Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~the ZOO~

Yesterday morning, Christina and I went for our hike, about 3 miles. I haven't seen Paige in a while, so we decided to stop at Megan's to say hello after our hike. This baby is TOO cute! well Megan, her Mom and Christina were heading to the zoo, and asked me if i wanted to go along. at first i said no, I had to wait at home for the exterminator visit. Spending just 5 minutes with Paige, and I figured someone else could wait for the "bug man". I really wanted to go. We had the best time, and Paige was wonderful, and to look at things through a child's eyes absolutely wonderful... Paige loved the Penguins the best! Paige's Nana (Megan's mom) loved the gorillas the best, we had to go back twice to see them :0). the weather was perfect, the zoo not crowded at all. i got a lot of walking in....... and the Zoo happens to be placed on a side of a huge hill........ so i certainly did my workout yesterday. Good thing too........ because we stopped at this really awesome bakery, and i bought i slice of Taramisu for my dinner. by the time I got home, my legs (Shins) were hurting, as well as my feet. I figured i walked more than 5 miles, and realisticly prob more like 7. seeing that i started out going to the zoo at 3 miles. and again i must stress. UP HILL. the picture below, is Paige. just loving and talking to the sea lions. I have a beautiful photo of her looking at the penguins, but won't post that with out her mama's permission.

I have really upped my exercise level the past two months......... however i must say the scale isn't showing this. oh i feel better, my clothing feel better...... But the damn scale is basically stuck. But i must also confess, the past two weeks, i've rarely taken my morning shake, and will not eat anything until noonish, I KNOW I genetically have a Metabolism issue. and losing weight is a little more difficult for me. I also know that i build muscle faster than many women..... this is me, and i've accepted me. I think especially since i've really increased my physical activity... i may actually NOT be getting enough calories. or protein. one day my calorie intake was 800 calories. So i guess i need to go back to basics, first thing being....... breakfast. I am also going back to documenting everything i eat..... to remind me to get those calories up. I am not gaining weight. and haven't gained weight for two years..... so it's not like that...... its just i am stuck with 75 lbs to lose....... what is a woman to do. Katie is going to take my picture every month. So i can visually see changes, I also wear a pedometer that helps me monitor my activity level. and i also now have a Polaris Heart monitor to be able to keep tabs how much time i spend in the "zone" that burns fat during my workouts.
well i do work this evening......... so i want to do a strength training workout. No hiking today. it is cold and raining, but that isn't why.... i want to give my shins a day off

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Patti's Parlor said...

Looking good Mommasita.
I know I did not just read you've been skipping breakfast! nuf said.
The trip to the zoo sounds fun.