Saturday, April 10, 2010


My goal was to walk 5 times in the week.......... i've succeeded + 1. and today was one heck of a hike. We did 5 miles, i mean we hit the 10,000 step mark before 9am this morning. and it was all up hill, down hill, up hill..... up steps, down steps..... up a gradual slope........ my heart starts pounding when i am climbing up hill, but recovers quickly just to start pumping again during the next climb. this was the pattern for 2 hours. i feel wonderful right now, the only aching, are my feet, not pain from injury sore, just aching from using too much sore. I am proud of myself, i mean i am still a "big" girl. but my legs are so strong and powerful, i love how they carry the extra weight with such ease. Lungs feel great too. no wheezing. the air was so cold and crisp this morning....... and very soon, all will be green. I love this time of year too. it is the dog days of summer that i dislike the most, but i'll find something nice about that too i guess.
well i have things to do, and stuff to clean.......... have a great weekend
oh ps. these are steps leading up from the river, it is all up hill, and you are only seeing half of it, the person in yellow is none other than Christina........ by bestest walking buddy


Patti's Parlor said...

Oh how I remember those steps.

Chris said...

As does Louie!