Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Bill and I returned after a WONDERFUL few days in Canada........ the night before we left, I started to get a really bad headache right behind my left eye..... woke up with major sinus pressure and pain........ it was so ironic that i would get sick the day before we left........ but i wasn't gonna let it put me down, and actually Bill and I laughed, what else could we do....... Bill planned this trip all by himself, and i must say he did a wonderful job.... the trip included a wonderful dinner in the skylon tower, overlooking, the Falls, Buffalo, even Toronto. we went the year we got married in 2001, and then again with the kids for our first anniversary in 2002. 8 years has changed the place drastically :(, or maybe it is me that changed. since we were there last, it is built up prob 50%, a Huge Casino.... sadly the falls was littered with garbage, cans, bottles, papers, plastic........ Doesn't anyone care anymore. I found sadness looking at this awesome wonder that God has hand made.... and see what humans have done to this...... yeah I think sometimes God Cries... Everything is commercialized, dozen of tacky shops and stores on every block. I imagined how the falls was a couple hundred years ago, when the Indians roamed the Earth.......... what a true wonder. The next day both Bill and I didn't even want to bother with "hanging" at the falls, or the casino....... so we plugged in the address to http://www.casaloma.org/ and decided on a road trip to Torono to visit this very old Castle full of history..... it was awesome and a highlight of our trip. Bill and i walked about 5 miles that day. mostly steps and mostly up hill, even Bill said his butt is hurting from walking so much. it was a beautiful road trip, along Lake Ontario. There is so much untouched beauty in Canada, so it was nice to see some of that too...
It was so neat that food was NOT a main issue, actually it wasn't an issue at all....... we took a cooler that plugged in to the car or an outlet that acted EXACTLY like a refrigerator. it was so cool.. Ha ha ha no pun intended. i put in bottles of water, i premade my shakes, i put in low fat cheese, yogurt and sugar free puddings...... along with my OMega "III" oils, flax oil, and my probiotics. I couldn't eat breakfast, and that was fine........... it was cute, Bill figured out my 3 hour timer on my watch......... and he'd ask " is the three hours up?, can we eat yet? " He had to remind me to eat on Monday....... Dinner i ate whatever.......... one day was Prime Rib, the next meal was Chicken Cordon Blue. I ate dessert, i just didn't eat alot, even Bill noticed that i no longer clean my plate, and leave quite abit on it actually! We had to walk so many steps and do so many steep hills, there is NO way I could have walked like i did, if i hadn't started hiking again seriously a month ago.......
well i am tired, and i am ready to go chill..... Love and Blessing to all

Friday, March 26, 2010

I forgot.......

How much i love my "little" world,..... and no matter how much i enjoy my hikes with Bill and Christina...... I forgot how much i enjoy going by myself too........ it has been a while since i've hiked the hill by myself, .........and i felt wonderful..... it's like exercise and meditation all in one :).
i must also say my weight fluctuation dilemma, has leveled off, and has continued to drop 3 consecutive days (6 lbs) I was telling Patti, my true weight is 3 to 4 days after my cycle starts.... which will make it Sunday. so i have a feeling with the way i am exercising, and the way i am eating........ i am going to see another day or two of a downward weightloss I ALSO NEED TO GET A GRIP ON THE ISSUE WITH A NUMBER, it has never been about numbers for me, so why am i starting now, i think it is because my little wii fit , asks me to check my weight daily, and when i do i can pick a stamp for my calender......... and now i have 7 stamps to choose from., and then i love the graph, and i love seeing my progress. Now i can still do my training without weighing myself...... but i don't get a stamp............ hmm, i think i need to deal with this LOL
well i gotta get my butt moving.......... ready for work in a 1/2 hour....
Love and blessings to all

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He's just a great guy

i know there are a few out there, that don't like to see a married couple happy, but oh well i just don't give a Rat's A** anymore. Okay folks, i am going to say it, I am happily married. don't forget there is a big difference between happy and perfect...... i am not saying i am perfectly married... I have just accepted Bill's idiosyncrasies, as he has mine. We are going on nine years. so doubt that we can be called Newlyweds anymore :). As the kids get older, they seem to appreciate Bill more and more. Because now they realize the impact of him, coming into our lives, Marrying me and gaining 3 children in an instant. He put the kids first from the beginning. and that is why he kept the Albert situation as it is, that is why even years later he help their dad get a job at his work. Katie and Bill spent Saturday together, of course, a Hockey game in Pittsburgh....... they had such a great day....... what a good step daddy!!!

