Thursday, April 29, 2010

Not the day i expected

At 8:30 in the Morning, i was here, taking a second to snap a picture of the beautiful River. went to work, was busy, stayed two hours longer than i was supposed to...... come home after 6 pm, and i was ready to chill, get a phone call, one of my dear friends was crying........ her mom and dads home burnt to the ground.... they are also my neighbor...... ( country neighbor, not city neighbors) My friend lives in Eastern Pennsylvania, and she was on her way home, but she wanted me to take coffee, cause her dad was cold, and he needed coffee...... Bill, Katie, and I loaded up with hot coffee, pizza, and blankets and coats........ and drove over to the house.... it was burnt to the ground....... there was nothing left standing..... her parents are in their 70's, and now they are homeless........ came back home, and i got a nice hot bath and crawled into bed, put in a movie, "Under the Tuscan Sun".... and my phone rings....... there is an issue with my friend and one of her family members, and they had no place to stay....... come here no problem........ i get up get the guest room ready...... they get here about 11:30 pm, her sister, and her family ended up not being able to stay with family either, so i quickly put up the air mattress, gathered blankets, pillows, towels and toiletries......... and they came here too :0). I do not mind, but it has been a long night and day, and i am tired, I changed my work schedule from today, and will add the hours tomorrow. i've cat napped, but i am tired, and about ready to hit the bed for the night..... i have one family staying tonight...... but they will be on their own, as i am spent.......
actually i am not even sure i know what i am saying....... so i think i'll say good night....
Thank you God for keeping this elderly couple safe......... and help the to find peace that material goods may have been destroyed, but fire can not touch memories, and life has been spared. Amen.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Awesome........ feeling awesome

Yesterday morning, heading out to the trails, now remember, to get to the many trails I must walk up Btch hill, and I think I have hated that trail forever!!! well yesterday, i zoomed right up the trail, i could literally feel how strong my legs were. Didn't need to stop for a brief break, didn't hurt to breath *( felt some minor exercise induced Asthma, however i felt that during the night... allergies really acting up). ... still able to talk to Christina the entire time i was moving upward....yesterday i didn't even think about the Hill, i mean i usually complain, or say the entire time, i hate this hill, i hate this hill. Actually it hit me when i got home from the hike and I realized that my body is really getting into shape.... and i just felt good. already looking forward to getting out there this morning..... at 7am i'll text Christina and see if she wants to go before 8, giving me time to get home and get ready for work, if she doesn't want to go, i'll either go this evening with Bill, or i will go by myself with Izzy. but i will go.
My eating has much improved, and i do notice now that i am NOT taking 800 calories... i have more energy. today i plan on having my shake, lunch i plan on making the Spinach Strawberry and Grilled Chicken Salad with the homemade poppy seed dressing. Dinner will be Flounder with Lemon and seasonings placed in a foil pouch and cooked on the outdoor grill, along with grilled tomato's.
This weekend i am planning on getting a longer hike in at Marine State Park! and i think Bill and I are going to start doing that and checking out more PA STATE Parks.
i finished up with the "study" for the Lapband Prep program......Answered the million and three questions, wore the computer gadget on my arm for one consecutive week (minus sleeping and bathing) and now i just wait for them to randomly call me and ask me what i've eaten for the day. which should be easy since i write it down most of the time. Oh when i signed up for the study, i was aware that it will last 3 to 5 years..... i got two years in now.... the year before the surgery, the year after the surgery...... and i think it goes to the 5 year mark... as that is when Lapband results = the Gastric bypass Results!
Have a great day today, it is supposed to be beautiful in Pennsylvania

