Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Doctor appointment today

this is another hill where i usually hike, this one is shorter that btch hill but much much steeper. the other day we took the route, which i call double btch hill route.
Today i have an appointment in Pittsburgh. this has to do with the 4 year study in regards to the Lapband surgery. I will answer a bunch of questions, i will get a monitor to wear for a week, and bring home a huge folder to complete. I think i still have this study for two more years :).
last week i managed to hike 18.3 miles, my goal for this coming week will be 20 miles, which means to get this, i will need to do two longer hikes on my days off. doable..
i am eating much better, and not forgetting my shake. i did attempted to eat veggie pizza twice, but both times it came back up. white bread, pasta, etc....... just doesn't work for me. I don't remember when i last ate Beef, but i do get fish and chicken on a regular basis. i really do think my weight fluctuation has alot to do with my hormones. having the graph from Wii fit shows a picture. Yesterday at work, out of the blue, we were having a great day....... and BAM, i couldn't see..... an incredible light show....... i immediately took my maxalt, and never did get the headache. but i now know my cycle is due in 5 to 8 days.... i am going to keep up the exercise, and monitoring my diet.... and see if the weight still fluctuates like it does, i'll let you know. OH OH OH........ and am i irritable with Bill, i mean i don't even want him looking in my direction..... anything he says or does grates me the wrong way... even how he chews his food... it is so ridiculous, that we laughed and joked about it.... this morning he woke me up and asked me to please get out of bed on his side today?... i look on my side of the bed, wondering why i can get out on my side....... and he starts laughing, " well, that is the side you got out of yesterday, and i didn't like you" oh men.
well i want to leave at 9, so i want to get a few things done
have a great day.

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