Tuesday, April 06, 2010

My Brother!

let me go back in history briefly.... my Grandfather died at age 48 from a heart attack. at age 47 my father had a massive heart attack, that killed 2/3 of his heart, bypass surgery was not an option because there wasn't much good heart to bypass to. 5 years later my father's last 1/3 of the heart stopped working and he died from what appeared to be his 3rd heart attack. I guess when he was 47 it was noted during the testing that he had a silent heart attack years before.
My brothers are getting up there in age now....... and are the ages when their father and grandfather had died. Out of 7 children, 5 have Morbid Obesity issues, 1 brother is actually built like his father, and although isn't obese, does gain weight in the belly. and then of course I have no idea what My brother John is, being that he has worked out everyday for 22 + years and some of those days hours at a time. 3 of my brothers have diabetes . And at the beginning of this year. it was found out that one brother has heart disease...... he WAS also a smoker. he is 45 years old. He had two choices............ die........ or make drastic and permanent changes in his life. He choose the latter, Since January he has dropped 50 lbs. He either walks or works out at the gym every day. He has stopped smoking....... and says he is feeling great.
This is the brother i travel to the beach with, and this May........ it is going to be a little different. last year, i was getting ready to have the Lapband, so i was extra cautious how i would eat and such... didn't even go out to eat with them a few times, because i was really watching. and i did a lot of walking too....... Chris ( my brother) already told Katie, they won't be hitting the same places to eat like they did last year.

My dad did NOT have a weight issue at all... my mom was obese, but was in great health. she did not have high blood pressure, no diabetes, no heart disease,. it was actually complications with undiagnosed Hepatitis C that she received almost 20 years before her death from a blood transfusion after a hysterectomy. I am really not sure if some of us took Dads heart genes with moms obesity genes..... not a very good combination.
So maybe genetics does play a role in how easy/hard it is to lose weight. it is not a life sentence. it does take me longer.......... but i have a life time.
speaking of which Christina and I are on a 4 day hiking streak........ and i am feeling stronger and stronger every day. I noticed i wasn't as far behind her on bitch hill today as i was two days ago. AND i did my strength training workout before i went for the hike. I am feeling so good, and so strong......... and i am eating so well too.
Well i bought fresh Cod, Halibut, Haddock and Salmon......... so i think i am going to pick out one and have for lunch today with a green salad.......
Love and Blessings


Patti said...

I just noticed your new profile picture. Wow, you look amazing g/f. :xoxo:

Sandi said...

patti well then i love you, cause Katie and Christina were making fun of me on facebook. yell at them for me :0)

Chris said...

Well, I can't tell you look great. It would go right to your head!! :)