ps. just my opinion, and i know a dear friend who loves her, Hi Patti, love you. Jillian Michael's, in my own opinion is messed up.... i never really liked her, and when she endorsed "magic pills to lose weight, and magic pills to detox, ...after all the talk that there wasn't a fat loss pill out there, weight comes off by eating less/ moving more. and when she cry's about when she was "fat" for heaven sakes, she hadn't hit puberty yet, and i think she had 20 lbs to lose, if that. It pissed me off when she'd tell Obese people, people that have 100 lbs to lose, that she "KNEW" how they felt cause she was like that once. The fat loss pill is about 40 dollars for two weeks, as you must take 4 capsules a day. the promotion say's "see results quickly". and i am pasting the warning ~WARNING: This product contains a significantly potent xanthine (ie, caffeine and caffeine-like stimulants) mixture of about 100 mg per regular 2-MetaCap serving. Consult your physicain before use if you are sensitive to stimulants. Do not exceed suggested daily serving. Not for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not use if pregnant or nursing. And now she told a popular magazine, that she will not have a baby, because she doesn't want to deal with what it will do to her body. she has free will to have her own opinion, but to me that sounds a little scary. she said she has body image issues, going back to when she was so fat as a child. I think there is such a thing as having Exercise induced Anorexia, where you have to exercise so much because in your mind you body is still fat and the image is distorted............ This Lady is teaching millions, and that is all i am gonna say..... look at the supplements for yourself.

Monday, April 26, 2010

and So What......

Last week one of my friend's and co worker was going through something really bad. his 15 month old son got very ill VERY quick. Sunday evening a few cold symptom, Monday morning a trip to the doctor, Monday afternoon a trip to the local hospital, Monday night, an ambulance trip to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital, and by Tuesday morning.. he was in the ICU at Children's. fighting to get oxygen to his little body. He went from a cold to double pneumonia! i was actually at one of my appointments in Pittsburgh, when i was able to receive a text saying he was sent to ICU...... and my minimal weight loss the past couple months.... didn't matter.. "so what!", that evening our tractor broke............. "so what!", in the mail that evening our annual car insurance bill came in the mail... "so what!"... my car went in for a simple oil change, where they found out a tie rod needed to be fixed........... "so what!"..... At this point, there was nothing of material value that even remotely mattered...... my friend and his wife were going through watching their baby struggle to breath, fighting for his life. my thoughts and prayers were for baby Owen and his family. I am happy to say that Owen is doing okay and is now home with his mom, dad and older brother. And God has seen fit to work out my other minor issues. When Bill took the Jeep to get fixed, because we bought the Jeep there, we received a discount so instead of 200 dollars, it was 100 dollars. Bill drove the tractor over a hidden stump, the deck fell down, the key would not work.... couldn't even move the tractor!! Bill went out yesterday, and it started up, no problem... he lifted the deck back in place and it stayed........ last weekend Bill was called out on storm duty, so his over time pays for the Car Insurance due... ALL is Good.
Friday I had my annual appointment for the Lapband........ and it is all good. my weight loss although slowing down, is where it should be. and i actually dropped 3 pounds since last month. again i am reminded the difference between the gastric bypass, and lapband. bypass the weight drops of quickly and you lose the weight you are going to in about a year. the lap band takes about 3 years to lose the weight you are going to........ And by the 5 year mark......... lapband and gastric bypass even out..... I did not need an adjustment. the doc felt it would be counter productive, being that i can't eat food in Am, can eat more soft foods at lunch time, and by dinner i can even eat a few carbs... another adjustment now might have stopped me from having my breakfast shake, prevented me from eating the lunches that i eat now...... and dinner would have been soft food!!! The doctor did agree that the weeks i was taking in less than 800 calories, did cause the weight loss to stall, and now that i am back up to 1300 calories that seems doable!!!
today is the one day i do not work, However, i am babysitting today...... so i need to get my butt in gear....... and i have to prepare my breakfast shake before i head out the door, cause heaven knows i don't want Christina to start btching that i am not eating breakfast again :0)
Make it a great week!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6.75 miles, Bridge # 4

my morning conversation with Christina, it was 7:30 am mind you
Perky me: Good morning Chris, calling early so we can get ready to go on a longer hike
Christina: mumbling..... I'm up, what? haven't had my coffee yet
Perky me: you do want to go for a walk right?
Christina: still mumbling, yeah give me some time to drink my coffee
Perky me: well how about this, you call me back when you "wake" up. and then we will go for our hike.