We are both looking forward to this weekend getaway..... i think we both need it. That is another cool thing about me and Bill... we do enjoy being together, he goes grocery shopping with me almost every week, we love road trips, he even comes and helps me clean the office. BUT in the same breath, He encourages me to get out with the "girls', always encourages a trip for just me. and i would love for him to get away without me too. Financially we work together, if things are tight, both he and i will find an extra job, extra hours...... we work together and do what it takes.

for the first time since i can remember, the PMS is dragging on, ummm, no end in sight yet. have had 3 attempts of a migraine, stopped it in the light show stage. my fluid retention is fluctuation greatly, and it is frustrating. I guess i am not used to weighing everyday, but i have been on my wii fit every morning...... one day i gained 7 lbs over night, just to lose most of it the next day, and two extra pounds the next day, just to gain 5 the day after that. my size isn't going up, and actually my clothing are getting loose again. So i am looking forward to seeing where my weight will land 3 days after my cycle starts. i am exercising and eating so well. enjoying hiking again, muscle and strength training. Christina said i am almost too perky right now.... of course she is just joking........

Well i have to go to two jobs today. i go with the elementary school as a school nurse, on a field trip, and then i will go directly to the doctor's office....... it is going to be a long day. Patti i miss ya girl, i am in great need of a Patti chat, maybe your wisdom can help pin point what is going on with my great weight fluctuation i am disappointed i missed the call, but i didn't recognize the number......... a number i don't know on my cell, i don't answer.

Christina, lets make a point to hike tomorrow morning..... i won't go to work prob until 1 pm and it isn't supposed to rain, although rain shouldn't stop us

Okay long day, need to grill a piece of Cod, seasoned with Lemon Pepper Mrs. Dash and pack my lunch for the rest of the day.

Love and Blessings to all

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it has been awhile........

..... I hardly get on this computer anymore........ busy at work, but lately i've been taking any morning free time to get outside and hike. Katie was off last week for spring break, and she made sure i walked every morning....... She could make a very tough trainer someday :-). last tuesday via my Wii fit graph i lost 1 pound. HOWEVER this tuesday i gained 7lbs from monday to tuesday. although the number can be mentally frustrating since i am eating like almost perfect, and have increased my workout tons. it is also just before my "time of the month". My hormones can cause a fluctuation in the fluid balance by almost 10 lbs the next day 5 of the 7lbs dropped and two days after my cycle begins i'll prob drop another 5 lbs. Since last month was a mild cycle.... i just know that this month is going to be a killer... i work like clock work and have been for 20 years, but have really only started to pay attention the last 5 years... esp since i now get migraines 6 to 8 days before my cycle is to begin....

The Weather is beautiful, and i am looking forward to Spring. All the snow is finally melted in our yard, and the grass is already turning green. Bill planned all on his own, a short 3 day trip for just the two of Us.... and i mean i had no say in it. ... we are going to spend a few days in Canada, he has a reservation for Us for Dinner at the skyline towers.. he has it all planned. what a sweet husband. he does spoil me, i need to appreciate him even more. what is nice the trip isn't about eating, it can't be. i've tried a few times in the past week..... my lap band is still working so well, mornings esp. are hard to take anything but my protein shake ( skim milk, protein powder, frozen mixed berries, probiotic capsule opened, Omega 3 fish oil, Psylum husk fiber, and, Cold pressed flax seed oil) all under 300 calories, high protein, high fiber and delicious!!!. by lunch time i can eat a little more, but i must eat slowly.......... and by dinner, i can eat a small small serving of about anything. still no white bread, pasta, etc..

Well i need to go and hang with my wii fit personal trainer Georgie for 25 minutes. tomorrow morning i'd like to hit the trails with Christina........ hi Christina
Have a great day

Monday, March 08, 2010

I really really hate this hill

I went for my first hike in a while, Katie and Juneau joined me. and i am reminded yet again, how much I truly hate this hill..... but to get to the trails that i like, I MUST CLIMB THIS FIRST. I am about 1/2 way up when i stop and take this picture, it is a little over a quarter of a mile..... all up! my lungs/breathing/asthma tolerated it well, but my thigh muscles felt the burn. Katie kept pushing me to move faster.......... i don't think i'd like her as a personal trainer...... i am just sayin'. none the less, i enjoyed getting outside and i enjoyed the fresh air. i am going to have to up my Cardio up a notch.

