Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6.75 miles, Bridge # 4

my morning conversation with Christina, it was 7:30 am mind you
Perky me: Good morning Chris, calling early so we can get ready to go on a longer hike
Christina: mumbling..... I'm up, what? haven't had my coffee yet
Perky me: you do want to go for a walk right?
Christina: still mumbling, yeah give me some time to drink my coffee
Perky me: well how about this, you call me back when you "wake" up. and then we will go for our hike.

It was more than obvious that Christina wasn't feeling it!! and when she gets that way, just no talking to her. so i did some chores around the house, Katie left for school... and i got all comfy on the couch getting ready to take a little nap....... i did get up before 5am this morning., just when i let out a sigh......... Bing, my phone let' s me know that i have a text message. it is almost 9:30 am.... it is Chris letting me know she WILL pick me up in 5 minutes...... so i rush around get my pedometer, get my heart monitor and watch, get my Arm band that i got for the study in Pittsburgh to monitor my activity level. get my waist bag, get my walking stick, make sure i have the mace, and my "Knife"...........and finally out the door. Christina did not look happy, she was definitely the Grumpy Dwarf today, and wasn't liking the Happy Dwarf
So i tell her we are going to the Second Bridge today, she says i've been to that one, i say no you haven't she said yes i have........ well i forgot the first bridge coming off the hill with the steps... so she was right, it was the third one........... it was a beautiful perfect day....... and i felt really really good walking......... nothing hurting, heart doing great.... we pass bridge one, bridge two and get to bridge 3... which by the way is actually bridge # 4 they consider the bridge near the parking area a bridge.......... i mean it is a bridge..... so they are right. and this is where i snapped the photo with my phone, forgot my camera :( There is information that a set of Eagles have built a nest in this area, so i am looking forward to finding it. heading back, an old blister started hurting my toe, but my muscle felt wonderful, i felt great......... by the end of the hike nothing really hurt but a couple spots on my feet. i KNOW i can easily hike 10 miles for Melody... my heart is so strong right now, breathing good, muscles good ....... so i would only need 3.25 miles to make the 10 miles..... maybe in a couple weeks we will do that.
I have been faithful in making sure i drink my shake in the morning, and fish and greens for lunch, chicken , potato and veggie for dinner and my Greek yogurt and frozen berries for night time...... well i am going to get in the tub with EPSOM salts so my muscles can soak up the Magnesium...... then i will chill a little before i begin the housework again :)


Chris said...

Haha, I'm not mad Sandi, I would have been harder on me if I were you. BTW, the phone call was at 7:21. I only know this because I looked at the clock and said to myself "WHO THE HELL IS THAT"!!!!

Kellie said...

Hot Dayum GF you both are gonna do this for sure!!!I am sooo proud of you both!!!!!!