It was more than obvious that Christina wasn't feeling it!! and when she gets that way, just no talking to her. so i did some chores around the house, Katie left for school... and i got all comfy on the couch getting ready to take a little nap....... i did get up before 5am this morning., just when i let out a sigh......... Bing, my phone let' s me know that i have a text message. it is almost 9:30 am.... it is Chris letting me know she WILL pick me up in 5 minutes...... so i rush around get my pedometer, get my heart monitor and watch, get my Arm band that i got for the study in Pittsburgh to monitor my activity level. get my waist bag, get my walking stick, make sure i have the mace, and my "Knife"...........and finally out the door. Christina did not look happy, she was definitely the Grumpy Dwarf today, and wasn't liking the Happy Dwarf
So i tell her we are going to the Second Bridge today, she says i've been to that one, i say no you haven't she said yes i have........ well i forgot the first bridge coming off the hill with the steps... so she was right, it was the third one........... it was a beautiful perfect day....... and i felt really really good walking......... nothing hurting, heart doing great.... we pass bridge one, bridge two and get to bridge 3... which by the way is actually bridge # 4 they consider the bridge near the parking area a bridge.......... i mean it is a bridge..... so they are right. and this is where i snapped the photo with my phone, forgot my camera :( There is information that a set of Eagles have built a nest in this area, so i am looking forward to finding it. heading back, an old blister started hurting my toe, but my muscle felt wonderful, i felt great......... by the end of the hike nothing really hurt but a couple spots on my feet. i KNOW i can easily hike 10 miles for Melody... my heart is so strong right now, breathing good, muscles good ....... so i would only need 3.25 miles to make the 10 miles..... maybe in a couple weeks we will do that.
I have been faithful in making sure i drink my shake in the morning, and fish and greens for lunch, chicken , potato and veggie for dinner and my Greek yogurt and frozen berries for night time...... well i am going to get in the tub with EPSOM salts so my muscles can soak up the Magnesium...... then i will chill a little before i begin the housework again :)

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doctor appointment today

this is another hill where i usually hike, this one is shorter that btch hill but much much steeper. the other day we took the route, which i call double btch hill route.
Today i have an appointment in Pittsburgh. this has to do with the 4 year study in regards to the Lapband surgery. I will answer a bunch of questions, i will get a monitor to wear for a week, and bring home a huge folder to complete. I think i still have this study for two more years :).
last week i managed to hike 18.3 miles, my goal for this coming week will be 20 miles, which means to get this, i will need to do two longer hikes on my days off. doable..
i am eating much better, and not forgetting my shake. i did attempted to eat veggie pizza twice, but both times it came back up. white bread, pasta, etc....... just doesn't work for me. I don't remember when i last ate Beef, but i do get fish and chicken on a regular basis. i really do think my weight fluctuation has alot to do with my hormones. having the graph from Wii fit shows a picture. Yesterday at work, out of the blue, we were having a great day....... and BAM, i couldn't see..... an incredible light show....... i immediately took my maxalt, and never did get the headache. but i now know my cycle is due in 5 to 8 days.... i am going to keep up the exercise, and monitoring my diet.... and see if the weight still fluctuates like it does, i'll let you know. OH OH OH........ and am i irritable with Bill, i mean i don't even want him looking in my direction..... anything he says or does grates me the wrong way... even how he chews his food... it is so ridiculous, that we laughed and joked about it.... this morning he woke me up and asked me to please get out of bed on his side today?... i look on my side of the bed, wondering why i can get out on my side....... and he starts laughing, " well, that is the side you got out of yesterday, and i didn't like you" oh men.
well i want to leave at 9, so i want to get a few things done
have a great day.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~the ZOO~

Yesterday morning, Christina and I went for our hike, about 3 miles. I haven't seen Paige in a while, so we decided to stop at Megan's to say hello after our hike. This baby is TOO cute! well Megan, her Mom and Christina were heading to the zoo, and asked me if i wanted to go along. at first i said no, I had to wait at home for the exterminator visit. Spending just 5 minutes with Paige, and I figured someone else could wait for the "bug man". I really wanted to go. We had the best time, and Paige was wonderful, and to look at things through a child's eyes absolutely wonderful... Paige loved the Penguins the best! Paige's Nana (Megan's mom) loved the gorillas the best, we had to go back twice to see them :0). the weather was perfect, the zoo not crowded at all. i got a lot of walking in....... and the Zoo happens to be placed on a side of a huge hill........ so i certainly did my workout yesterday. Good thing too........ because we stopped at this really awesome bakery, and i bought i slice of Taramisu for my dinner. by the time I got home, my legs (Shins) were hurting, as well as my feet. I figured i walked more than 5 miles, and realisticly prob more like 7. seeing that i started out going to the zoo at 3 miles. and again i must stress. UP HILL. the picture below, is Paige. just loving and talking to the sea lions. I have a beautiful photo of her looking at the penguins, but won't post that with out her mama's permission.

