Friday, August 07, 2009

Sadness :^(

And why sadness you may wonder? Well an Era is almost over, at least for a while. Oh i know this Era can and hopefully will return in several years~ but for now it is a little sad. For 20 years i either had a very large station wagon, or a minivan........ i had a gray Oldsmobile station wagon, and then an Emerald Green Dodge Caravan, and then a Gold Dodge Caravan, and then finally my Silver Town and Country......... My Vans were put to rest officially yesterday.... Bill and I have know for sometime that lots of moneywould be needed to keep the van running, Last winter we could barely get the car to start, when it was cold the power steering wouldn't work, and sometimes the power steering would just go while driving, for the past 9 months there have been times i just held my breath, as new sounds leaked from the hood. The air conditioning stopped working....... But two months ago, the Transmission started to slip, we took it to two mechanics that informed Us that this year, type of van, having 150,000 miles is really good for a transmission in this car BUT it will be going completely soon. Now i knew this, but what could we do....... i put this issue in God's hands..........and what would be would be. A long story Short, Ever since i saw one, i've always wanted a Jeep Compass! I figured down the road a few more years. Well that then is now. all along we told the dealership that don't try the "pressure". IF the price is right, the payment is right, and the rate is right.......... we will take it. Not one penny over!!! and the other big thing is, i was going to do this on my own, my own income, my name only.....etc. We actually took the car home weds night, and would plan on finishing the paperwork the next day. well I got a call Thursday telling me the "numbers" wouldn't work, they needed my husband on the application too. I tell them NO, i'll bring the car back, have my van ready to go. A few more calls, ......"well we can get the car in your name, but the payment is going to be higher" again I say NO, . at this point although sad, Bill and I both decided, what will be, will be, we talked about putting a few more thousand in the car....and keeping it on the road for a while. it is a gamble putting that kind of money into a car that has seen alot of miles. but we also knew, that God is still in control, even in a simple situation like this. it is just how i live now! Well obviously by the photo, and this know what happened!!! Not only did I get exactly what I wanted, but what a surprise, when all was said and done, My interest rate came in much lower than they thought, and my payment ended up being 30 or 40 dollars less than the original deal.... How in the heck did that Happen?........ yeah right!!! When i got the news that I couldn't get the car, although sad at first......... I thought of the good things about keeping the clunker...... it was paid off and the insurance is way cheaper, Andrew just got his license and Corey will be getting his permit, so it will be a good car for them to practice driving, And i figured, had trust, that it would just keep going.......... a simple prayer " God, this is in your hands now, i can't control this, therefore I will not worry about it"......
Sadly with the boys being almost 18, and Katie being 20, they don't seem to ride with mom and dad much anymore, and their idea of a fun afternoon is not climbing into the van and going on a Sunday road trip with Us. they have their own friends, Katie has her own car, Andrew will be getting a car, and in less than 9 months Corey will be getting a car. So it is basically me, bill and Sammy (he'll be 15 in December). Oh well this is life, someday i will be looking for a minivan again, to carry Grandchildren around to love and spoil.......... I am in no hurry though, i will enjoy this wonderful world of TEENAGERS........... I love my kids

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Patti's Parlor said...

How exciting. I loved my Jeep when I had one. I've been thinking about getting another one when my current lease is up.