Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long Irritable Wednesday

Yesterday was an "out of sort" day for me, I was just irritable and grumpy~ and i knew it! Even when i walked into work, it seemed that it was a "grumpy" day for most of Us. and we fed off of each others grumpiness!! When days like this happens, I just can't seem to find balance. There was nothing that really triggered it, Oh i am thinking it could be hormonal, actually it probably is, like i've always said, my system works like clock work, and this is the time frame, if a Migraine is going to happen, it's going to be now! this weekend will be the fatigue, and next week the cramps!!!
I already am starting today on a much better day, So i've just decided I am going to keep it that way. I do notice how much "moods" feed off of each other. it is just human nature. if you hang around with a moody, glum, negative person ALL the time, some of that seems to rub off. And in an office where we all work so closely, it is bound to happen sometimes. So hopefully when the others get here, all of our days will have had a better start than yesterday.
Thursdays are also Bill's mom do it all day~ so we will do her groceries, I do her laundry clean her house, cut up container of fruit and veggies to put in her refrigerator, I also de bone a rotisserie chicken and put it in a container for her so she can just reach in and get it. I pre fill her insulin needles ~not sure if this is the greatest idea, but she wasn't taking her insulin before, and sometimes she was tripling her dose. and then i pre fill her medication trays for the week. sometimes i help her bath and wash her hair depending if the aide came that week or not. Last week I colored her hair for her. She has two daughter that live near her, and several granddaughters ......they DO NOT DO A THING, absolutely nothing., oh well. i guess i was raised differently..... there is right and there is wrong!!!
I may sneak to the gym and do my workout...... it only takes a 1/2 hour. So Bill could drop me off, i could do my work out while he is helping his mom, or picking her up her choice of dinner for the day...... I think I will do that......
Well i best get my butt moving........ I worked so late yesterday, only gonna be here for a few hours today.

Monday, July 27, 2009


i am really beginning to love my Sundays. i am usually so busy during the week, by the time Sunday comes, i am ready for either a drop dead from a long week day, or a rejuvenate before a long busy week day.... take your pick. Bill took on a little job delivering Sunday papers, sometimes the boys help him to earn extra money...... the last few times he's been doing it on his own, he gets up at 3am, and gets home any where from 8:30am to 10:30 am. So i've got in the habit of making a nice Sunday Brunch for everyone, Yesterday it was bacon, french toast, hot from the oven cinnamon rolls, and watermelon. it is a day of absolute relaxation, we read the Sunday paper, Bill naps and watches TV, i read alot, take a few naps, sit on my porch and swing,.. I move in slow motion. the kids are in and out sometimes, but there are times they take our approach too........ just hanging, relaxing, chilling!
I pre made my Turkey chili burgers ( ground turkey, red onion, cheddar cheese, chili powder, Cayenne pepper, pepper, egg) i pre form them into Patti's and freeze them, during the next week or so, i pull one out, pop it in a fry pan with just a touch of EVOO, and take it in my lunch. i too, like Patti, cut up a watermelon, or cantaloupe, or fresh pineapple (watermelon and pineapple do not last in my house) to pack in my lunch. I am done making Curry chicken salad right now, but i do still get the rotisserie chicken , shred it , and keep it in a container, to eat just like that, or add to my cheese Quesadilla, or add to a salad. Speaking of which, i need to get my butt moving....... would like to make an omelet for breakfast, cook my turkey burger for lunch, and chop a salad. Boys have football at 10:30, so i will take them drop them off, and then head to work. I told Bill i'd help him with some issues with his mom, so i'll head up there after work. Tomorrow, i would like to go to the DBT class at my work, and i am scheduled to go up to the gym ......... so that is as far as i can plan right now........cause in my life, who knows.
Ms. Patti, i got the message that you called me on Friday..... i didn't get home until almost 9 my time, and then i saw you ran away..... so we will touch base this week......
i haven't seen Christina in a couple of weeks, I'd love to sneak down and see her too.......
and Kellie, i love your new blog look, and i am keeping an eye on you girlfriend..... take care of yourself too.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

