Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Injured foot update

Went to the doctors yesterday!!! And doesn't seem like its going to be a long drawn out problem. I have two inflamed tendons!!! I must listen to my "foot" though......and when it starts to ache, i am to put it up and put ice on it!! So I'll get to the serious hiking again when i get back from vacation.
Gina's coming tonight to learn how to take care of the turtles while i am gone, I'll show her the ropes with the animals just in case my brother isn't going to be here an evening or two!!

I am so looking forward to this vacation. I know Bill and the kids are excited too! Today i am busy packing and figuring out what i may need..... going thru the first aid case and the medicine we may need.. for headache, stomach aches, for sunburn and poison ivy, for ear aches. rashes, itches, eye irritations..... I think i have about everything covered!

I've lost over 5 pounds this week..... i am not sure why, I do not have an appetite, and I am eating about 1/2 of the amount of food i used to eat. I plan on keeping this up while i am at the beach too!!! I am looking forward to walking on the beach... I hate hot weather, but i do love the ocean, so early mornings and late evenings are for me....

I may try Curves tomorrow...... i have a brace that i am supposed to wear as much as possible, so with that, and my orthotics, I should be okay.

talk to you later

Monday, June 25, 2007

Making IT a good one!!!

Attitude whether good or bad, is half the battle determining joy in your life! And i have decided to enjoy mine!!!
Last week i was feeling down, feeling sorry for myself.... whoa is me, my poor foot.... yeah right!! Sandi get over it. I see the doctor tomorrow, and I have noticed that my foot is improving greatly since I've taken a few days off. I miss my outdoors. but what's a week? I found my stability ball workout tape....... that i am going to do today. and I am really watching how I am eating, and noticing my greatly decreasing appetite. And i am managing to slowly continue dropping the weight. People that haven't seen me in a couple of months notice right away that I am losing the weight. that is a good feeling. I'll prob get to curves a couple of times this week.......and then we leave for a weeks vacation.
I am so looking forward to spending some chill time with my family. We are going to the beach in South Carolina. It's not packed with activities, and schedules, and must go places.... Sometimes people go on a vacation......over do it, over stimulate themselves,...... put pressure on themselves that is not necessary........ that they need a few days rest after they return from vacation.... Not me. the kids are getting older now so i don't have to deal with cranky whining little children... I plan on walking the beach early morning hours 5:30 ish....when the sun rises...... walk about 4 miles, and then walk in the evening or night another 2 miles. In between that if it's too hot..... I'll be inside, or near our pool (house w private pool) reading some great books that i have been saving. No pressure. No planned events, No schedule, If we want to do something with the kids.....we will decide when we are there. it's going to be good, and I am looking forward to it. my only goal is to walk the beach 6 miles a day/30 miles for the week.

What i will miss....... I will miss Christina!!! I will miss my home and my view from my porch and bedroom. I will miss my other friends, I will miss Curves, and Hiking my hills.

Well it's almost 7 am here, weather is supposed to be unstable today. So i will get my work done early.... No more baseball in the evenings..... so other that getting my hair trimmed.... nothing scheduled for this evening

talk to you later

Sunday, June 24, 2007

.....Sunday Morning

... A beautiful Sunday Morning, Everyone is up and at it early. Yesterday Gina and I made our own "walking sticks" I originally started with a plain straight stick.........(which i already have one like that..) And i decided to live on the edge so to speak...... picked up a piece of cherry wood, with this funky root system on the top of the stick!!! so i decided to work with it. left the shape of the stick just as God made it....... there was also a Buck rub on it which brought out a different color of the cherry wood. So after much Sanding and filing, and removing bark on certain areas....... i burnt into the wood my favorite verse Isaiah 40:31, I am happy with it. I DO use walking sticks most of the time, because i am out on trails and do steep hills. And it's handy to have a walking stick to encourage snakes off the road when i am walking past them.

I have been doing pretty good at resting and icing and elevating my foot... i was so tempted to go for a hike was a beautiful day!! but i behaved myself. Gina came over and we watched a movie together......... I had a great day. So hopefully after the doctor visit on Tuesday,.... my exercise route can begin.