The lapband is working exactly how it should...... and i am still getting used to the last adjustment.... all in a good way. yesterday morning, Bill and i went over to clean the office building, afterwards at about 9:30 am, he was so hungry....... he said he was starving..... umm yeah right... i hadn't had my protein shake yet.... and realistically i can't eat much in the mornings. BUT i tried, i ordered a veggie scrabble........ i ate less than 1/4 a cup and then i felt the stuck feeling........... Katie said to me, doesn't Bill know it is a waste of money to go out and eat before 2? I think she is right. i made spaghetti and meatballs (extra extra lean) in a marinara sauce for my brother and his wife...... i didn't even attempt it. Instead i had about 6 oz of a Chicken Marsala including 2 oz of garlic mashed potatoes. I just have to adjust my menu, and listen to my lapband right now....... no white bread, no pasta, no eating fast, no carbonation.....

i had a busy last week at work. the washing machine broke......... it was just one of those weeks! but it reminds me how blessed I am... it reminds me how wonderful my kids are...... and how awesome my husband is. he took the laundry all week to the local laundry mat so it wouldn't be an issue for me. Thankfully it was fixable, and only 60$ Well i want to get moving and get somethings accomplished today. have a great day :)

oh and in closing is a photo of two of my favorite girls :)

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

1.4 pounds

My wii fit measures weight by the tenth. and i will take 4/10th's of a pound off :). so in two weeks i have lost 3.4 lbs. I am very happy with that.

I want to take time to thank Christina, and to admit in writing...... that Christina was right and I was wrong!!! i have had a MAJOR tooth issue especially lately. it was a year and 1/2 ago when a filling fell out ( to the last back upper tooth on left side). I went to the dentist, and when they didn't fill it then, and said to me to make another appointment to get it filled...... i realized my dentist office was too busy. ( they are wonderful, but i think they just got too busy) when they tried to schedule me they couldn't get me in for several weeks........ well in the mean time.... we were preparing for Andrew's major oral surgery, most of the funding in our medical/dental expense account went to Him, and then Bill went on strike....... so i just said heck with it, if the dentist office didn't think it was important enough........ than either will I. FAST FORWARD . to now..... tooth causing tons of pain, starting to have difficulty chewing..... Bill found this dentist that he is really happy with......... so i decided to let him pull the tooth, i did not want to try and save it....... hell, i have a wisdom tooth trying to come in back there, now i made room for it :0). i don't know why .......i was thinking no big deal, it is like when a young child loses a tooth, they'll pull it, and i'll go shopping...... When i casually told Christina that i was babysitting Carley..... and getting my tooth pulled........yada yada yada......... She says...... " i'll take you, i'll drive you, you aren't going to feel up to driving." i sorta blew it off, but took the offer, cause i enjoy hanging with Chris, and she could help with Carley while i am getting it pulled. Well first off, the tooth is huge, has three roots going in different directions......... and it did not want to come out, it took the dentist a lot of muscle work, a lot of prying and pulling and twisting......... finally he pulled it out. i was still numb, i felt a little woozy but was fine........... UNTIL THE NOVACAINE wore off. the left side of my head began to throb.... it felt like the roots were ripped from my ear drum, my eye socket and my sinus cavity......... the blood was making my stomach nauseous, I felt terrible........ God Bless Christina, she stayed with me, and watched Carley with me, and then took me home. I don't take medicine, i can't take ibuprofen, didn't want to take asprin (increase bleeding) I did have a Tramadal, which helps with inflammation and pain, but it also makes me very very tired........ I knew i had work today....... so i didn't want to feel "foggy " all day. so i held off, used ice........ by 9 in the evening...... the pain was so bad, the swelling and the redness on my left side of my face...... i was crying ......... so Bill finally talked me into taking the Ultram...... it took a few hours since i waited so long........but i finally fell asleep.
This morning i am feeling "okay" pain isn't nearly as bad, still can't talk, and do not want to even think about eating, and it has nothing to do with the LapBand . I don't work until 4 pm, so i think i will go lie back down..... Sometimes i don't know what i'd do with out my bestest friend i sure love her like my lungage.
Speaking of friends........ i have that dear one in Arizona..... that sent me this all natural healing salve that she made........ i just got it in the mail yesterday...... one week after Christina got hers, but who was keeping track :-p, thanks Patti.
well i am going to go drink a shake and crawl into bed.....
love and blessings