........ new life for me

I get home yesterday evening from my picnic, and as i sat there in my comfy chair, with every muscle in my body just aching, and drinking loads of cold water, I realize I was different, more so than i have remembered in 20 years. Even when i was thinner and younger. I remember going to picnics and family events, and trying to melt into the scenery.. because even then when i was 75 lbs lighter than now, i was still so self conscious of my body and who i was. and then as the years climbed as well as the weight, i'd go to a picnic and just sorta sit and watch... my huge body did not match my thin spirit. Well i don't think i even sat down yesterday, and i certainly didn't focus on the food, I blew bubbles, chased after a 2 year old, played badminton with a 6 year old, threw the football, chased the volleyball down the hill before it went into the lake, dribbled a basketball.........quite well i might add. I did have a couple of Bill's very very perfected wings..... and a few bites of buffalo chicken dip. i enjoyed some fresh peaches and blueberries..... and maybe a bite of this or that salad just to taste.... I left the picnic, tired , happy and sweaty....... my body and spirit are starting to catch up in 'size'... and i am loving it.
I was proud of my boys.......... they were so polite and well behaved... almost grown men.... i heard so many compliments about them, many people observed how well they had fun and got along with each other, which they do most of the time. And Bill he just jumped right in, and became the king of the charcoal grill, he made friends quite easily.....
it was a great day, and today i am going to get a bite to eat and play a little house work catch up........

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unique Place to Work

and that is all that I am going to say~ okay maybe i will say more. yesterday was my first, :lets get out of the office early Friday: The Doctor feels if you have an atmosphere of peace/harmony/ relaxation, it makes it a more productive place for all involved. So the morning we all have a "light" load, Lunch catered in that day..... nothing but the healthiest of menus....... *i am getting used to that. yesterday's lunch was roasted chicken breast, baked potato's, large salad.....whole wheat biscuits. and then this is where it might get a little odd, He put on some oldie music, and asked us to get up and "dance". it was hilarious and before we knew it we were giggling, and attempting to do some form of dance....... watching the doctor and the Physicians assistant , the counselors, nurses, secretary's..... get all silly and goofy, doing the famous wedding chicken dance... the morning cares and responsibilities just melted away. We decided then not to go to Pittsburgh for any movie, or Imax theatre, or Science center....... the feeling that dealing with all the traffic at that time, and schedules etc..... would just add stress....... so the Doctor took us out for Ice Cream, and we went to the local park sat around, ate our ice cream, laughed talked and laughed more. i threw catch with Ty one of my work buddies......... and that was the day!!! i of course went back to the office directly after leaving the park, and did my cleaning job...... until 8 in the evening......... it was a long day for me. But i didn't want to clean over the weekend, today is my work places picnic.... and ALL of my boys are going. i didn't make them, but i did tell them this week.......".... boys i know it is going to be boring for you, and I know you'd rather be somewhere else and have your finger nails ripped off.... but i am so proud of you guys and it would mean a lot to me for you to go, but i won't make you.............. They are ALL going!!! Love my boys. Bill is making Grilled Sesame Terriyaki Wings, and Dry rub Hickory smoked wings....... This will be the only picnic where the beverage is "water" (again the doctor doesn't agree with pop, sugary drinks, not even diet form) He said it is his practice and he can make the rules LOL....
So I should get going here soon, would like to have the housework done, so when i get back I can just chill.
I am happy

Friday, July 24, 2009

which ones me?