Kim i am so proud of you......... I am thrilled with your new job offer, it Say's a lot about get offered for the promotion only being there a few months, and heck, driving on the sidewalk to boot!!! I am also happy to hear about your eyes improving, I've been praying for that a lot lately. oh yeah, you are going to love Gina, she acts just like you sometimes, and i think you might just meet your match dealing with someone who knows more about movies than you!!!

Make it a good one folks, you only live once here on Earth!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

a hurdle i must jump

..... not too happy, but what can i do?? my foot is really bothering me. I mean like it used too. I am frustrated, i can do 7 miles on a trail, but 2 miles of power walking on pavement did me in. I have an appointment with my podiatrist on Tuesday.... So until i see him, I'll continue going to Curves but i will hold off for a week on walking.... i am taking Ibuprofen, keeping my foot elevated when i can, and icing it for 20 minutes at a time every two hours..... and i gotta keep a positive outlook, and persevere with my quest!! I am tempted to walk through the pain............ but I have to be smart too. and since i just hurt it Saturday..... maybe a few days off.....with proper rest and treatment will work for me. Thank goodness Curves doesn't effect it........ so even if i have to do curves 5 days a week.....and my yoga tape doesn't effect it, so there is no EXCUSE not to keep my butt moving.

Gina, i am looking forward to the stick making....and do you have any thoughts on a movie yet???

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No car, ....a blessing for two days

I must admit that it has been nice not having a car for two days. it's in the shop getting ready for the big beach trip!!! brakes, window fixed, plugs changed, oil changed, etc. etc. And yesterday i was "stuck at home" and loved it. Got my housework done, made a nice dinner, got my laundry done,...and everything in between. I DID go to Curves yesterday evening, Christina took me. I am glad that I went. got back home just in time to enjoy the Summer storms. have i mentioned before that i love storms. We pick up the car this evening.

I must be honest here, after doing the walk for melody on Sunday, I notice my foot is hurting right where it used too. this is the first time since my Fitness Quest. The walk was only 2 miles so that wasn't a problem, I am not sure if it was because i walked hard on the pavement. or it could be that because it's summer, i am not wearing my tennis shoes with the inserts for my foot as often. ( i wear summer sandals). Regardless of why, I am going to keep an eye on it. and not let it go for 8 months before i get it checked. So we will see, thankfully Curves doesn't seem to bother it at all.

I am steadily losing a pound or two a week. I can't ask for much more than that. I am not real hungry anymore, and still have to figure out how to eat all the food that i am supposed to eat. But i am not going to fret, or let this bother me, I am doing what i am supposed to be doing.... and that's what matters.

Kim, i am keeping you in my prayers, and it's great matter what!
God IS in control.

Saturday i am making a new walking stick with Gina .....I am so excited! Bill thinks i am nuts! he said " go in the woods and pick up a stick". men, they just don't understand. It's this old man that makes really nice sticks, and he's going to help us make our own...... I love to use a walking stick when i am on a trail.

Well i think i am going to do a yoga tape today....... and maybe a hike this evening, if we get back in time from getting the car. I must stay focused, and continue to do what I am doing........... I remember my promise to Melody!!!

