Tuesday, August 18, 2009

====> low low carb

no i am not doing Atkins, I am not doing beef, bacon, and full fat cheese, But i am going to be realistic here, I can't do bread, or pasta,or potato's at this point, not at all........ I have drastically cut back my exercise for this week........ still doing my weight training at home. I am eating plenty of beans, chicken,fish, turkey, lean beef, egg's, all kinds of veggies and all kinds of fruit, I can eat a handful of nuts (very small handful) and i have to chew everything very well. I am prob getting a little less than 1200 calories, i like to keep my calories between 1500 and 17oo on a daily basis. my lapband is working perfect, i don't get nauseated, haven't thrown up, able to drink 2 quarts of water and unsweetened green tea. After eating about 6 0z maybe 8 0z (1 cup of food total) I am full....... the weight is again falling off like melted butter. i know this is temporary, and i know after a week or two, my lapband will stabilize and i will be able to eat a little more of "the bread group".

I noticed today when i went down to watch Paige while Chris and Megan finished up cookie baking, I have more energy.......... i move and dance, and make goofy moves the entire time i am there, I don't breath heavy........ i don't have sore muscles........... i feel so damn good!!! this is what counts.......... how I feel!!!! oh by the way, Paige is the sweetest most pleasant baby i know.... i love her so much!!! i am so glad that Chris is sharing her with me.......

Well, This is going to be short and sweet, I got home, finished supper, going to wash a load of clothes, and get ready for Popcorn (for everyone but me) and America's got talent. Our family has been watching this for 3 summers now...... the kids, me and Bill. ...

Blessings to everyone

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