Thursday, July 30, 2009

Long Irritable Wednesday

Yesterday was an "out of sort" day for me, I was just irritable and grumpy~ and i knew it! Even when i walked into work, it seemed that it was a "grumpy" day for most of Us. and we fed off of each others grumpiness!! When days like this happens, I just can't seem to find balance. There was nothing that really triggered it, Oh i am thinking it could be hormonal, actually it probably is, like i've always said, my system works like clock work, and this is the time frame, if a Migraine is going to happen, it's going to be now! this weekend will be the fatigue, and next week the cramps!!!
I already am starting today on a much better day, So i've just decided I am going to keep it that way. I do notice how much "moods" feed off of each other. it is just human nature. if you hang around with a moody, glum, negative person ALL the time, some of that seems to rub off. And in an office where we all work so closely, it is bound to happen sometimes. So hopefully when the others get here, all of our days will have had a better start than yesterday.
Thursdays are also Bill's mom do it all day~ so we will do her groceries, I do her laundry clean her house, cut up container of fruit and veggies to put in her refrigerator, I also de bone a rotisserie chicken and put it in a container for her so she can just reach in and get it. I pre fill her insulin needles ~not sure if this is the greatest idea, but she wasn't taking her insulin before, and sometimes she was tripling her dose. and then i pre fill her medication trays for the week. sometimes i help her bath and wash her hair depending if the aide came that week or not. Last week I colored her hair for her. She has two daughter that live near her, and several granddaughters ......they DO NOT DO A THING, absolutely nothing., oh well. i guess i was raised differently..... there is right and there is wrong!!!
I may sneak to the gym and do my workout...... it only takes a 1/2 hour. So Bill could drop me off, i could do my work out while he is helping his mom, or picking her up her choice of dinner for the day...... I think I will do that......
Well i best get my butt moving........ I worked so late yesterday, only gonna be here for a few hours today.

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