Wednesday, March 24, 2010

He's just a great guy

i know there are a few out there, that don't like to see a married couple happy, but oh well i just don't give a Rat's A** anymore. Okay folks, i am going to say it, I am happily married. don't forget there is a big difference between happy and perfect...... i am not saying i am perfectly married... I have just accepted Bill's idiosyncrasies, as he has mine. We are going on nine years. so doubt that we can be called Newlyweds anymore :). As the kids get older, they seem to appreciate Bill more and more. Because now they realize the impact of him, coming into our lives, Marrying me and gaining 3 children in an instant. He put the kids first from the beginning. and that is why he kept the Albert situation as it is, that is why even years later he help their dad get a job at his work. Katie and Bill spent Saturday together, of course, a Hockey game in Pittsburgh....... they had such a great day....... what a good step daddy!!!

We are both looking forward to this weekend getaway..... i think we both need it. That is another cool thing about me and Bill... we do enjoy being together, he goes grocery shopping with me almost every week, we love road trips, he even comes and helps me clean the office. BUT in the same breath, He encourages me to get out with the "girls', always encourages a trip for just me. and i would love for him to get away without me too. Financially we work together, if things are tight, both he and i will find an extra job, extra hours...... we work together and do what it takes.

for the first time since i can remember, the PMS is dragging on, ummm, no end in sight yet. have had 3 attempts of a migraine, stopped it in the light show stage. my fluid retention is fluctuation greatly, and it is frustrating. I guess i am not used to weighing everyday, but i have been on my wii fit every morning...... one day i gained 7 lbs over night, just to lose most of it the next day, and two extra pounds the next day, just to gain 5 the day after that. my size isn't going up, and actually my clothing are getting loose again. So i am looking forward to seeing where my weight will land 3 days after my cycle starts. i am exercising and eating so well. enjoying hiking again, muscle and strength training. Christina said i am almost too perky right now.... of course she is just joking........

Well i have to go to two jobs today. i go with the elementary school as a school nurse, on a field trip, and then i will go directly to the doctor's office....... it is going to be a long day. Patti i miss ya girl, i am in great need of a Patti chat, maybe your wisdom can help pin point what is going on with my great weight fluctuation i am disappointed i missed the call, but i didn't recognize the number......... a number i don't know on my cell, i don't answer.

Christina, lets make a point to hike tomorrow morning..... i won't go to work prob until 1 pm and it isn't supposed to rain, although rain shouldn't stop us

Okay long day, need to grill a piece of Cod, seasoned with Lemon Pepper Mrs. Dash and pack my lunch for the rest of the day.

Love and Blessings to all


Kellie said...

Love your attitude girl! Have always been impressed on your unconditional love with your family. Have a great day and enjoy the sun! Hugs from me all around!
Love ya

Patti's Parlor said...

I miss you too G/F

Sandi said...

please delete this picture,i look stupid. thanks.

Jay said...

I think that a truly happy marriage is such a rare and precious thing that I'm glad to read that yours is. How's that?

Not sure what to suggest with fluctuation but my plumbing is different in any case. I know that I can and do bloat like a water buffalo but not in the +/- 10 pound range. Mine is usually under 6 pounds.

Sandi said...

jay what a sweet man you are :)
and as noted, i lost all of it, and still dropped a pound today Sat, and will know tomorrow, what my weightloss is for the month :)