Monday, July 27, 2009


i am really beginning to love my Sundays. i am usually so busy during the week, by the time Sunday comes, i am ready for either a drop dead from a long week day, or a rejuvenate before a long busy week day.... take your pick. Bill took on a little job delivering Sunday papers, sometimes the boys help him to earn extra money...... the last few times he's been doing it on his own, he gets up at 3am, and gets home any where from 8:30am to 10:30 am. So i've got in the habit of making a nice Sunday Brunch for everyone, Yesterday it was bacon, french toast, hot from the oven cinnamon rolls, and watermelon. it is a day of absolute relaxation, we read the Sunday paper, Bill naps and watches TV, i read alot, take a few naps, sit on my porch and swing,.. I move in slow motion. the kids are in and out sometimes, but there are times they take our approach too........ just hanging, relaxing, chilling!
I pre made my Turkey chili burgers ( ground turkey, red onion, cheddar cheese, chili powder, Cayenne pepper, pepper, egg) i pre form them into Patti's and freeze them, during the next week or so, i pull one out, pop it in a fry pan with just a touch of EVOO, and take it in my lunch. i too, like Patti, cut up a watermelon, or cantaloupe, or fresh pineapple (watermelon and pineapple do not last in my house) to pack in my lunch. I am done making Curry chicken salad right now, but i do still get the rotisserie chicken , shred it , and keep it in a container, to eat just like that, or add to my cheese Quesadilla, or add to a salad. Speaking of which, i need to get my butt moving....... would like to make an omelet for breakfast, cook my turkey burger for lunch, and chop a salad. Boys have football at 10:30, so i will take them drop them off, and then head to work. I told Bill i'd help him with some issues with his mom, so i'll head up there after work. Tomorrow, i would like to go to the DBT class at my work, and i am scheduled to go up to the gym ......... so that is as far as i can plan right now........cause in my life, who knows.
Ms. Patti, i got the message that you called me on Friday..... i didn't get home until almost 9 my time, and then i saw you ran away..... so we will touch base this week......
i haven't seen Christina in a couple of weeks, I'd love to sneak down and see her too.......
and Kellie, i love your new blog look, and i am keeping an eye on you girlfriend..... take care of yourself too.

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