I have really upped my exercise level the past two months......... however i must say the scale isn't showing this. oh i feel better, my clothing feel better...... But the damn scale is basically stuck. But i must also confess, the past two weeks, i've rarely taken my morning shake, and will not eat anything until noonish, I KNOW I genetically have a Metabolism issue. and losing weight is a little more difficult for me. I also know that i build muscle faster than many women..... this is me, and i've accepted me. I think especially since i've really increased my physical activity... i may actually NOT be getting enough calories. or protein. one day my calorie intake was 800 calories. So i guess i need to go back to basics, first thing being....... breakfast. I am also going back to documenting everything i eat..... to remind me to get those calories up. I am not gaining weight. and haven't gained weight for two years..... so it's not like that...... its just i am stuck with 75 lbs to lose....... what is a woman to do. Katie is going to take my picture every month. So i can visually see changes, I also wear a pedometer that helps me monitor my activity level. and i also now have a Polaris Heart monitor to be able to keep tabs how much time i spend in the "zone" that burns fat during my workouts.
well i do work this evening......... so i want to do a strength training workout. No hiking today. it is cold and raining, but that isn't why.... i want to give my shins a day off

Saturday, April 10, 2010


My goal was to walk 5 times in the week.......... i've succeeded + 1. and today was one heck of a hike. We did 5 miles, i mean we hit the 10,000 step mark before 9am this morning. and it was all up hill, down hill, up hill..... up steps, down steps..... up a gradual slope........ my heart starts pounding when i am climbing up hill, but recovers quickly just to start pumping again during the next climb. this was the pattern for 2 hours. i feel wonderful right now, the only aching, are my feet, not pain from injury sore, just aching from using too much sore. I am proud of myself, i mean i am still a "big" girl. but my legs are so strong and powerful, i love how they carry the extra weight with such ease. Lungs feel great too. no wheezing. the air was so cold and crisp this morning....... and very soon, all will be green. I love this time of year too. it is the dog days of summer that i dislike the most, but i'll find something nice about that too i guess.
well i have things to do, and stuff to clean.......... have a great weekend
oh ps. these are steps leading up from the river, it is all up hill, and you are only seeing half of it, the person in yellow is none other than Christina........ by bestest walking buddy

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Brother!

let me go back in history briefly.... my Grandfather died at age 48 from a heart attack. at age 47 my father had a massive heart attack, that killed 2/3 of his heart, bypass surgery was not an option because there wasn't much good heart to bypass to. 5 years later my father's last 1/3 of the heart stopped working and he died from what appeared to be his 3rd heart attack. I guess when he was 47 it was noted during the testing that he had a silent heart attack years before.
My brothers are getting up there in age now....... and are the ages when their father and grandfather had died. Out of 7 children, 5 have Morbid Obesity issues, 1 brother is actually built like his father, and although isn't obese, does gain weight in the belly. and then of course I have no idea what My brother John is, being that he has worked out everyday for 22 + years and some of those days hours at a time. 3 of my brothers have diabetes . And at the beginning of this year. it was found out that one brother has heart disease...... he WAS also a smoker. he is 45 years old. He had two choices............ die........ or make drastic and permanent changes in his life. He choose the latter, Since January he has dropped 50 lbs. He either walks or works out at the gym every day. He has stopped smoking....... and says he is feeling great.
This is the brother i travel to the beach with, and this May........ it is going to be a little different. last year, i was getting ready to have the Lapband, so i was extra cautious how i would eat and such... didn't even go out to eat with them a few times, because i was really watching. and i did a lot of walking too....... Chris ( my brother) already told Katie, they won't be hitting the same places to eat like they did last year.

My dad did NOT have a weight issue at all... my mom was obese, but was in great health. she did not have high blood pressure, no diabetes, no heart disease,. it was actually complications with undiagnosed Hepatitis C that she received almost 20 years before her death from a blood transfusion after a hysterectomy. I am really not sure if some of us took Dads heart genes with moms obesity genes..... not a very good combination.
So maybe genetics does play a role in how easy/hard it is to lose weight. it is not a life sentence. it does take me longer.......... but i have a life time.
speaking of which Christina and I are on a 4 day hiking streak........ and i am feeling stronger and stronger every day. I noticed i wasn't as far behind her on bitch hill today as i was two days ago. AND i did my strength training workout before i went for the hike. I am feeling so good, and so strong......... and i am eating so well too.
Well i bought fresh Cod, Halibut, Haddock and Salmon......... so i think i am going to pick out one and have for lunch today with a green salad.......
Love and Blessings

Sunday, April 04, 2010

so fast...............

