Friday, April 02, 2010

Feel the Nails

I think i'd like to take a moment and Thank Jesus for dying for me... and remind myself that i should forever try and be the best person I can be, i am a work in progress, and will be until the day I meet Him face to face.

I love this video, because for one, it doesn't point fingers at Others hurting Him, but it is a reminder instead of pointing fingers, and "judging" other imperfect humans, to remember when one finger is pointing at someone, there are three fingers pointing at myself. Today is a good day to remind me of all that Jesus has done for me

I feel that my place of employment has really helped me grow in my Spiritual Journey, and the Irony of this is. I am a born again Christian, and My boss is Islamic, In my place of employment we deal with mental illness, drug addictions, alcoholism, and all the traits that go with it, how easy to judge the mother who will buy drugs instead of food for her children, dealing with the manipulation and lying to get more "drugs and fixes". the abuser, the victim..... the vicious circles of despair. I am learning that EVERY life has value, and we are not allowed to focus on the "illness". So are job is to look at the persons strengths ..... So when a patient comes in to our office, and says... I am an alcoholic, or drug addict........ No you are a wonderful and complex human being who has an issue with alcoholism. Working were i do, along with reading the "SHACK" has taking me to a level that i never got in all the years of going to Church :-) Jesus gave no stipulation or conditions for receiving His Love.........He Gives it away by Grace.

i am going into work today, i missed yesterday, i am fighting a cold, and i've learned from experience to Listen to my body...... and my body was telling me to stop and rest. weds night i was so sick,....... i really thought it was more serious that it was, i think it was the fever.... i went to bed at 6 pm, and didn't get back out of bed for good until 6pm the next day, i got up to drink, and use the bathroom.... and i drank tons, i even went beyond the natural holistic approach, and divulged in some much needed NyQuil, although i seemed to find my best relief from Peppermint essential oil on my chest and neck, and taking 1/2 tsp of pure honey with a squeeze of lemon every couple hours to sooth my throat. I did cough alot last night......... and i just hope my Lapband stays in place, i think i will do liquids and soft foods today just in case i irritated it while coughing so hard. It is absolutely beautiful today..... Temp will again be in the 80's, without the humidity....... the woods are now red ( tree's budding) and it will very quickly turn everything green.... prob by the end of this weekend. i think i will take one more day off of doing exercise, and start back tomorrow, I'll work for a few hours and rest when i can.
Hope everyone has a beautiful day today

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