Wednesday, July 08, 2009

No computer~Ringing Rocks~Crocs Bite

So i am at work, no computer at home, the monitor crashed, and as long as Bill is on strike, buying another one is not a priority, so i will try and post from here, when i get a break here and there. Spent a nice long weekend out towards Philly with Bill's brother, and my friend Lydia and her new baby! Bill's brother had us take out his truck that was left in our area, and return with his daughters car that was out with him, we ate at the house most of the time, and enjoyed a lot of free hiking and sight seeing. I ate very ......... i guess normal, one "normal serving" ave of about a cup and 1/2 of food for 3 meals, and 2 small snacks. it was a road trip without food being a focus or a priority.
One day we decided to go to Ringing Rock's State Park, it was Bill ,his brother, his brother's fiancee and Me! it was on the national geographic for unusual places in America, out in the middle of the forest is a huge field of Rocks sometimes 19 feet deep, nobody is really sure how they got there...... some of the rocks randomly ring when tapped. well i must say, i know that i am in decent shape right now...... i floated across those rocks, Bills brother couldn't even come, Bill came part way, and Debbie was slow, but eventually got out near me. I felt so good. I forgot i still have 75 lbs to lose....... i move really well, we then took a trail to the waterfalls, again steep and sometimes difficult, i wasn't even out of breath, and i was in the front...... it felt so good. it gives me the drive to keep going on this awesome journey. (10 miles for Melody in the fall).
It was nice, Bill and I do road trips well together.
Home and back in the swing of things, Chris and I went to Johnny's yesterday to workout, and we went for a 4 mile hike early this morning, My first actual "stuck" food yesterday, some mashed potato's with the skin and pork and gravy.... it was stuck for an hour, and i was miserable, the rest of the even i just had liquids, feeling good today, drinking without any problems....i would love to keep blogging, but i do have work to do,
oh one other thing, we stopped at Cabala's Outdoor store on the way home...... i got a pair of Croc hiking sandals , original price $99.00, sale $59.00, sale sale........ $15.00 they are so comfortable, and i love them.

well i gotta scoot..........

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Patti's Parlor said...

I was about to put out an APB.
Glad you had a great time.