Thursday, August 20, 2009


When people see me now, they seem to notice my weightloss, quite easily. But I have been getting lately..........." how much more weight do you need to lose? what is your goal weight? what size do you want to get to? " Even Doctor Mike asked me, when i get to my original goal which he said I WILL MAKE IT, will I change my goal a little lower? ....... I realized that truly, this doesn't even cross my mind. i know this sounds odd, and maybe it is. I am just doing what i am supposed to do, and feeling reall good doing it.......

BUT I DO HAVE GOALS.......... and here they are--->

First Goal:

I am going to Hike ten miles of the Appalachian Trail, This will be more than likely this October. This is a Goal i set a couple years ago, when i promised that Dear Angel Melody. And i've always wanted to walk a piece of this trail, so why not combined two goals together???

Goal Two

I plan on getting a Cannondale for next spring so that i can ride my bike to work a couple times a week. it is about 30 miles round trip from my home to work and back to home. how blessed am i that i literally have a trail out my back door, and it goes within two miles of my office. I am going to continue cleaning the office even though Bill is back to work, it is extra cash, and I need to save money for this goal. it will serve two purposes, one it will be a physical activity for me and two it is an Earth friendly option to ease up on using my car so often.

third goal:

I have always wanted to get my own Kayak, love the river, So this may be next summer, or I may have to get one on clearance next fall. when i was much heavier, realistically, this was something my Spirit wanted to do, but my body could not do.

Well so those are the goals that cross my mind, Not my weight, nor my size...... nor a time frame. .. i am living, loving, hoping, dreaming, laughing, ....... this is one awesome journey.

Now it is still a little too humid to head out on the trial, but i have this great Elliptical down in my game room, think i'll go there now..... before i get ready for work.

have a great day.

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Jay said...

I think those are wonderful goals! All of them. I have a Cannondale "hybrid" (street/trail) and I love riding it. I really need to make the time to do more of that.