose" feeling after wearing them all day. I wore them on Friday and with in an hour. they got that "loose" feeling, to the point i kept pulling them up.
I am half tempted to prove my Bestest friend in the World wrong....... and just not do sweets, candy, cake or any type of that food until after the holidays. Honestly i don't think i can. esp when the holidays get here. but i am still tempted to try. i mean right now Grandma sent Sam out an Apple pie........ I love Apple pie, but i haven't even had a taste.... I need to just wait and see how I do when Bill and I go away for a few days....
Well I am going to get going, I love my weekends, and it is coming to a relaxing end... good night folks

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