Saturday, July 25, 2009

Unique Place to Work

and that is all that I am going to say~ okay maybe i will say more. yesterday was my first, :lets get out of the office early Friday: The Doctor feels if you have an atmosphere of peace/harmony/ relaxation, it makes it a more productive place for all involved. So the morning we all have a "light" load, Lunch catered in that day..... nothing but the healthiest of menus....... *i am getting used to that. yesterday's lunch was roasted chicken breast, baked potato's, large salad.....whole wheat biscuits. and then this is where it might get a little odd, He put on some oldie music, and asked us to get up and "dance". it was hilarious and before we knew it we were giggling, and attempting to do some form of dance....... watching the doctor and the Physicians assistant , the counselors, nurses, secretary's..... get all silly and goofy, doing the famous wedding chicken dance... the morning cares and responsibilities just melted away. We decided then not to go to Pittsburgh for any movie, or Imax theatre, or Science center....... the feeling that dealing with all the traffic at that time, and schedules etc..... would just add stress....... so the Doctor took us out for Ice Cream, and we went to the local park sat around, ate our ice cream, laughed talked and laughed more. i threw catch with Ty one of my work buddies......... and that was the day!!! i of course went back to the office directly after leaving the park, and did my cleaning job...... until 8 in the evening......... it was a long day for me. But i didn't want to clean over the weekend, today is my work places picnic.... and ALL of my boys are going. i didn't make them, but i did tell them this week.......".... boys i know it is going to be boring for you, and I know you'd rather be somewhere else and have your finger nails ripped off.... but i am so proud of you guys and it would mean a lot to me for you to go, but i won't make you.............. They are ALL going!!! Love my boys. Bill is making Grilled Sesame Terriyaki Wings, and Dry rub Hickory smoked wings....... This will be the only picnic where the beverage is "water" (again the doctor doesn't agree with pop, sugary drinks, not even diet form) He said it is his practice and he can make the rules LOL....
So I should get going here soon, would like to have the housework done, so when i get back I can just chill.
I am happy

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Kellie said...

Hope you all enjoy your day! I hope the rain stayed away. Give the kids a hug from me for being great to their Mama