Thursday, December 23, 2010

so busy

wow have I been busy, not in a crazy exhausting way..... just a "it is what it is way" Sammy had surgery on the 10th, and he is doing really well. Bill has surgery on the 30th. and a 46 year old body does not heal like a 16 year old body.. i am just sayin'
I am feeling really good again, by the end of the day my throat remains "scratchy". but other than that I am okay.
This is the first time in years that i will have to finish up shopping tomorrow. and i am not even stressing it. I am looking forward to Christmas Day. I will make a nice brunch with french toast, sausage, bacon, fresh fruit, a quiche.... I plan on staying in my jammies most of the day. I also plan on going on a little hike at my favorite place hopefully enjoy the snow. The kids will go to Albert's parents for Dinner, and Bill and i will just chill. I am finding that the older I get, the more i am enjoying the simplicity of the Season. and i am choosing to make it a simple reflective day.
Well i have tons to do today..... I must find my house, get ready to take Sammy to therapy and then get to work for the long day. tomorrow I am off, and won't go back until weds.
May God bless you and give you peace.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

much much better

there was a moment that I thought i just was going to stay sick F>O>R>E>V>E>R!!! Not the case. I spent the entire weekend just resting as much as i could and drinking tons of hot tea and water. for four days i ate nothing but soup, Holiday soup, Chicken soup, French onion Soup, Tomato soup. I also included my morning shake and kept up on my vitamins :0).
I feel so much better, i felt pretty good yesterday too, however as the hours dragged on at work, i noticed i got more tired, and my voice "scratchiness" increased as i used it.
Today i am going to spend extra hours at work as Sammy has surgery this friday. I am wanting it to be over with, i am sure he will be fine... but this is his first issue with a keep your prayers going.
I am so ready to start back up with my exercise, whether it is hiking, or doing my Wii fit. I didn't do anything last week, as i was focusing on just letting my body heal.
Well i am going to get going now, as i am doing the house work and heading to the office.... tomorrow is going to be a long day.
Have a great day with many blessings

Friday, December 03, 2010

I am sick and still smiling :0)

Okay, I think working at S'eclairer has really started to change my view on things. First and foremost i am more tolerable of peoples weaknesses, as well as my own. I don't think i judge so quickly and easily. oh i am human and I will always have the flaws that make me me!!
However, I am dealing with my cold/flu that after several months being surrounded by it, has finally got me.
The difference this time is, i am just accepting it. I am losing my voice, so what, i talk too much anyhow. I was running a low grade fever (100.0) instead of popping tylenol, i decided to let my body try and do its job. so i sorta imagined the heat of my body naturally killing the virus that has attacked it. Instead of getting frustrated with my coughing and sneezing, i am aware that this is my body's natural way to get rid of the junk in my lungs and sinus passages. my body is achy and I am tired, just my body's way of telling it to rest, rest so the body can do what it is designed to do.
IT IS WHAT IT IS.......... I am sick. and it must take its course...... when i lay down at night, the coughing gets worse, so why get so frustrated, that won't help... instead i come out to my living room, finally take Nyquil that i fight taking all the time, make a cup of tea infused with slippery elm and black licorice, focus on deep breathing, put in an old movie (Christmas movies now).... and i must admit, i fell asleep pretty quick, and slept well all night.
I don't take medications too often, but i do know that rest and fluids are the way to help the body fight the infection.... so nights of not sleeping just make things worse.
I've been using my Peppermint essential oils, my neti pot, chicken soup for most meals ( i am not hungry at all) and drinking tons of tea. i am really concentrating on exercising my lungs with deep breathing. So I feel sick, I look sick......... but i can still smile :0)
Blessings to all