Katie, Katie, Katie

the one response from the last blog entry, was from none other than my daughter Katie, it shows a side by side of me and Susan Boyle*the Great Britain sensation from Britain's got talent, Katie thinks we look so much alike........ I don't see it, now the picture she used of me was me as a teenager just waking up....... I don't see it...... not sure how Katie does.
Katie came to my rescue once more, sometimes she is such a good girl. Well it is no secret that Bill has been on strike All and i mean ALL summer. finances are tight, we have managed, and God has provided just fine. Bill went back to work on Monday, But pays won't start until next Friday. I wasn't sure about groceries, But it just so happened, we have one credit card that we refuse to let them "up" the balance available, we will use this card, and pay it off in full that month. well luckily it was set back to balance 0. so we decided to take it yesterday to by groceries, and we were in desperate need of tires too...... got the tires no problem, get our groceries a couple hundred bucks worth,........ and .......and I hate when this happens, the card would NOT work... we KNEW that it was good.... we just checked the balance available... the girl at the check out counter was quite ditsy...... nice but very ditsy.... and we just figured out she screwed up somewhere.... well it isn't like we had any other way to pay, we don't own anymore credit cards, cash was a laugh......... it so happens that Bill for some odd reason, had the check book with him..... so we paid by check..... now mind you, our checking account is pretty much empty...... well God Bless my little Girl....... again she saves the day. had a check for Bill on the table this morning for 250 dollars to put into our checking account to cover the walmart grocery bill. She has really helped us out this summer, never complaining, sometimes teasing, but she has even taken the boys out to Lunches and treats, has taken me and Bill out to eat on occasions just for a treat for Us. there have even been times she has given......not loaned us money....... just for groceries!!! When Bill got home he immediately contacted the Credit card company, and they verified the ditsy girl did do something wrong, and somehow, don't ask me how, she triple did the total amt button......... and screwed things up. So if Katie does need to purchase something between now and our payday we at least have the card she could use.....
I am proud of my family.... all the boys worked extra, and have done odd jobs knowing our financial situation has been tight, Katie has gone the extra mile, Bill helps me clean the office, Kids trying to do more at home (most of the time) and not asking for anything.......... They are my "wealth", and there is nothing the economy can do to take that wealth away from me..... i am blessed with my family.
Today is Friday, I'll go into work for a few hours, Bill and I will clean the office this evening so the weekend is free. my work picnic tomorrow, i think I've almost talked all of my boys into coming for a while, Katie is working!........ and just maybe Sunday can be a day of rest. well that and a Johnny workout.
Have a great weekend

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Just Enough

you know what is really cool about God, He knows what we need, what we desire, and he gives us just enough. Bill started work on Monday, however he doesn't get paid until next Friday. I get paid the first week of every i gotta a week or two left before i get paid too. This week we stretched what we have absolutely to our limit. Groceries will be few, but "just enough" to get us through the next week., If Bill would have been on strike one week longer, not sure what we would have done for groceries then.... but then again, i wouldn't have had to worry, cause God would have given us "just enough". I am still amazed how this God and Faith thing works.!!!

this week i have remained slightly under the weather~ last week I had the runs and nausea, I was so tired and worn out. Still feeling a little tired. Several co workers have ended up with the same type of Illness, so i am assuming it is a virus, and I am assuming I will be fine.

i wish i could put into words how much i enjoy this Job, and where I am going. its cool knowing that i am where i am supposed to be right now... and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Tomorrow the Doctor has made it half day staff day... this is my first time. but he closes the office at noon, has lunch catered in, and then the staff will either go to the movie, or iMax theatre, the zoo, bowling, miniature golfing....... and then tomorrow is the staff/family picnic at a local park. Dr Chaudhary enjoys doing this kind of stuff, he takes his staff out monthly to a nice restaurant. And he throws in days off, just cause he thinks we need it!!!! Now don't get me wrong, he is still a business man, still makes an incredible profit. but he really does try and practice what he teaches. He is the most approachable doctor i've ever worked with/for. He has a deep respect for the Human Being, not what or who the human is. He is just a good guy.

Not real hungry today, Bill made me a scrambled egg and two slices of bacon. Lunch i have a few strawberries, light yogurt, Rye Crisp and Laughing Cow Cheese. Maybe by dinner i will feel like eating. I doubt that a hike will take place again, the weather is so unpredictable, and it's a good storm waiting to happen...

