Sunday, August 09, 2009

Sunday Dinner

My dinner today, Simple and Delicious, note this is on my very own "dessert" size plate! Bill grilled to perfection a 3 0z fillet Mignon wrapped in a slice of bacon, and grilled cherry tomato's seasoned with a little olive oil, pepper and garlic ( fresh picked from the garden I might add) Dessert was fresh cut watermelon.......... yummy!
My eating has changed so much, and i don't even think about it anymore, this past week has been very busy~ some day's went 12 or 14 hours. on one of those days Bill and I went to a Chinese Restaurant for dinner, I ordered chicken and broccoli, this huge plate came out, and I was so hungry, i started to eat too fast ~ i was able to eat about 1/2 to 3/4 a cup of rice chicken and broccoli~ and i got sick, actually had to go outside, the food stayed "stuck" for about 45 minutes, i did not actually throw up, but i had to spit alot, what happens is , when food gets stuck, your body naturally increases the saliva production, not just saliva as we know it, but thicker stuff..... so i had to keep spitting this, and i have found a trick to moving, moving my arms, twisting my torso, etc. to try and get things to move, as quick as I got sick, and it isn't nausea, or bloat feeling, but a pain in the center of my chest, is as quick as i felt better, I almost knew immediately that the food moved....... and the spit production stopped. honestly a year ago, i could have and would have eaten the entire monster plate, and that is no joke. yesterday i went to a party with my husband, it was his bosses retirement party, some of his co workers that haven't seen me since Katie's graduation party, noticed immediately that I've lost a lot of weight. Eating wasn't too difficult for me, I couldn't eat much, and i didn't mind, I tried a small piece of cake, and couldn't finish it, gave the rest to Bill. I am so happy with how the lapband is working with me now.......... I love it, and it has been the BEST decision for me. :0).
Oh and I took Christina's advice, I usually wear big clothing for two reasons, one, i don't want to waste too much money on clothing yet, and too, i feel save in my big clothes. Friday I stopped at her house with a pair of Khaki's and a black form fitted shirt, i was actually getting ready to stop at my house to change back into my safe clothing before work. But Christina seemed genuinely surprised and how good it looked on me, I promised her i would keep it on, Several people noticed at work too.......... don't think i will wear these clothes often, but i will wear them some.
one more thing, Simple Zucchini recipe
1 cake mix ( regular, or the low sugar) * i used chocolate once and spice once
shredded zucchini ( i used 2 med size)
1 egg
choc chips
i used one egg some choc chips and nuts

it is the moistest cake ever, and if you don't put any egg, chocolate or nuts in it is fat free
and if you use lower sugar cake mix, it is low sugar
tons of fiber........
kids love it, and were clueless that i used zucchini
shhh don't tell them

well i should get going, and visit with Bill awhile, have a great week everyone

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