Saturday morning my weeping cherry tree was bare, maybe a few potential blossoms, Here is a photo of that same tree, 24 hours later. it seems like so long ago when snow, wind and ice covered the landscape. Right now the woods are a blur of red, by next weekend, it will be green. .... that fast!!!

I have had a wonderful Easter Sunday! enjoyed it doing nothing, I am still fighting sinus congestion, and i keep losing my voice... family seems cool with that. HOWEVER that didn't stop me from getting two decent hikes in.. i am loving being outdoors again. Christina has been faithful about going with me, and Bill came both days this weekend. MY goal would be to have 5 hikes in before next Monday.... each hike is usually 3 to 4 miles...... No matter how much i try, i can't fly up Bitch hill, Bill goes way way ahead, and Christina gets up there faster than me too. we do so much up and down.... it doesn't' really matter how fast i actually go. because my heart rate.......goes up......... recovers pretty fast, ........goes back up........ recovers pretty fast...... it is very good for me. we are all cool with going our own pace.......

I work tomorrow, but am off Tuesday and Wednesday. I may talk Bill into going to a state park to hike next weekend....... change things up a bit. Chris, you are always welcome to come with us :0). even with the sinus crud, i am feeling so good....... and i gotta keep upping my workouts, cause i gotta keep up with my brother, which i'll explain more in tomorrows blog...... a teaser, had stints placed in his heart, stopped smoking , dropped 50 lbs in 3 months.........

Friday, April 02, 2010

Feel the Nails

I think i'd like to take a moment and Thank Jesus for dying for me... and remind myself that i should forever try and be the best person I can be, i am a work in progress, and will be until the day I meet Him face to face.

I love this video, because for one, it doesn't point fingers at Others hurting Him, but it is a reminder instead of pointing fingers, and "judging" other imperfect humans, to remember when one finger is pointing at someone, there are three fingers pointing at myself. Today is a good day to remind me of all that Jesus has done for me

I feel that my place of employment has really helped me grow in my Spiritual Journey, and the Irony of this is. I am a born again Christian, and My boss is Islamic, In my place of employment we deal with mental illness, drug addictions, alcoholism, and all the traits that go with it, how easy to judge the mother who will buy drugs instead of food for her children, dealing with the manipulation and lying to get more "drugs and fixes". the abuser, the victim..... the vicious circles of despair. I am learning that EVERY life has value, and we are not allowed to focus on the "illness". So are job is to look at the persons strengths ..... So when a patient comes in to our office, and says... I am an alcoholic, or drug addict........ No you are a wonderful and complex human being who has an issue with alcoholism. Working were i do, along with reading the "SHACK" has taking me to a level that i never got in all the years of going to Church :-) Jesus gave no stipulation or conditions for receiving His Love.........He Gives it away by Grace.

i am going into work today, i missed yesterday, i am fighting a cold, and i've learned from experience to Listen to my body...... and my body was telling me to stop and rest. weds night i was so sick,....... i really thought it was more serious that it was, i think it was the fever.... i went to bed at 6 pm, and didn't get back out of bed for good until 6pm the next day, i got up to drink, and use the bathroom.... and i drank tons, i even went beyond the natural holistic approach, and divulged in some much needed NyQuil, although i seemed to find my best relief from Peppermint essential oil on my chest and neck, and taking 1/2 tsp of pure honey with a squeeze of lemon every couple hours to sooth my throat. I did cough alot last night......... and i just hope my Lapband stays in place, i think i will do liquids and soft foods today just in case i irritated it while coughing so hard. It is absolutely beautiful today..... Temp will again be in the 80's, without the humidity....... the woods are now red ( tree's budding) and it will very quickly turn everything green.... prob by the end of this weekend. i think i will take one more day off of doing exercise, and start back tomorrow, I'll work for a few hours and rest when i can.
Hope everyone has a beautiful day today