Wednesday, July 01, 2009

It's been a while...

it's been a while since i've posted. well not counting the very short post yesterday. I am at work right now, and for a change i am waiting for a few calls to come in. so i'll try and blog during my brief breaks.... it may take all day LOL.
~wow this is a first, i just received a phone call on my cell, .. and the lady on the other end say's..." is this Mrs. Blystone?" i say yes and then she say's " do you mind if i come and help give you a bath?" Well i am at work, but if she wanted to meet me at home after work, i guess i am game.... too funny she was actually looking for my Mother in Law.
I have been feeling really good. My lap band seems to be working just like it is supposed too. I realistically can eat about a cup of food maybe a little more. Dr. Mike said that is what i want., He said people that feel the restriction after just a few bites is not what it is intended for. Esp because i am really focused on the exercise part of the equation, my body needs the food. I must admit since Friday ( my second adjustment, of just 1cc more) i can only get in about 1/2 cup. it is really tight. I can eat a scrambled egg with a little low fat cheese, BUT i can not eat any bread product or even a slice of bacon or sausage. By evening my limit is a little over a cup. but it is lean protein and veggies, and very little simple carbs, be it potato, rice, pasta, bread. I am drinking without any problem, i drink plain brewed green tea, ( no sugar, no sugar substitute) and water....... that's it!!!
Yesterday during my hike at my old hiking grounds, one of the rangers who used to see me all the time stopped to talk to me, he said he noticed i've been back at it~ and wondered if i would be a regular there again? I said yup, you will be seeing me like you used too. I think Christina has fallen in love with walking there too.... there are so many options and combinations of trails and hills, and level of difficulty.
It's getting so busy at work, so i think i'll just end, and maybe blog tomorrow. we are going away this weekend...... i'll explain later. Bill is still on strike, but God is still providing.....

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Kellie said...

Sandi Dahlingk it's HAS been a while... Just Sayin
Love ya!