Have a great day today....... make it a good one, it is your choice!!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This week hasn't been as good for me in getting the 4 in as the last few weeks, I know Friday i'll make it to the gym as well as Sunday. So i must fit in two more days of cardio, or yoga or something. Tuesdays where i work they have DBT group (Dialectical Behavior Therapy). This therapy teaches people to deal with everyday problems and road blocks that WE all incur. yesterday's class was based on enjoying the moment. So many of Us get wrapped up in what happened in the past, or what might happen in the future...... we miss what is happening now. We have no guarantee's in life...... our lives can change in a blink of an eye, an accident, a lost job, a death, our own death. we are so busy so wrapped up in work and problems.... we don't notice the sunrise or the sunset, or the rain storm, or the little puppy playing in the yard with a young child... My daughter has most of her two years of college in now, and she wanted to take off a semester, i being the wise one that has lived longer, became a little upset at this, knowing that she NEEDS her degree NOW!! she told me finally that, she is unsure if she wants to go into nursing, or now elementary education. She is 19, she works very hard. she is very responsible, and has helped us out greatly during the "great strike of 2009". Katie must make her own way in life, i can't dictate what I want her to do. I then remembered my X brother and sister in law.... Today they would love to have the same situation as me, they would LOVE to have Alex unsure of college, take a 1/2 year or a year off, to figure out what he wants in life..... they would give both arms, legs, their home and finances to have that opportunity........ Alex died almost 2 years ago when he was just 18...... oh for Bob and Gail to have that opportunity again!!! Alex's death has taught me more than any group or class could ever do. I have held my kids a little tighter, laughed with them a little more, and decreased my "sweating the small stuff" more often. Katie will be fine, and she is happy, healthy, and thriving!!!
It has been storming on and off all week, supposed to again today... i don't mind hiking in the rain, but i can't hike during thunder and lightning...... i'll have to make do.
Eating wise, I am doing well, i figured out a neat way not to eat around the Lapband. I will eat breakfast, and then i set my timer on my watch for 3 1/2 hrs. I cannot eat anything until the timer goes off. eat Lunch, set timer, eat a protein snack, set timer eat dinner set timer...... and if i am hungry after dinner i wait the allotted time, and have another small snack of a light yogurt, or a sugar free pudding ( breakfast around 8am, lunch around 11:30am, snack around 3pm, dinner 6:30pm,..... and if i need the final snack i eat it at 9 pm). One of my counselors from the Prep study called me last night, and they thought that was a great idea, and they haven't heard anyone do that..... hey it works.
well i better get going it is 7am and i want to get in my yoga before i change my mind....
Have a great day

Monday, July 20, 2009


I found this in the "to go to the dumpster" pile while I was helping my brother Chris move. This piece of furniture is so heavy, made of sold wood. Chris' wife doesn't know how old this is, it was always in her grandfathers garage as a work station, she knows that it was there in the late 50's early 60's...... I fell in love with it..... and i fell in love with it just as it is. I'd like to preserve it from this point on, somebody said i could sand it down, get new hardware, etc........ I don't think i want too. I'd like to put something on to protect it from deteriorating from this point on. I want the gouges, and scratches, and old rusty hardware, my mind wonders as i imagine a man, 50 + years ago working at this table in the late evenings, maybe fixing or making a toy for his sons, or making something beautiful for his wife. I'd like to keep it near my front door, place candles and potted flowers, and pots of fresh herbs on it to greet friends and family , maybe i'll place gourds and pumpkins and jack o lanterns on it, with a basket of apples in the fall. I can store the bird seed, and my gardening tools inside it. In the winter, it will make a nice place to put fresh garland and pine on it, and a few Christmas decorations.... the possibilities.........
As i think about this beautiful old piece of furniture, i think of it in terms of myself....... i am by no means old, at 42 i am still pretty young. but i look at my hands, they aren't the hands i knew 35 years ago, ......making mud pies in the dirt, grabbing a tree limb as i climb the neighborhood trees, holding my mom and dads hand, they aren't the same hands i remember 20 years ago, when the ring was placed on my left hand, the same hand that stroked the soft skin of my babies cheek, and made the first meals for my new husband. I look at my hands now, i am starting to get age spots, and minor wrinkles, and scars that although faded, will always be there.... thinking about it, they look like my mother's hands did years ago...... when i first noticed that my mom wasn't going to stay young forever. Hey and i've just been talking about my hands. I could mention the gray in my hair, and umm body parts that aren't in the same place that they were in 20 years ago. and new wrinkles and blemishes and stretch marks. BUT with age brings wisdom, understanding, and acceptance. I spent those younger years, always trying to be different...... maybe a better cook, maybe a little thinner,......maybe a better housekeeper....... I am learning, That I am who I am, and i am loving me more now than i ever have. with my flaws and all. I am even looking at my weight loss journey in a new light..... i am in no hurry, and i am having so much fun..... my goal is not to get to a certain weight or size, right now my goal is to hike 10 miles, and ride my bike to work. I know i will never be a size 6, and i will never have a 20 year old body........ But i will take what God has given me, and be proud of it....
Well i should get going, have to get ready for work, make myself breakfast....pack my lunch, and drink 3 glasses of water before i do anything......... Have a wonderful week.....