Make it a good one today

Saturday, June 16, 2007

~~~Two for you Melody~~~

I am just thinking, approx 5 months ago, about the time that I first read about Melody's Journey.... i was in the worst shape of my life. I couldn't even walk from my car to my house (25 feet) without getting totally out of breath. Today, In honor of Melody, i leisurely walked 2 miles in a little over 30 minutes. Katie went with me, and I had the honor of walking and talking with Melody's father for the 2 mile walk. I am getting used to walking 3 and 4 miles in the evenings.....and usually with many hills and i have hiked 6 and 7 miles a couple of times......... I've come a long way baby!!!! So why the pout the other day. I am just going to suck it up, and put my big girl panties on as my friend Patti says. Feeling good about myself, and enjoying a healthy body is so much more rewarding than anything that food can offer me.

Melody's father is a good man......who is doing the best that he can missing his daughter so terribly,..... I was honored to walk with him, although i must admit, it broke my heart knowing the pain his heart must feel.

Take a moment to appreciate your life, and appreciate the ones you love. And put your life's stresses in perspective. i am sure Chad and Melody's parents would trade you any day.

Friday, June 15, 2007

I just feel like...........

........ quiting!!! It's not even PMS time, But i am just not into it this week. I am tired of watching what I eat, I am tired of going to Curves. I am tired of hiking in the evening.......and listen to me now just pouting!!! I am persevering will be my 3rd Curves visit for the week... I hiked 7 miles Sunday, did a couple miles tracking box turtles on Weds. Hiked 2 miles with Gina Yesterday, planning on hiking 4 miles with Gina and Bill this evening. Planning on doing a 2 mile hike in honor of Melody at Clarksburg days, and 5 more miles with Bill in the evening. So yeah i may feel like stopping the train, but i am NOT getting off. My biggest problem with my eating is that i am not eating!!! I have no appetite. this is not good...... as i heal my sluggish metabolism, i gotta program my body so that it knows that i am eating.....and it doesn't need to hold on to every calorie i take in.

I honestly think that doing the Curves 6 weeks solution......has it's pros and cons. It is a great program that forces me to focus on my eating and forces me to eliminate the simple carbohydrates in my diet. It teaches me to eat to fuel my body and repair my stalled metabolism. However. because during the meetings we get weighed weekly....... it tends to cause me to lose focus of the big picture as to why I am getting healthy........but to focus on my weekly weight loss. So my mood is determined by the number on the scale, and not how i feel, and how my clothes are fitting , and how people are noticing finally that wow, Sandi is losing weight. I am on the final weeks of this program. And i plan on sticking to eating this way.......... 75% of the time ( just being honest, don't think i can do this 100% of the time) Curves offers this program every 3-4 months. and I will do it again.......but on my terms......... I will weigh and take my measurements at the beginning........ but will wait until the final program is over to weigh and measure again........ No more weekly weights for me yet . I AM DOING GREAT though.........and my body is finally giving me results, my fatigue has decreased dramatically, my PMS symptoms have decreased. it takes a lot more exercise to get my heart pumping, my blood pressure is decreasing. I am dropping clothing size, my clothes that i have are looser. So I must stay focused.

I appreciate all who keep me in line.... Christina, get tough on me...... don't let me whine. Gina keep checking with me about walking in the evenings, that sure helps me. Kim, keep coming here to hike, ( hey next week whats up ?? ) i thought it would be nice if you are around, to meet Gina and hopefully Christina
Maybe we could do a nice hike........(6 miles) then do a movie and stuff!!!

And God, I can't do this without you........... And Melody, I owe you this.... I may get to meet your parents this weekend. they just have to be awesome...... hey someone had to raise you right. it's time i read your journal again........ to remember, and keep fresh in my mind how you dealt with what God gave you with such grace and beauty.

Please have a great weekend

I love you all

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

~~~fitty par~~~

I just had to make my title today in honor of Gina.... during our 7 mile hike on Sunday......towards the end...... we or should I say she, could not talk too well... and she went to make the comment about the "end marker of the trail" and she proceeded to tell me that she can see "fitty par" and in human translation that means she can "see Pretty far" ahead of the trail! Whatever ;0)!!!

I am recovering well from Sunday. that night i was so sore and my body didn't want to move at all. in the middle of the night i almost died when i got up to use the bathroom. In the morning I was achy, however i managed to go to Curves but i had an easier workout that i normally do. I am thinking about taking today off. this morning my body is feeling pretty good

Christina is going with me to walk for Melody. Kimmie is going home, give ma and pa a hug from me, tell them i will meet them soon. Oh and Patti, bill said i had to let you know....... his eating "healthy" plan lasted a whole week so far!!! he is on a roll.

Tomorrow i leave early in the morning to go to the "turtle sanctuary" I am taking Judy's turtles back. They are big enough to be released. So I will have another long day...... I'll make sure i am back in time to go for my hike....... i think 4 miles is a good number...... don't you Gina.

Have a great day today everyone

Sunday, June 10, 2007

I am in pain........

um, Melody disregard any messages sent to you at around the 6 mile hike marker!!! It's just my spirit was into it, my heart was into it, hey and even my lungs were into at this time........ BUT i failed to tell my legs from the knees down that i was hiking 7 miles after doing 4 miles yesterday. And right now my feet are not happy!!!

