Saturday, August 15, 2009

So I've been lying to you guys all along

Had a doctor appointment and I am doing great, there was confusion with the numbers recorded, and a little issue with converting kg to lbs.......... but when all was said and done I lost about 10 lbs since last visit (going with my scale). MORE IMPORTANTLY, Dr. Mike was amazed with the before and after pictures already. So we tried to figure out, if I should have another fill, I told him what i could eat, answered a "million" other questions. discussed the exercises thingy, and how it increases my appetite, discussed how i am in no hurry to lose the weight.... and loving the journey that i am in. I really thought i would NOT get another adjustment on this visit........ so Dr. Mike asks........... is the band doing its job yet? and I say well yeah....... i only eat half a meal when going out, I can only eat two thin slices of pizza at one time,..... Dr. Mike asks........"and after 15 or 20 minutes could you eat another piece of pizza?" me... " well yeah, but i usually don't". Dr. Mike say's......... " well then you are doing most of the work, would you like some help?" ........... Me, "sure why not. So i get another 1/2 of cc in my band, he started with 1 cc but wasn't happy with the way the water was going down.... He explained that if the band is doing its job, only one piece of pizza, and very little bread or dough or pasta can be tolerated. and I should not feel hungry for a few hours.
This is my first journey, so i've got nothing to go by, so this is the part where my title of this blog comes in, I've been lying all along that my band was working for me. I've been doing so well, but i was doing most of the work......... WHAT A BIG difference in just two days...... i don't even think i could eat one piece of pizza, and i am not hungry enough to try........ when my little 3 hour timer goes off on my watch indicating i can eat my next meal, i am still not hungry. These are small portions that i am taking......... and i find myself quite surprised that i get a sudden "full" feeling, not a sick feeling, or a painful feeling......... just a full feeling, For instance...... Bill and i went and cleaned the doctors office, usually we have sandwiches from subway, i get mine on flat bread, didn't even do that today. had my protein shake and some yogurt. for lunch i had a small salad with lean ham and turkey and a little ranch this was at one pm, by 5 pm I was ready to eat, but not starving, or wanting to pick at foods........ i ended up with a grilled turkey burger with avocado, Swiss cheese, lettuce tomato and bun, it came with fries, ....... i ate only 1/2 of my burger with no bun, and 5 french fries......... I was totally done eating, it is now 8 pm and I am still not hungry, i have plans for guacamole (2 TBS) and 10 Cherry tomato's ....
I am not sick, or nauseated, i am not slimming or miserable...... i am just not hungry right now. i am really curious to see how this is gonna work for the next few weeks....... Honestly, and i may be wrong, i really feel like i am going to do another big drop again in the next month or so, and then level off for a few more months........ Hey i've been going nothing but down in weight for a year and a half this is all good. I know this info may bore alot of you guys, and i apologize for it.... but my eating changes are just amazing me, and i am so excited to share.
I have so much more to talk about, but i'll have to do it at another time, but i got a few things to do before bed, so i am gonna say goodbye for now


Patti's Parlor said...

Hey Chris, does "liar liar pants on fire" come to mind? ;-)
Not boring at all g/f. I'm glad you blog so I can follow along.

Kellie said...

your blog gives me the power to think I can do it also. Keep it up GF!
Love ya

Jay said...

Not boring at all. I too am fascinated by how I eat, how I used to eat and how "clueless" I once was. It's amazing innit?