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Somewhere over the rainbow.....

Friday evening a storm blew through, and the sunlight followed, .... and the product was this beautiful rainbow. I have been so busy, i thought once i got a monitor back that i'd be back to blogging daily, doesn't look like it happens that way. things are going well, i have been very busy, and i'd just love to have a day that i have nothing to do.
The big news is that on Thursday night Bill got the phone call that the Strike is over, and he is to return to work on Monday!! WE made it, sometimes it wasn't easy, and sometimes i wondered why? But surprisingly we did okay, bills got paid, food put on the table, a little bit of fun mixed in.
I did accomplish my 4 days of scheduled exercise in, and it might be 5 if I get today in too. i opted to not go to the gym today........ yesterday i got up at 6:30 am went to the office to clean, came home and left for the day to help my brother Chris move, heavy lifting, tons of up and down steps, lifting heavy furniture and walking up hill........ pushing, pulling, lifting, throwing... up down up down...... get the picture!! came home did some house work.. took a bath, and crawled into bed~~~ this morning, my muscles have been so pissed at me, even the muscles in my fingers. my brothers and sister in laws couldn't get over how i look, they said the difference is amazing, makes me feel good, but more importantly than how I look, it is my strength and energy...... i was kicking butt yesterday. i am loving this journey.
well today Katie wants to go to see the Harry Potter movie, i am ready to see it too....... love that series. i'll get Bill fed, and put to bed in the cool dark room with Relaxation music playing........ He gets up so early to deliver the Sunday paper, he must have only got a few hours of sleep last night........ So i best get my butt off this computer seat, and start my day...... umm that is if i CAN get my butt off this computer seat..

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

so maybe i'll do Eagles

okay disregard the last post that I was going to do Lighthouses. I must confess that I've been "playing with my blog" and now i got all lost. wasn't even sure if i could find this page to so that I could post again. But Eagles are fine too..... and I guess it is a cool theme since i just talked about Soaring with the Eagles...... i am pretty sure i won't change this again......well at least tonight.


I love lighthouses always did. so i just decided, what the heck, I'll make my blog a lighthouse theme. today is my day off. Christina and I did manage to get up to Johnny's and we got a great workout in. Bill wanted to go for a walk this evening, but i am playing it smart and said no. we plan on hiking early tomorrow morning before i go to work. so i don't want to over do it. Tomorrow a 4 mile hike, Thursday prob a day off, Friday another gym day, Saturday a 6 mile hike, and Sunday a gym day. so i got my workout's scheduled in for the week. You probably get tired of hearing me say how well I feel, but with it :0). cause i just can't help feeling so good. Starting to look for my bike now, there will be some really good deals in late summer early fall. I have my heart set on a Canondale, Because i really do plan on biking to and from work twice a week next year, i really want a good one!!!
Supper today i am going to have a Turkey Chili Burger on a bed of lettuce with chopped tomato's, onions and guacamole and 1/2 cup of cantaloupe. and i will be full. I was able to eat 1.5 piece's of pizza for lunch. and that kept me full for 4 hours. breakfast Bill made me 2 pieces of crisp bacon and 2 egg scramble. i may or may not get another small snack in, if i do, it will prob be sugar free pudding or almonds. Plenty of food :0)!!!
Bill, Katie and I picked blueberries this morning, so i decided to make a fresh blueberry coffee cake~ it is yummy, i took one bite, and that is about all i can eat of it, it tends to want to get stuck, so why bother???
Well, i have a little more house work to get finished, and then i think i will get a nice hot bath, go sit on my porch, and watch the day turn into night. while listening to all the brilliant night time sound effects involved.