I am going to be honest, i am in "a lot" of pain, my feet are throbbing like a tooth ache...... and i feel wonderful. I am SO proud of Gina, she spent all day at church working a spaghetti dinner, and still went with me on this hike...... We were both in the same shape towards the end, and actually 5 miles into it, both our bodies were ready to s.t.o.p., but we had 2 more miles to get back to the car.
Melody, you inspire me so much, and meeting Chad was such a highlight today...what way to end an evening but with a hike that pushed my physical limits at this time.

Well it's about time to get into my whirlpool tub, put lotion on my aching body. take a couple of ibuprofen, ice my surgical foot down.....and go to bed.

dinner tonight was roast beef, and fresh strawberries

I met melody's husband today

I am so excited, I got to meet Melody's husband Chad today. I can sure see how these two were husband and wife. Chad is a sweet man, and a gentle spirit. I will participate next weekend in a "walk" to honor Melody, which will benefit the Leukemia/Lymphoma Society. It's a two mile walk, and Kim if you are not too busy....come with me.

Gina went with me again yesterday, we walked 4 miles, and I must admit, It was very tough, more "hills" than i thought. Even Bill thought for some reason it was a tough walk. And we are going to do 7 miles this evening. Gina is thinking about coming also. I want to get 20 miles of walking/hiking in by next Sunday. this past week, i missed it by 4 miles thanks to the Thunderstorms on Friday.

I'll get back on to let you know how i survived the hike this evening.... it's not too "hilly" but still 7 miles is 7 miles!!!

I am pleased with my energy level increasing, I am pleased with my blood pressure dropping, This journey is NOT easy. actually it is very difficult. (Gina will verify that, when we were both exhausted and wheezing and still had 1.5 miles to go to get back to our car) But this Journey is fun, and I so want to honor Melody , it's such a positive "push" for me.

well i better get moving Gina see if she is still up for it......and i am thinking i should leave sooner than 6pm

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Just when i think i have it all planned..... God just smiles :0)

and let's me know that He's still in control. We had very bad storms in my area last night..... hubby worked until 4pm , got called out at 10pm, came home at 8am, sleeping a few hours and then is heading back out. ( he works for the electric company)

So no hiking yesterday evening..... i will hike in rain, snow, sleet and hail... just not lightning. Gina, I couldn't call you until just now 1:30 pm. we didn't have electric for a while, and then that came on and then we lost computer, phone, cable..... i know you are at church now...... i may go this evening. do you still want to go. I will try your house..........hey my house phone is working part time, Chris has my cell phone number if you want to call that.... I think i will call her for your cell phone . Oh and to top it off..... my cell phone battery isn't holding a charge.......... grrrrrr and how did my mama ever do it with out all these "electronics" ;0) So without Bill...... i gotta figure out the car pool situation with kids, who's going where, and with who, and when....... and how are they all getting back home .

Friday, June 08, 2007

progress's official, My kids are out of school for the summer! I remember that feeling of "great joy" when I was a kid! So i am happy for my guys, it's just that the older I get, the quicker time seems to go. And I know soon enough, school will start, and my "baby" will be going to the high school.

I was busy yesterday, my foster son had an appointment with his Case Worker, Sammy had an appointment with his eye doctor, Sammy had a baseball game, and i had to go grocery shopping. Corey has friends over for a basketball final (on TV) party!! ........... Just a day and a life with a mom of four.

