Monday, April 26, 2010

and So What......

Last week one of my friend's and co worker was going through something really bad. his 15 month old son got very ill VERY quick. Sunday evening a few cold symptom, Monday morning a trip to the doctor, Monday afternoon a trip to the local hospital, Monday night, an ambulance trip to Pittsburgh Children's Hospital, and by Tuesday morning.. he was in the ICU at Children's. fighting to get oxygen to his little body. He went from a cold to double pneumonia! i was actually at one of my appointments in Pittsburgh, when i was able to receive a text saying he was sent to ICU...... and my minimal weight loss the past couple months.... didn't matter.. "so what!", that evening our tractor broke............. "so what!", in the mail that evening our annual car insurance bill came in the mail... "so what!"... my car went in for a simple oil change, where they found out a tie rod needed to be fixed........... "so what!"..... At this point, there was nothing of material value that even remotely mattered...... my friend and his wife were going through watching their baby struggle to breath, fighting for his life. my thoughts and prayers were for baby Owen and his family. I am happy to say that Owen is doing okay and is now home with his mom, dad and older brother. And God has seen fit to work out my other minor issues. When Bill took the Jeep to get fixed, because we bought the Jeep there, we received a discount so instead of 200 dollars, it was 100 dollars. Bill drove the tractor over a hidden stump, the deck fell down, the key would not work.... couldn't even move the tractor!! Bill went out yesterday, and it started up, no problem... he lifted the deck back in place and it stayed........ last weekend Bill was called out on storm duty, so his over time pays for the Car Insurance due... ALL is Good.
Friday I had my annual appointment for the Lapband........ and it is all good. my weight loss although slowing down, is where it should be. and i actually dropped 3 pounds since last month. again i am reminded the difference between the gastric bypass, and lapband. bypass the weight drops of quickly and you lose the weight you are going to in about a year. the lap band takes about 3 years to lose the weight you are going to........ And by the 5 year mark......... lapband and gastric bypass even out..... I did not need an adjustment. the doc felt it would be counter productive, being that i can't eat food in Am, can eat more soft foods at lunch time, and by dinner i can even eat a few carbs... another adjustment now might have stopped me from having my breakfast shake, prevented me from eating the lunches that i eat now...... and dinner would have been soft food!!! The doctor did agree that the weeks i was taking in less than 800 calories, did cause the weight loss to stall, and now that i am back up to 1300 calories that seems doable!!!
today is the one day i do not work, However, i am babysitting today...... so i need to get my butt in gear....... and i have to prepare my breakfast shake before i head out the door, cause heaven knows i don't want Christina to start btching that i am not eating breakfast again :0)
Make it a great week!


Patti's Parlor said...

If Christina stops bitching you know you can count on me to pick up where she leaves off!

Kellie said...

Love ya Sandi, So glad your friends baby is home and better. I am so sorry they or any one for that matter has to go through that. Been there many times myself and it ain't fun and does not get any easier either.
Hugs to all