Monday, July 13, 2009

I am here..........

my brother brought me a monitor today my computer is up and running from home......... yeah!!! i did blog some, but i must say while at work, i'd start the entry.......stop........start.........stop....... and it just made it difficult.
I am doing so well, so well. I wish i could explain how good I am feeling. The energy is what i seem to notice the most. for instance, Early this morning, i went for a hike, got 4 miles in before my work day even began. Last week, i actually made it up to my brothers gym twice, all of this before my work day started. Sat we went on a longer hike, doing 5 + miles, this sat we already have 6+ miles planned. Johnny's gym either Tues or weds. and then again Friday and Sunday........ Realistically I have decided to commit to 4 days a week! anything and everything over that is considered a bonus BUT i have to get the 4 days in. My Lapband is doing EXACTLY what it is supposed to do. I am able to eat, but only one serving..... can't even consider over eating or i will pay for it. I MUST eat slowly, or i will pay for it....... i am quite happy.
Work is going well, and it already looks like i will be able to increase my income, had a meeting with the doctor today,... i've only been there 3 months, He feels i have more to offer this world, than just talking on the phone, and working on paper work, and calling in prescriptions........ See, i don't care what i do, i take pride in my nursing job, my cleaning job, and even if I do what the doc thinks i can do ( keeping it quiet right now). i will take pride in that........ God has great plans for me, and it is exciting to watch Him work......
Bill may go back to work next week, please send prayers and good thoughts our way........they vote on this contract this weds. and i would love for Bill to go back to work, I would love for our marriage to survive. It has been a long few months, but as always, God provided
It looks like i will be getting my promise into Melody this fall. I really believe i will be able to do 10 miles. Still planning on going to do this on a part of the Appalachian Trail, Christina thinks she could do it, Jeanine thinks she could do it......... Bill is working on it too......... I could do that many miles right here, but i think i just want to do it on a trail that i never hiked on before.
Also.......... and you read it here, I let my co workers know, by next spring/summer, i will be biking to work twice a week, that would make about 60 miles weekly in biking alone all but 6 of those miles are on a trail.
When Bill does go back to work, i plan on putting aside my cleaning money so that i can get a really Good bike...... still have my heart set on a Canondale.....
This is all giving me incentive to keep going, keep moving, keep praying....... since i started this journey, haven't looked back.
Well i should get going, love and blessings to everyone.....

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Baby Jacob

I have a friend who is a couple years older than me, she has one son who is 11, and she always wanted more kids...... well she got her wish just a month a go. In this picture I am holding her son who she tried so hard to get, (she gave me permission to post this on my blog,) He is absolutely adorable, and he snuggled with me for two days. I love him to pieces, but i do not want another one, it never crossed my mind. I have 4 kids, and my youngest is 14 going to be 15 this December. I don't think i would want to start all over again. besides i have all these new babies to love, Paige, Jacob, and my brother and his wife just had their 3rd child Jude, Bill and I are getting used to just getting up and going....
I am finding that i am really not missing having a computer all that much, guess i am too busy anyhow. Thursday is my one day off from exercise. Chris and I plan on going to the gym tomorrow morning before i come to work. Sat a nice hike 5+ miles, and Sunday a workout with Johnny.
I do wish Bill will get back to work, I think it is starting to get to him. I know it is starting to get to me a little We are doing okay and I am forever thankful of all the blessings I have. but still we are going on 2 months without Bills income, we can't get unemployment, food stamps, health insurance........ Gee how cool God's plan for me to leave Kiski at just the right time. If I were still at Kiski, i'd be off for the summer........and we would be in big trouble!! I guess He still knows what he is doing!!!
I am so happy at this Job, and there has already been talk about giving me more pt involvement. Kathie, my boss from the methadone clinic, who got me in here, told me all about, and let me just say without going into detail yet........ this Doctor must really have faith in me! although i would need to pray and meditate for the answer, as i just know as i know as i know........ That God wants more from me....... so we shall see.
Well I should get going, it is usually quiet here at the office on Thursdays....... staff speaking, usually i have more calls to field than what i am getting today....... but that could change in a second...... you never know
I may not be able to get on until next week, know that i am well, and feeling great........ Oh Oh, Oh, i was able to wear size 16's this weekend....... (not all 16 fit though) Lydia was quite surprised, she said the few pictures at my sisters wedding didn't do me justice, i told her pictures are all in the
oh i should also let you know that Christina's computer hasn't been working either..... just so you know....