My blood pressure usually runs (even with bp medicine) 140's/90's but yesterday when i had it taken..... i was surprised to see it at 130/80. So I guess my heart really has improved during this quest. And yesterday as i was getting ready to take one of my son's to his daughter was, you are really really losing weight...... I sorta blew it off, so she ran and got her camera, snapped a picture of me and showed me my before and after picture.......... Wow, this eating healthy and exercising really DOES work and it has only been 4 months. i am feeling good

today is a "Curves" day (call me Chris if we are going together) and also, hubby and i need to hike at least 4 miles so i can get my 20 in before Sunday

Have a great weekend

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Gina kicks butt

I met Gina for a short almost 3 mile hike yesterday......and i must say She did really really well.... she really pushed it up the biggest hill. we had a good time. and she is welcome to go with me and Bill anytime. Bill walks so much further ahead, so he was glad she came.
Well as I said before, my body works like clock work. and so today...i am having major cramping. but i will deal with it.
Yesterday was a Curves day with Christina, and then a hike with Gina..... my goal was to get in 20 miles of hiking for the week...... right now I have approx 12 miles in, almost 13. So if i do 4 on Friday, and 4 on Saturday......that will just about cover it. I could go with Christina this morning if she goes, but I am not sure that I ~~~~really really~~~~ want too!! Speaking of which, Chris, can i use your oven this morning to bake banana nut bread, the element in my stove burnt out??? Call me if you read this early.......i have been awake since 5:30am.

