Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Peaceful and Content

it has been a wonderful several days :0). I guess i don't get that seasonal affective disorder, because as the days shorten, its like i start nesting and getting ready to get all cozy for the winter. I've also noticed real conversations with my almost adult, and adult children and i am savoring it like a great piece of chocolate candy. Monday night. i watched the Beauty and the Beast Movie that KATIE bought for me. she knew it is my all time favorite Disney movie, and she wanted to make sure i got a copy. So last night, Everyone went to bed after the Penguin game (yes i think the movie itself scared everyone away.) my house was cleaned, a warm fire in the fire place a pot of tea beside me, all lights off......... AND BEAUTY AND THE BEAST IN HD. oh and i can't forget having it rain and make that mesmerizing sound on the skylights above me........ my family home, the animals in.... it was just wonderful !!!!

I babysit monday and tuesdays, work at the office on weds, thurs, fri. and then i take one day over the weekend to clean...... so i am busy to say the least. but i haven't been getting tired, and i feel pretty Damn good right now. lots of energy........

Well Chris and I went up to check out Johnny's new/remodeled gym. it IS very nice. not sure when i will be ready to head back up there... i know i did get my Wii Fit back out from it's Summer Vacation. and there is no reason why i can't get physical outdoors just because the weather is starting to get cooler........ it didn't stop me before.......

now with my eating, i remain focused. still not doing the sugar thing. and keeping the 90/10 rule with the white flour.........for instance Monday i made meatball hoagies for everyone...... Crusty rolls, Lean meatballs, and Provolone cheese..... baked in the oven on my Pizza stone. they looked so good........... HOWEVER, i took my organic whole wheat Pasta from Trader Joe's, put two meatballs on top of it with sauce, put some reduced fat provolone cheese.... and broiled it. (Meatball Parmigiana) It was super delicious.......... no white flour meal. Katie made Rice Crispy treats........... didn't have one or even a taste. I asked Christina if she thinks i could do this through out the holidays........ she said No. and she is prob right... i don't want to set myself up for failure........ or i don't want it to back fire........ where i eat so much other foods cause i want the sweets. Bill and I are going away for a few days at the end of this month.... so maybe i'll share a dessert with him....... and then on Thanksgiving i'll eat a slice of pie... Maybe if i plan and schedule......... it will work. . . . . i am not sure yet though honestly. . i might realize that i don't need the dessert. ps i am not using artificial sweeteners either... so a sugar free dessert is still off limits for me
Well think it's time to hit the bed............. good night

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Patti's Parlor said...

Hi g/f. Thank you for voting on the Haunted Houses!
You're doing great with the no sugar!
Miss you!