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

No computer~Ringing Rocks~Crocs Bite

So i am at work, no computer at home, the monitor crashed, and as long as Bill is on strike, buying another one is not a priority, so i will try and post from here, when i get a break here and there. Spent a nice long weekend out towards Philly with Bill's brother, and my friend Lydia and her new baby! Bill's brother had us take out his truck that was left in our area, and return with his daughters car that was out with him, we ate at the house most of the time, and enjoyed a lot of free hiking and sight seeing. I ate very ......... i guess normal, one "normal serving" ave of about a cup and 1/2 of food for 3 meals, and 2 small snacks. it was a road trip without food being a focus or a priority.
One day we decided to go to Ringing Rock's State Park, it was Bill ,his brother, his brother's fiancee and Me! it was on the national geographic for unusual places in America, out in the middle of the forest is a huge field of Rocks sometimes 19 feet deep, nobody is really sure how they got there...... some of the rocks randomly ring when tapped. well i must say, i know that i am in decent shape right now...... i floated across those rocks, Bills brother couldn't even come, Bill came part way, and Debbie was slow, but eventually got out near me. I felt so good. I forgot i still have 75 lbs to lose....... i move really well, we then took a trail to the waterfalls, again steep and sometimes difficult, i wasn't even out of breath, and i was in the front...... it felt so good. it gives me the drive to keep going on this awesome journey. (10 miles for Melody in the fall).
It was nice, Bill and I do road trips well together.
Home and back in the swing of things, Chris and I went to Johnny's yesterday to workout, and we went for a 4 mile hike early this morning, My first actual "stuck" food yesterday, some mashed potato's with the skin and pork and gravy.... it was stuck for an hour, and i was miserable, the rest of the even i just had liquids, feeling good today, drinking without any problems....i would love to keep blogging, but i do have work to do,
oh one other thing, we stopped at Cabala's Outdoor store on the way home...... i got a pair of Croc hiking sandals , original price $99.00, sale $59.00, sale sale........ $15.00 they are so comfortable, and i love them.

well i gotta scoot..........

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's been a while...

it's been a while since i've posted. well not counting the very short post yesterday. I am at work right now, and for a change i am waiting for a few calls to come in. so i'll try and blog during my brief breaks.... it may take all day LOL.
~wow this is a first, i just received a phone call on my cell, .. and the lady on the other end say's..." is this Mrs. Blystone?" i say yes and then she say's " do you mind if i come and help give you a bath?" Well i am at work, but if she wanted to meet me at home after work, i guess i am game.... too funny she was actually looking for my Mother in Law.
I have been feeling really good. My lap band seems to be working just like it is supposed too. I realistically can eat about a cup of food maybe a little more. Dr. Mike said that is what i want., He said people that feel the restriction after just a few bites is not what it is intended for. Esp because i am really focused on the exercise part of the equation, my body needs the food. I must admit since Friday ( my second adjustment, of just 1cc more) i can only get in about 1/2 cup. it is really tight. I can eat a scrambled egg with a little low fat cheese, BUT i can not eat any bread product or even a slice of bacon or sausage. By evening my limit is a little over a cup. but it is lean protein and veggies, and very little simple carbs, be it potato, rice, pasta, bread. I am drinking without any problem, i drink plain brewed green tea, ( no sugar, no sugar substitute) and water....... that's it!!!
Yesterday during my hike at my old hiking grounds, one of the rangers who used to see me all the time stopped to talk to me, he said he noticed i've been back at it~ and wondered if i would be a regular there again? I said yup, you will be seeing me like you used too. I think Christina has fallen in love with walking there too.... there are so many options and combinations of trails and hills, and level of difficulty.
It's getting so busy at work, so i think i'll just end, and maybe blog tomorrow. we are going away this weekend...... i'll explain later. Bill is still on strike, but God is still providing.....