well, maybe I'll jump on later, talk to you soon

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

~~~~More energy~~~~

I am finally noticing that I am experiencing more energy. I am not getting drop dead tired in the mid-afternoon. Although i have still come to the conclusion that it IS okay to have a 45 minute rest if schedule allows it during the day. I have been busy lately and have not had the opportunity to sit and chill mid day. Also, being as it's "that" time due today and tomorrow.....i usually experience a severe drop in my energy level..... to the point i used to think there was something wrong with me.......until i figured out it was a symptom that occurred monthly!!!

My Curves 6 weeks weight loss solution meeting went well, I lost like 2.75lbs this week, and 1lb of body fat. it's hard to believe that i am on week 4 starting today. I was CRAVING chocolate in the worst i had some!!!
No exercise yesterday. But today is a Curves day and I am so excited that my first walk with Gina is today...... Gina i was going to call you last night, Sammy had a game.....and i am Not sure what time your household goes to was after 9pm. But give me the time....and I will meet you at the new Parking area on tunnelton road just about 500 yards from the "federal lab" I walk, and i can walk far......I am just not a speed walker, um like your Aunt Christina!!! Gina, You can do this too, and i am proud that you are beginning this "mile" who knows maybe can do the 10 mile promise with me, for Melody.

Well Chris, if you read this in the morning,....... give me a call, i can take you to Curves anytime.... even if you want to get there for 8 am...... Katie is here to get Sammy to school........Last day!!!!

Only You can choose to make your day a good one!!!!

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Ahhhhh, a Beautiful Morning

I love dreary rainy days, and that's what it looks like right now. it has cooled off, so i have all the windows open..... Kids left for school, I have Josh Groban playing in the background. can't get much better than this!!!

Not only did i do one heck of a Curves Workout (Christina will verify that) You see, she just started back, so yesterday was more of a stretching workout for her, and i think she was sorta making fun of me. My husband and I took the dogs for an approx 4 mile hike in the evening. I am so excited that my foot really isn't painful anymore..... I guess it really was bad, and needed the surgery. I am feeling really well, BUT i must say this is the first time that "allergy season" hit me. the itchy watery eyes, runny nose, sinus pressure.... and then i am getting exercise/allergy induced asthma..... but still, I am happy with how i am tolerating it. It's not pulling me down like a simple cold used to even last year at this time. oh I am also making sure i get plenty of rest too.. we as busy adults sometimes forget how important it is to rest and get the proper amount of sleep each day.
Eating wise, i am doing okay, and actually i am having the reverse problem. I am just not hungry........ I had too force myself to eat, but regardless didn't even hit the amount of calories i needed. I am heading to week 4 tomorrow, So i will have to work on that.
Oh Patti, Bill wanted me to tell you........he started his "healthy" eating yet again this Monday.........HOWEVER he actually stuck with it and made it a day :0)
Well i am going to do some laundry and housework......and sit down and enjoy my beautiful morning

this is the day that the Lord hath made
I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Sunday Morning Hike

We take the car and park it in one place, and then our daughter Katie drives Us to another location on the trail, that way we could do 6 miles without doubling up on the trail. It was quite hot/humid yesterday morning......... and once i got started, it's like there was no turning back. I did really well, and of course it wasn't even an issue for Bill. I took sudafed before i left as well as my inhaler as a preventative measure. 3 miles into the hike there was a gust of wind that literally blew the pollen from the trees. my eyes started to water, my nose started to run, and I started to cough. Bill had the same symptoms..... the air was filled with floaties. I took my camelbak bite me system (what you wear on your back, that has a hose that you connect to your clothing and you just drink when you need too.) the only problem with this hike, it's pretty level for the first 3 miles....and then you must hike up hill after that, and then a steep hill to hike, and then a steady elevated grade until you get to the car. I was so hot, my face was so red, and i was wheezing, but i DID complete it without ......... dying!!!
Next Sunday we plan on going 7 or 8 miles. i guess i am fortunate to have a husband that "wants" to go with me .

the rest of the afternoon i spent watching a move "Anne of Green Gables". it was a nice relaxing day.

Today i workout with Christina, yeah, it will be our first workout together in a couple of weeks so I am all excited!! You just gotta know this woman to love her. Kids have just 3 more days of school left... i look forward to summer vacation with them home... Sadly my youngest son will move to the high school in the fall. so I am officially, 12 years later, done with the elementary school. unless of course i end up with younger foster children down the road. Well I should get ready to go to Curves.

I love Rainy Mondays, ........ So i will enjoy today

PS Gina, If you'd like to go for a walk in the evening let me know, Sammy has baseball tues and thurs this week.

Saturday, June 02, 2007

No longer IF...........but WHEN

It's so funny how my future outlook has changed now..... Instead of saying, If i loose the weight, If i stick to the program, If i manage the six week eating plan, if .........if.............if. Maybe i am being bold, but i now say When. Like when I loose the weight........ Yesterday evening my husband commented how now my clothes are looking "loose" I need to go buy more. Well i told him "Nah, I am only going to be this size for a short time, I don't want to waste money on clothes now" I just know in my heart, and with my support on earth, and in heaven.....failure is NOT an option. Even this silly blog keeps me accountable. And we all know that my desire to show Melody that her life, saved my life, is a very strong force with me. It's about time for me to read Melody's Journey again. to remind me of her strength and stamina.... and desire to always improve.

I really really really gave 150% today at curves. I sweated like crazy, and while the others were keeping a very relaxed conversation with the each other, I was unable to even talk on the recovery boards. It's a good thing.

Last night Bill and I went out to Eat.......and i am so pleased to say that i did wonderful, and honestly it really wasn't difficult. We went to smokey bones. I enjoyed grilled chicken breast , with a Portabello Mushroom with feta and artichoke hearts, and steamed baby green beans. Kept total control of my Carbs and my Calories. I am finishing up my 3rd week on the Curves Eating Solution plan. and i remember i was very nervous about starting this.... I must honestly say, that it has been quite easy for me, lots of pre planning, but easy. Tonight Bill wants to go to canal days (local festival) and i may go or I may not go...... regardless, i will make sure I eat before hand, and maybe even take my frozen Curves Shake with me to sip on while i am walking.

Make it a good one folks, you only get one chance at life.

Friday, June 01, 2007

A day of rest.......

since the weekend I plan on hiking with Bill, Today I am going to rest my body. I try to take one day a week to regroup, and in the winter it was usually Sundays. But since Bill love hiking with me..... I'll take the day off during the week. bestest friend is back i sure missed her. And i contained myself until 9:30 am before i ran down to see Mike and Megan. I am glad they are back. they are the sweetest kids....and as i said before, next to my own children. these kids are my favorite.

busy day today.... running up to meet Bill to sign papers, and then we are heading to Greensburg after he gets off of work. I plan on going out for dinner, BUT i am planning accordingly and it has to be a place where i will NOT go off my Curves plan. Also our local town is having their annual festival. and i will prob not go. do Not want to be tempted by foods that i cannot eat. Sometimes you just have to know your limits, and know when you should "stay away" and right now, i need to stay away.

Chris I am glad you are home safe, and I am happy that the "kids" are back. plan on getting back into our groove next week.

to all, have a great weekend


Dear Anonymous and Kim, thank you so much for your support, and bible verses that you shared with me sure hit home.