Monday, August 03, 2009


this morning I woke up, and couldn't see a thing outside, fog was pretty thick, a couple hours later, i could at least see this much.....
Fog is pretty much what i've been in lately, or it seems like it. Just so busy and a lot on my mind, Getting the boys ready for school in a few weeks, scheduled football physicals, senior pictures, working extra at work. Things are going really well though, Pennsylvania is just starting to get the "summer" weather, with the humidity and lots of rain right now, this has taken a toll on my allergies.....and it has worn me out a little. Lapband wise i am doing really really well, still NO issues, still if i eat too fast, too much or too wrong.... my lapband reminds me~ yet i have not thrown up like i thought i would, ~ but the lapband is doing what it is supposed to do~be a tool and a reminder.
Exercise took a back seat last week, and that cannot be!!! I went over the weekend at got a DVD and bands (johnny told me to get this a long time ago, and when i can't get up to the gym, i was to use these, he uses these alot when he trains) I did upper body Sat, today i will do Core, Hoping for a nice hike tomorrow. Christina has been out of commission for a while, her back has given out on her, but i think she should be up and running soon.
I would love to tell you how much more weight i've lost~ i think i am leveling off, staying the same or -1 weekly. I haven't gained weight since last February, i was looking at my weight chart/graph. and i drop, level sometimes for a month, drop a bunch, level, drop, level ..........I like the word level instead of Plateau, Plateau sounds like a bad thing! But i have NOT gained in almost a year and a half. However, i think my scale is broke, the one week I gained 58 lbs in a day, two hours later i lost 102 lbs. the scale keeps shorting out, and it bounces back and forth and never settles on a number, then i lose the screen, and it blinks quickly. i tried new batteries..... not helping.........So I think until i can buy a new scale i'll just weigh in at the doctors.
Christina lives "next door" to me, and i think i've seen her once in two weeks..... and gee I miss Patti, actually Patti was in my dream on friday, i told Chris all about it. But Patti was at my house, and a doctor was coming to preform surgery on my ears , all Patti could think about was decorating for Christmas, she had sweat pants on and these 10 inch high heels, She wanted everything done before the doctor came........ long dream short. Patti was decorating and cooking, doctor came cleaned my ears with qtips (that was the surgery) and then ordered a nurse that was there to give me a shot of Demoral so i could sleep, The doctor had driven one of Jay Leno's cars to my house, .................... it is a much longer dream, and oh so weird...... how in the heck does the mind think up dreams like this.
Bill said he'd like to send me to Patti for a few days, i can't wait to actually plan it, I'll see what happens in a few months with finances, and then plans will be made. how fun would that be to hang with Patti in her neck of the woods.......???
well i better get my butt moving, or I should say my Core......... get showered and get ready to go to work, oh I gotta drop the boys off at football practice first.........
talk to you later,


Jay said...

Way back when I actually lost weight I found the same thing, I'd drop a bunch o' weight, level off, drop a bunch o' weight, etc. That just seems to be how my body works.

Chris said...

Hey, did I ever tell you about the time Jeanine and I got lost in the fog while walking on our own property?

Patti said...

A few years ago, and I don't even remember what/who we were talking about but my nephew said its because your organs have to have time to catch up. Don't know where or how he came up with that there you have it.
Chris, you lost Jeanine in the fog!?!?
Speaking of fog, I see a lady dancing in the fog photo. The first tree on the left, looks like she's looking towards the right with her butt sticking out, and her boobs sticking forward, doing the shimmy or something crazy fun. Come on, admit it, you see her!